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October 28, 2017 5:32 am

Housing Study to Be Reviewed by Council

Monday, March 2, 2015 @ 3:59 AM

Prince George, B.C.- What kind of housing will Prince George need in the years ahead?city-hall

That is the question a housing needs and demand study has tried to answer.

The report, to be presented to   Prince George City Council this evening, notes the population is aging and households are getting smaller. It also notes families in Prince George are smaller, yet today’s family home includes more common areas and more bathrooms.

The report says the majority of housing stock in the City was built before 1980, and while most homes are in good repair, the designs are not as suitable or desirable for an aging population.

The Housing Study is  one of the items on a relatively light agenda for Prince George  City Council this evening.

There will be  presentations to Council  by the Railway and Forestry Museum and  the Salvation Army.  Council will make appointments to  the Heritage Commission,  and  name  Kathleen Soltis as the City’s rep  on the Canada winter Games Host Society Board.

There is one formal  public hearing  which has a developer  looking to extend a multiple residential zone in a housing  development on Tyner Boulevard. Council will also be asked to extend the asphalt contract  to Pittman Asphalt for one more year.


Good to see they are looking at the number of older people living in houses. This demographic will have an impact on the number of houses available in this City in the next 10/15 years. In fact it will have a detrimental impact on new housing.

One thing needed for seniors is rancher styled housing.. Single floor.. no senior wants to be walking up and down stairs all the time. If you look at the huge places being built now they have numerous levels and stupid in size. Seniors done need 4000 square feet.. They need 1200 or so with a garage. When is the last time you saw anything like this being built?

Also with the way the city is raising the cost of living here they are pushing seniors away. The city and governments on all levels don’t grasp the concept of seniors on a pension, they don’t get raises, they just get farther and farther behind with the raises of taxes and fees..fixed income people don’t stand a chance anymore.

The youth population is just half what was in PG only 20-years ago. This has retarded PG’s normal development. The huge mega homes for a half million as the housing stock being built the last twenty years I don’t think has helped much when most of the rental income is soviet style apartment blocks or 50 year old homes. Any small family that rents is much better off almost anywhere but PG… So it seems we rely on urban renewal through new residents that buy half million dollar homes before arriving?

The seniors don’t stand a chance because they vote conservative that raised the retirement age, lowered the benefits, and taxes their savings through record low interest rates that give them a negative rate of growth unless they risk it all in stocks. The seniors have been duped into subsidizing bankers that gamble and most still buy the ‘law and order’ sales pitch sold to them by the record deficit setting Harper government.

Keep voting for them! At least there is comfort in knowing from past experience what you are going to get – more of the same!

Posted on Monday, March 2, 2015 @ 9:49 AM by Eagleone

The seniors don’t stand a chance because they vote conservative that raised the retirement age…

You can retire whenever you want to. Whether or not you can do so comfortably was something you’ve had many decades to decide. Anyone who has been expecting the government to look after them in their retirement hasn’t been paying much attention for the past 30 years.

Axeman I paid into CCP with the expectation that I could retire at 65. It’s the governments policy of low interest rates to drive down the dollar for the oil industry and to subsidize the gambling banksters that puts all pensions at risk whether it is government managed CCP or private mutual funds. I have had to up my contributions as a result.

I hope you are enjoying the CCP because chances are the way our government runs a debt based economy it won’t even be around anymore when I am 67. All the power to the 1% and screw the working class I guess, hey Axeman.

Savings aren’t taxed…? Tax has already been paid on it before it became savings. RRSPs when pulled out are taxed as taxes have not been paid on these amounts. If you are close to retirement the 67 age change does not affect you, if you are in your 50s it does. People have been talking about there being no CPP left when they retire since the 1970s, nothing new there

Axman, you realize before the collapse of world com, Enron etc the companies put the employees retirement back into the company.. And with the big collapse a lot of retired folk lost a large portion of their retirement due to this with no repercussion. So yes they did plan, yes they had budgets figured out etc.. Then you loose 40-65% of the income without warning.. Who can plan for that, there are thousands suffering through this.. Good thing that is not allowed anymore.

Posted on Monday, March 2, 2015 @ 2:04 PM by Eagleone

Axeman I paid into CCP with the expectation that I could retire at 65


That was an unreasonable expectation. CPP should only have been viewed as a supplement to retirement income. Take a look at the amount you and your employers contributed over your working life and ask yourself if you seriously expected that to go very far? The writing has been on the wall since the 70’s.

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