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October 28, 2017 5:32 am

Standing Ovation for CEO of Games

Monday, March 2, 2015 @ 6:27 PM

Prince George, B.C.- City Council started off it’s  first regular meeting in several weeks with  celebrating the success of the  Canada Winter Games.Councillors heaped praise on Games CEO Stu Ballantyne,  as one by one, they thanked him  for his dedication and the work of his team, to make the two weeks of athletic and cultural events a success.

“I’ had to travel   during part of the Games” says Councillor Krause,  “Everywhere I went, people were saying how amazing this community is, that we made them feel  at home.”

Councillor Garth Frizzell  added the Games  have resulted in  improvements in the  City’s relationship with the Lheidli T’enneh.

Councillor Frank Everitt  noted the “Pride that you instilled in our community , I don’t know how you bottle that”, while Councillor  Jillian Merrick said she was grateful for the opportunities the Games provided for  youth in the City, who had the  chance to meet with  their peers from all over the country.  She too  called for  a continuation of the momentum  created by the Games.

“The City has confidence now,  it has swagger but it’s the  people who created that” said  Stu Ballantyne.  He was called to  the  front of the Council Chamber to  have a photo taken with  Mayor  and Council, as he did so,  those in the gallery rose to give him a standing ovation.



Isn’t this what he’s paid for? How about a standing O for the volunteers? Where would Ballantyne be without the clutch performance of all the little people? What about all the missed deadlines the games failed on, that didn’t allow for instant results at every event?

Thank the people, no need to single out one guy.

PG101. . . ENOUGH…SHUT UP. If you were in fact a CWG volunteer then you are a sad individual. My spider senses tell you you are just being sarcastic, because for the love of God, if you are serious, then you are a blight on everything that is bright, right and true with being a Volunteer. If you are B.S.ing, then please STOP. However, and even worse, if you are serious? Please get some help and guidance. You need it

Well done good and faithful servant. The organizers and leaders did an amazing job. Sure things may not have been perfect. But the athletes, coaches and families who visited our fair city were treated very well. Stu Ballantyne was our representative who received a standing ovation on behalf of all of the volunteers. To be recognized and acknowledged by Mayor and Council for the work of an amazing team is an honour. Thank You to Everyone.

Vikingnuck, you are so right! I totally agree with you! I am so tired of all the negative comments on this site by idiots that have nothing better to do than sit at home in front of their computers and bitch. We live in a great City, filled with a lot of kind, community minded people who are constantly trying every day to make it an even better place, and I, like the majority of the people that live here, are thankful to call Prince George home.

Why give the guy that’s beeen working on this for YEARS a standing O..?

Because he deserved it..

A team is only as good as the leader just as a leader is only as good as his/her team….
A great job done by all.

As a very active volunteer, I’ve been given more than enough thanks and appreciation over the past few weeks.

PG101, I can’t speak for all of the volunteers, but neither can you.

What a great city I live in, and what great citizens we have! And to all you naysaying complainers out there, I’m sure your mothers taught you if you didn’t have anything nice to say, just keep quiet. This is a good time to listen to her advice. People worked really hard to make this come together so brilliantly, and all your complaining is a disservice to those individuals. Thank you PG!

I would like to know the salaries for the executives, including the CEO> Is that possible????

I am happy that Stu got a standing O. As a person who was on the planning committee and was an active volunteer, I can tell you that the paid staff were always there to support us as we performed tasks that we had never done before such as daily run sheets. I do not care what the salaries were for the executives because the experience that all of them brought to the table was invaluable. Local volunteers could not have done it without them. We and I mean all of the Prince George people who turned out put on a great show for the nation. We were all part of it whether you were a volunteer or a spectator. I know for some of you it takes a little getting used to but it was one hell of a 2 weeks and I am glad that I was both a volunteer and a spectator (and yes I paid for my tickets!!).

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