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October 28, 2017 5:38 am

Male Hockey Offers “Best of the Best”

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 @ 9:01 AM

Prince George, B.C. – “The best of the best.”

That’s how Shawn Bullock, manager of the men’s national teams for Hockey Canada, describes the level of skill at this week’s Canada Winter Games male hockey competition.

“This is really good hockey, the provincial and territorial groups have worked really hard to prepare their teams. You’re going to find good structure, you’re going to find a lot of youth in the game with energy and kids playing hard. There’s a lot of pride on the line for sure.”

Team Manitoba and Team BC battle for the puck Monday night. Manitoba beat BC, 5-2. - photo 250News

Team Manitoba and Team BC battle for the puck Monday night. Manitoba beat BC 5-2. – photo 250News

And if history is taken into account, a lot of future stars are also on the ice.

“Oh absolutely. If you look at the 2011 Canada Winter Games our world junior team was littered with them. Guys like Nathan MacKinnon, Jonathan Drouin, Curtis Lazar, Max Domi. In 2007 Steve Stamkos, Tyler Myers, Jordan Eberle.”

He encourages people to come out early to avoid disappointment.

“We’ve already been told the gold medal game is sold out. It’s very typical, it will continue to build throughout the week, leading into the quarter-finals right on through to the finals. Come out and support it. You’ll find that if you get here you’ll definitely be entertained.”


Been to both BC games.. First one was a great back and forth game, last night BC was undisciplined with some very bad penalties that cost us the game.. Still great hockey to watch for sure :)

yep been to both BC games, Last night, they just couldn’t get the passes completed. We don’t have a very good goalie, either. So playing against stronger teams like Ontario and Quebec is not going to be pretty.

@He spoke. Try and remember that goalie is just a kid making his first start. Imagine the butterflies this teenager must of had. Goalie is a very pressure packed position to play. If a forward or d-man makes a mistake they do have others to back them up. If a goalie makes a mistake the puck winds up in the net.

Thanks for the info Foggy, yes the BC D did leave our goalie a bit exposed.

The other side of the coin, aren’t all the goalies just a kid, thus it is pretty even thru out the tournament. Ontario and Quebec may have a bit more exposure.

The two goals hit out of the air over our goalie no one could stop.. Let’s hope they turn it around tonight :)

So people are excited about Tier 1 hockey , @ 25$ a ticket, but they won’t pay 21$ for a much better WHL product in their own backyard? Love the hypocrisy of PG hockey fans.

Pg101, some people want to go to the CWG events which will never be here again.. How stupid are they. When can you see the Cougars ..all the time, same as the spruce kings.. lol

Who wants to pay $21 to see the Cougars lose…..AGAIN!

Really enjoying both girls and boys hockey in the CWS! Not sure the Cougars deserved a shot there Rocketeer! I think the new ownership is trying hard to bring a better quality of hockey to PG. It’s hard to fix 20 years of Brodsky in one year!

Don’t really care about the hockey in the CWG. You can see hockey on any given day in Canada so who cares. I, for one, am loving the other, just as important, sports that are being showcased in the CWG. They too are offering the “Best of the Best.”

Correct you are!

@Rocketeer – have fun watching second rate hockey …

Gotta say these kids are playing their hearts out! John and I are the venue leads at CN Centre so we’ve been here for all of the games… Its great hockey with fans from all across the country. Come down and check it out! I am really enjoying meeting parents from everywhere who are loving Prince George too! The Cougars have been exceptional supporters, lending us their support at every turn throughout these Games! I can’t say enough good about their organisation! Thank you to them AND to CN Centre staff for making our volunteers and visitors so welcome!

Tracy.. A bunch here would rather b$tch and complain than support our city.. Let them wallow in their own pity and be able to say.. I protested the games by passing up on a once in life time chance to watch them..yeah that will show em..hehehe

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