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October 28, 2017 5:41 am

PG Cougars Aim to “Engage” Fans

Saturday, February 21, 2015 @ 3:45 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Tonight’s tilt between the Prince George Cougars and Moose Jaw Warriors promises to be an engaging affair.image001

The Cougars are running a sign contest and are encouraging everyone to bring signs to show support for their favourite players on the team.

In addition to that they’ll be playing hockey bingo with movie passes, and team merchandise going to the winners.

“I think we all on the business side now that the fans can help carry the momentum for a team, so from our perspective it’s really important that fan engagement is entertaining, it’s fun and it helps to keep the energy level high inside the arena,” says the team’s director of sales and marketing Marnie Hamagami.

“Contests like these, the bingo is a great example, it really makes you focus on what’s happening on the ice and the signs are great because players love to look up into the stands and see fan commitment – it really gives them an extra boost.”

As for the effect the Canada Winter Games may have on tonight’s attendance, she says it’s hard to say.

“We’re trying hard not to have too many expectations but we did create a ticket package just because of the Games – it has a hat, free food and a ticket for the normal walk-up ticket price,” says Hamagami.

In addition she knows the Cougars are also up against the Coldsnap festival and activities in Canada Games Plaza, the Prince George Symphony Orchestra and a production at Theatre Northwest.

“A lot is going on – what that means for the Cougars in terms of tickets and fans in the seats we don’t know yet.”


Seems to me that the Cougars average about 2500 fans per game. A little higher on the nights that they give out free food, and drinks.

So I would expect at the very least they should get their 2500 fans, less those who have seasons tickets but don’t go to the game.

With other things going on, I wouldn’t expect to much of an uptick.

According to the Ticketmaster seat map, attendance will be up tonight. Will likely surpass 3000.

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