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October 28, 2017 5:49 am

Legebokoff Files Appeal

Friday, February 13, 2015 @ 5:30 PM

legebokoff2Prince George, B.C. – According to Global News,  Cody Alan Legebokoff has filed an appeal of his  four first degree murder convictions.

(at right, artist’s  rendering of Legebokoff during his trial )Global is reporting the appeal is based on two  claims of a miscarriage of justice,  one dealing with the  ruling on the  change of venue  application, the other being a  violation of Legebokoff’s right to be represented by  Counsel of his choice throughout the  proceedings.

Legebokoff was  convicted of the first degree murders of Loren Leslie, Jill Stuchenko, Cynthia Maas and Natasha Montgomery.



Hmm. I understand the change of venue issue but what’s this about his counsel? Did he try to change counsel? I don’t remember that.

maybe he had an appointed legal aid and the courts didn’t let him choose. I still don’t think any of this would change the outcome of the case.

I don’t think a change of venue would have made any difference either.
There was a lot of very good evidence gathered and presented.

Rot in hell maggot

Agreed. The evidence did seem to be overwhelming.

I don’t even have coherent words for this. What a (insert every swear word here) Like C.R.Olsen, perhaps he will spend his life continuing to victimize the families of his victims, and our justice system has to let it happen. :(

Don’t think either point will fly, and really hope his reasons for leave to file a late appeal fall on deaf ears.

A slap in the face to the victims family members.
I feel like News2me; it shows how broken our ‘justice system’ is.

Even though I think they guy is guilty and should never walk free again, I also think that the appeal process is an important part of the justice system. It can give those wrongfully convicted another chance.

Just because he filed for appeal is does not mean it will be granted, there have to be valid legal reasons for it to proceed. Fingers crossed that all the i’s were dotted and t’s crossed in first trial.

This piece of garbage was caught red handed in the middle of nowhere with his tracks leading right to a dead little girl … nothing more need said. Guilty now rot in your cell.

The right to have a lawyer is a Constitutional right in Canada. The right to the choice of a lawyer is more ambiguous. In some cases, where time is of the essence, a lawyer may be appointed for the accused.

It’s a long shot… but grasping at procedural straws is all this guy has left.

Bring back capital punishment! I know this will stir the pot.

I don’t often follow anything biblical but perhaps a good stoning would be in order for this worthless piece of trash.
Maybe a change in sentences is in order. Our “justice” system is broken. Criminals have no reason to not lie about everything because there is no negative consequence for it. Maybe have a standard sentence for a guilty plea or, fight it out on a not guilty plea, try to lie your way through everything (with the help of your lawyer), lose the trial and get a double the standard guilty plea sentance because you were found to be lying. If you are found innocent then the justice system worked and the double penalty for lying doesn’t apply.
Late night rant.

Just bad timing by the justice system. Get it out of the way last week, or wait a few weeks. To announce as breaking news during the opening ceremonies for the Canada Winter Games shows disrespect for the whole city. Obviously these claims will not change the outcome in the long run and he will still rot in prison until he dies.

There must not be any real men left in our prison system; cause he’s still alive. All our inmates must be smack talking hood rats otherwise real gangsters would of eliminated this guy.

Death penalty, Less cost to the taxpayers. Make an example of the scum bag.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Legebokoff is kept in isolation for his own safety. I’m not sure because his victims were not young children, but my understanding is that killers and rapists of children are despised even by other violent criminals and typically have to be isolated.

The death penalty is Ok for our neighbours to the south it is not used by civilized nations. And I guess for those that seek revenge.

Retired02 – ‘The death penalty is Ok for our neighbours to the south it is not used by civilized nations. And I guess for those that seek revenge. ‘

Get back to us if you are ever effected by a violent crime, because you obviously haven’t been. Look into the eyes of a mother who’s 7yr old was raped, and murdered, then tell her how the guilty animal should be allowed to live out his days with 3 meals, healthcare and a roof over his head. I detest people like you, the bleeding heart liberal, who has made this society in the state of decay, it currently is.

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