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October 28, 2017 5:47 am

Victoria Recognizes Private Sector-First Nation Partnership

Monday, February 16, 2015 @ 3:52 AM
From left Chief Dominic Frederick, Jobs Minister Shirley Bond, Britco President Mike Ridley - photo 250News

From left Chief Dominic Frederick, Jobs Minister Shirley Bond, Britco President Mike Ridley – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C – The provincial government has recognized a special partnership between modular construction giant Britco and the Lheidli T’enneh First Nation.

Jobs Minister Shirley Bond did so last night at a special dinner co-hosted by both groups at a downtown restaurant.

She says Langley based Britco arrived in Prince George about a year ago and has four employees in their office – two of which are First Nations

“This speaks to a much bigger issue, it’s the opportunity to engage and employ First Nations right across the province and Britco has a number of similar partnerships in other parts of the province.”

Brtico president Mike Ridley called the recognition from Bond “fantastic” and says hiring aboriginals is something the company takes great pride in.

“In B.C. about 10% of our overall workforce is aboriginal. It’s very important to us. We’ve been very fortunate to work in those communities and to have them as part of our workforce is great.”

Bond’s announcement was part of a government program called Job Makers, where they take the opportunity to tell the story of unique partnerships.


How many other businesses in town have hired first nations? Lots, havent seen any special recognition for them… I think its great to employ anyone who is the best candidate for the job no matter what their race is. A dinner because someone hires 2 first nations… guessing a parade for anyone hiring 4…lol

Why is our MP not in Victoria?

No photo ops there.. She must have a permanent tan from all the pics she has been in last 5 days.

“Why is our MP not in Victoria” ?
Maybe because she is an MLA not an MP.

P Val, Your constant slagging of anything FNs is quite telling and quite sad really…you say nothing positive without some negative nelly vibe added in and overriding, to be honest…but, hey, none of my business, that is yours to carry within you…

My mistake but please send her to Victoria now so she can be paid for what she was elected to do.

I’ll start out by saying that I’m no Liberal. That out of the way, I don’t think you could find a better MLA than Shirley Bond. She is out at EVERY event, is very well-spoken, and shows PG in a good light. So P Val, has she been in the spotlight for the past few days? Yes, Shirely has been in the spotlight for the past few days because THAT IS A HUGE PART OF HER JOB.

Yes, Shirely has been in the spotlight for the past few days because THAT IS A HUGE PART OF HER JOB.

The BC provincial legislative assembly in Victoria is in session and one would think that she would be there doing her job as MLA?
The house sits so very seldom that everyone should be down in Victoria doing their job that they were elected to do.
I am quite sure that a replacement could be found for her.
But it is a great opportunity to be in every picture for her collection!

No, it’s not her job, her job is to be in Victoria representing us. she isn’t dong her job if she is in PG having dinner with some guy that hired two First Nations.

The legislature sat at 10 am Monday. This was Sunday night. I am sure she made it back in time. But hey, don’t let any facts get in the way of a good le liberal bash.

Way to go Britco, so very shrewd and opportunistic of you, which is what it takes for a business to succeed these days. As a supplier of modular trailers, Britco’s biggest customers would be the natural resource extraction industries that require the establishment of “camps” for their workers… and camps need modulars.

With the recent Supreme Court of Canada ruling that recognizes land title of the Tsilhqot’in people, it is both shrewd and opportunistic of Brtico to climb into bed with any First Nation in whose traditional territory they wish to conduct business. Smart, smart, Britco; Enbridge could learn a few lessons from you.

Interceptor… You are sure she made it back.. Your sure.. Or just a guess.. Don’t let the facts get in the way ;)

I am pretty sure I saw her just a little while ago chasing one of the local media photographers around.

its “you’re”

and it is as good an assumption as your blathering. :-)

Spending time in her riding is part of an MLA’s job. Has she missed any votes or cabinet meetings? Been unavailable for a duty in question period? I’m not a Liberal, but this is ridiculous.

Well if anyone knows anything about blathering it is you interceptor :)

billposer that is one of the good things about Clark never having cabinet in session… at only 18 weeks out of 52…lowest on record.

P Val, have you ever taken the time to talk to Shirley Bond about anything of any importance?? I have had the opportunity to chat with her on a number of occasions, some of them at the airport, catching a very early flight or coming back on a very late flight.

Yes P Val, while you are asleep snuggled up with your Teddy Bear with visions of Sugar Plums dancing in your head, Shirley Bond is up and at em’ to catch an early morning flight or a late evening flight!

She is one of the hardest working MLA’s that I have had the privilege to have represent me!

P Val, I would suggest that you get off of your high and mighty horse and take the time to meet with and talk to Shirley Bond. That is, if you have enough intellect to carry on a really conversation?? You might be surprised to find that she is far more passionate about her riding and our City than you could ever hope to be!!

Hart guy.. I have tried to talk to her numerous times.. Sent her numerous emails to no result. My mother is in Simon Fraser and they make her and my father pay so much my father now lives with me.. And yet the ladies on either side of her pay nothing as they where on welfare when they were admitted to the home and recieve the same care.. Where is my provincial rep.. Having photo ops with a guy who hired two natives.. Don’t talk to me about how passionate she is,,she is not… Yes she makes over $100,000. Set up for sweet pension..all paid by us.. When she is not out for photo ops she represents us % 35 of the year in Victoria..

Had to sell my horse to pay for my dads prescriptions.. He pays nothing to live here as his medical costs increase every year. Don’t talk to me like you know me or my situation. Saying she is the hardest working MLA means nothing..the bar isn’t set higher than the potholes in PG.

Your ignorance of reality must be nice from those who have to live in it.

Engaging in personal attacks does nothing to advance discussion on any subject, but do carry on.

P Val, have you heard the phrase “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”?

I’ve found this to an extremely effective strategy when dealing with someone that has something that I want. Whether bidding on a contract or trying to secure a deal, selling myself first and my services second and using honey instead of vinegar seems to work far more often that one might think!

Perhaps it might work for you as well in your attempts to gain assistance from Shirley Bond! Unfortunately, if and I do say if, you have allowed your frustration to taint your conversations, you might find people less receptive to your plight!

People usually are willing to help, if you ask for help! But it’s pretty hard to ask someone for help if you are too busy calling them names, condemning their work ethic and all that they stand for!

Just a thought!

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