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October 28, 2017 5:38 am

Hall’s Campaign Cost Less, Produced More

Monday, February 23, 2015 @ 2:31 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Lyn Hall did not spend the most money to get elected to the Mayor’s chair, but he was successful all the same.

The election expense disclosures had to be filed with Elections BC by 4:30 on Friday February 13th. The  information released today indicates  for every 60 cents Hall spent, Don Zurowski spent  a dollar.

According to the documents filed, Hall spent $41,275.00 for his campaign. Donations from trade unions accounted for $6,500.00 of his total campaign contributions, with corporations kicking in $16,200.00 and individuals  putting in $18, 575.00.

Significant contributors ($1,000 or more) to Hall’s campaign were:

Name Amount
T.J Grewal $2,500.00
Scott Baron $5,000.00
Industrial Forest Service $1,000.00
Central Builders $1,500.00
North Central Labour Council $2,000.00
Brink Forest Products $1,500.00
Melanie Christiansen $4,300.00
Cdn Union of Public Employees Lcl 1048 $2,750.00
Canfor $2,000.00
Majestic Management $3,000.00


As for Don Zurowski, he spent $72,249.29 on his campaign, with   the bulk of his campaign funds coming from corporations ($55,329.64) while the balance was made up of $16,669.65 from individuals and $250 from an unincorporated business. He did not receive any contributions from trade unions.

Significant contributors ($1,000.00 or more) to his campaign were:

Name Amount
Dr. Denise McLeod $1,000.00
Carrier Lumber $2,000.00
IDL Projects $2,500.00
Selen Anita Securities Inc $2,000.00
Prince George Motors $2,000.00
Capital Building Supplies $2,000.00
Jim Rustad $5,000.00
Canfor $2,000.00
Vanway Cabinets $1,000.00
Keith ANderson $1,500.00
T.J. Grewal $2,500.00
Raymond Fortier $1,000.00
East Fraser Fibre $2,000.00
Power Pro Industries $1,000.00
Spectrum Resource Group $1,000.00
Falcon Contracting $2,000.00
Industrial Forest Service $1,000.00
Conifex Timber $2,500.00
Lomak Bulk Carriers $1,000.00
Brink Forest Products $1,500.00
Margaret Doyle $1,000.00
Westcana Electric $2,000.00
Dunkley Lumber $2,000.00
GeoTech Drilling $1,610.00
Northland Chrysler $2,000.00
Shooters Liquor Store $2,000.00
R. Radloff and Associates $3,000.00
HM/Associates Financial Planning $1,000.00
Lithium One Imports $1,000.00
All North Consultants $1,000.00
Western Industrial contractors $2,000.00
Treasure Cove Casino $3,000.00



same people contribute to both parties

Caper, Yep..covering all the bases..

It should be soon time to hear all the union haters slam Hall for selling out..lol.

Regardless of who won and who lost, I’m of the opinion that to some degree we all lost!

We have had inept management at City Hall for far too long. Hence the constant and never ending tax and fee increases!

Today I was blessed to receive my semi-annual UTILITY NOTICE. Once again, the rates have gone up. Of course they have gone up!

The bill states that the increase for Water Service for a Single Family Dwelling is $65.16 per year! The increase by $65.16 per year might seem reasonable until you take a moment to calculate that it is a 15% increase! Yes, I did say 15%!

The bill also states that the increase for Sewer Service for a Single Family Dwelling is $67.91 per year! This increase, $65.16 per year might also seem reasonable until you take a moment to calculate that it is an 18% increase! Yes, I did say 18%!

So, water rates are up by 15% and sewer rates are up by 18%.

I wish that my business income had increased by these percentages and I also wish that my investment income could do the same!

I also wish that the City had the courage to put these percentages on the notice, along side the dollar amount. I think that they are a bit scared to tell us what the percentage increase is, after all, what’s $65.16 or $67.91 per year?? It certainly sounds better than 15% and 18!!

But, I guess I should just shut up, be quiet and be happy! After all, we do have one of the highest paid Municipal workforces in all of BC!!

Your right on the money Hart Guy.

These people who have been elected in the last election were basically elected to make changes at City Hall.

It matters little where their campaign contributions came from, they will have to take all citizens problems into consideration, or run the risk of getting thrown out in the next election.

We expect changes to how City Hall is run from this Council. This means taking a hard look at the salaries, benefits, of Administration, Unions, Police, IPG, Charles Jago Sports Centre, CN Centre, Tourism Prince George, Community Policing, etc; etc; etc; We cannot afford to continue to give increase to, and to fund these various entitys. We just don’t have the money available, and its about time that City Hall recognizes this situation.

We have already made one decision that will cost us $650,000.00 in tax money and that is the creek mitigation program in the Fraser River Bench Lands. This was the first chance for the Mayor and Council to show some fiscal responsibility and they blew it. Hopefully they will do their homework going forward.

This Council will be under more scrutiny that previous Councils, and hopefully they will do what is required without raising the hackles of irate taxpayers.

I hope people take notice that the business people in town, those that actually employ people.. mainly funded Zurowski. The unions backed Hall.

As a concerned citizen, I’d want the guy in power who the business people supported the most. If I want advice in business, I’d ask 70% of the people on Don’s contribution list and feel confident about the answer given to me.

It’s mind boggling how the voter would rather elect a man with no business experience to represent the city, but also a guy who obviously has the support of the cities biggest and brightest business men. If the owners of WIC and IDL saw Don as the guy, why wouldn’t I?

I supposed we should thank Sheri green for all the things we paid for but did not realize a cent for as a tax payer like the core review, the trips to China, the trips outside of PG. We can’t say what Zurowski would have done, but it is too soon to judge what hall will do based upon spending. What we know is that in PG at least money spent on elections does not result in winning elections, that the voters decide the outcome for other reasons.
If you want to complain about current payments you have to blame the past council as it is too soon to see the impact of the current government as the utility rate was already set prior to the election.

minion2014, perhaps we should thank Sheri Green, but she’s not on Council anymore!

Our current Council is made up of 9 members. 6 of the 9 were on our last council, the one with Green at the helm!

So, should we direct our thanks to the 6 of our 9 sitting Council members who were on our last Council? After all, they had as much to do with the core review, the trips to China, the trips outside of PG AND our current payments and utility rates!

Gee guys, thanks for nothing!!

Your current tax bill and utility bill were both OK’d by the outgoing council, not your current council. The current council is new, wait until they have time to make decisions, remember that given the budget that they have they have done better at snow removal than the previous council. It is difficult to judge a government without giving them the full time to judge. I am ticked off by my utility notice, but that was a rate set by the previous government.

minion2014, I think that you have missed the point!

You suggest that we should thank Sheri Green for decisions of our past council, but you don’t seem to realize, or you would rather not recognize that 6 of our 9 current Council members were part of the Sheri Green past Council!

Many want to point fingers at Sheri Green! I am not defending her at all, I’m just suggesting that if you want to lay blame, you simply can’t ignore the FACT that 6 of our current 9 Council members were every bit as involved in past Council decisions as Sheri Green was!

I’m curious as to why you don’t seem willing to lay blame on our current Council. They have had a few months to review our utility rates and they have the ability to leave them as is, raise them even more, or I shudder to think, hold the rates at last years or at least lessen the increase!

Even more so, I’m curious why you don’t seem willing to recognize that 6 of our current 9 Council members were part of our last Council!!

Great increase for water and sewer for seniors on fixed incomes and 6 of the 9 current members were on the council including HALL when this approval was made .
And Hall did receive more CUPE funding( not monetary) as he was on their mailout and phone call to every CUPE member past and present.

If the owners of WIC and IDL saw Don as the guy, why wouldn’t I?


Maybe because you don’t agree with them?

If the owners of WIC and IDL saw don as the guy why wouldn’t I..

Well maybe because a majority of voters aren’t business owners? Maybe because business owners don’t like unions much and lots of voters work for unions? Maybe because Don isn’t the guy? Hall still had only %16 of his donations from unions.. But %39 from businesses .. %16 isn’t much backing.. But when one person running has no backing from unions..that’s a huge flag to a town with lots of union workers.. And in turn we saw the results we did..

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