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October 28, 2017 5:31 am

Cougars Announce HUGE plans for Saturday.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015 @ 11:45 AM

Need more proof that the PG Cougars New Ice Age is upon us?  At Saturday’s March 7thgame against the Victoria Royals, someone will win the largest 50/50 jackpot in Prince George Cougars history.  Shelly Mrkonjic, mother of Cougars forward Tyler Mrkonjic (and wife of Frank), tragically passed away in 2006 after losing a battle with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).  The Mrkonjic family paid tribute to her by creating the Shelly L. MrkonjicALS Research Fund.

The Cougars are donating all proceeds from the 50/50 draw on March 7th to this fund, and one lucky fan will win the biggest 50/50 jackpot in Prince George Cougars history.  To ensure the record will be broken, the Prince George Cougars ownership group will start the pot off by purchasing $25,000 of tickets, and the total is sure to spiral upwards with fans knowing that someone is walking away with $12,500 at the very least.

Cougars President Greg Pocock says, “Along with creating an extremely exciting night of sports entertainment for our fans, we feel that it`s very important for us to give back and support such a cause that has greatly affected members of the Prince George Cougars. By purchasing $25,000 in 50/50 tickets we believe that we have just scratched the surface in what is sure to be the biggest 50/50 jackpot in Cougars history. We hope that our New Ice Age fans will come to the game and purchase additional tickets for a chance to be part of Cougars history, all while helping generate awareness and donations for the Shelly L. Mrkonjic ALS Research Fund in the process”

But that’s not all!  The Cougars will distribute 50/50 tickets purchased by the ownership group free of charge to all adults with valid tickets attending this game.  Season Ticket Holders can receive a strip of 10 tickets, worth $10; and all other adults can receive 1 ticket, worth $2.  PG Cougars Vice President of Business Andy Beesley says “I will not be surprised if the pot increases right off the charts, as fans will want to purchase more tickets to double or triple their chances of winning, as well as knowing that they are supporting Tyler Mrkonjic and his family by contributing to his mother’s fund.”

If that’s not enough, the Vancouver Canucks’ Green Men, a tag team that occupy seats next to the opposition’s penalty box at Rogers Arena (where they unmercifully heckle players who are serving time), will be making a stop in Prince George during this game, as part of their farewell tour. Back in January, Force and Sully were in Victoria harassing the Cougars and now they are here in Prince George to pester the Royals.

As part of the Cougars ongoing effort to make the fan experience as interactive and family-friendly as possible, the Cats are happy to announce that Blue Line Bingo and the homemade sign contest are here to stay!

March 7th will also serve as an opportunity for the Prince George Cougars organization to honour the parents of our players. The hard work, financial support and sacrifices that these parents have made over the years in pursuit of their child’s hockey dreams are what make the WHL possible, and the Cougars are very excited to get to thank them.

The Cougars have partnered with Burger King and created a great ticket package for friends & families to attend the game at a remarkable price. This package includes four tickets, four hats and four Whoppers for only $64. There are only 125 packs available and are sure to sell out. Call the Cougars office at 250-561-0783 to get your package.

With the biggest 50/50 jackpot ever, the Green Men, Bingo, Sign Contests, Busker’s Corner, and a game against Victoria with some serious playoff implications, this is one game the Cougars are confident will be a ‘can’t miss’ event.


*Know your limit, and play within it! You must be 19-years-of-age or older to participate.*



maybe if they actually learned how to play hockey instead of trying to always beat the opposition into submission they wouldn’t need all the gimmicks?

Always a ray of sunshine bcracer.

Posted on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 @ 1:12 PM by P Val

Always a ray of sunshine bcracer.


Some people never seem to be happy. I find that odd.

bcracer; “maybe if they actually learned how to play hockey instead of trying to always beat the opposition into submission they wouldn’t need all the gimmicks?” Please step onto the ice & show all of us how it’s done. My prediction? Against this current Cougars squad you would be turning in circles wondering what either hit you or was the white, black & red blur that passed you while you were collecting your jockstrap from the ice. This team has done fairly well considering the legacy they are having to overcome, no one in the organization predicted a winning team this season. Remember that this group is still very much a Brodsky/Thompson creation.

If you call DONATING $25,000 to the 50/50 pot, so that money can be used for ALS research, and supporting other charity causes a “gimmick”, then so be it. But it’s a darn good gimmick and it’s doing good for the community. And if it sells a few more tickets, then everybody wins!

Some ppl will never change. Good thing the same can’t be said for the Cougars.

Great initiative. Love the creative marketing. Also loving the play on the ice as of late. After their tough losing streak the Cougars have won 3 in a row and have gotten points in 8 of their last 10 games. The Cougars are back in a playoff spot and playing their best hockey of the season!

I think the Cougars organization is doing something good. and glad to see that they are willing to donate a whole nights revenue to do this. Way to go Cougars.

The quality of team is a bit suspect. However as earlier blogs indicated, its still needs to be developed.

For a hockey town Some people just don’t get it. The Cougars have been bottom feeders for years under brodskys “guidance”. They finally sell the team and everyone is excited about the possibilities. The thing is you just don’t take a team, throw a switch and make it a winner.. It took Brodsky 20 yrs to make them mediocre, have it so some players refused to come here to play. Now we need to give the new owners time to bring their influence over the team, change the attitude in the change room and see the results on the ice.. Anyone who has attended any games this year can feel the difference in CN centre.. The team seems to have more desire to play hard and win, the changes the new owners have already brought many positive changes to the hockey experience.

Our job is back the team, give them time and enjoy the ride. If you want to b@tch and complain go right ahead.. If you want to stay away..go ahead.. Enjoy your misery, the rest of us will get out of the house and have a great time cheering on the Cougars.

Go Cougars Go

Well said Pval

If you check the stats you will see that the fan numbers are up on the nights that they sold the package tickets, and give out free food, etc;

If you need to pay and feed fans to come to the games, plus other gimmicks, then hope that they will stay, I suggest that you really don’t have much going for you.

The question is?? Where are the fans????? Do 5000 plus fans actually exist, or are they a figment of every ones imagination.

The 5000+ fans that showed up in the first few years of this franchise, did not have a clue as to how the Cougars would play, had no inkling of the players, etc; they came because this was new and exciting.

A lot of those fans have gone on to other things. What we have left is the usual number of season ticket holders, an uptick in the number of season tickets purchased by business’s etc; and a small increase in the actual number of fans attending, and a lot of these take advantage of the **perks** and do not attend **non-perk** games.

So there you have it. We are short 2000 fans, and in my opinion, they no longer exist. It matters little if the Cougars win or lose. You have to be a dedicated hockey fan to attend 30+ games per year. Most people cant stomach that much hockey.

Have a nice day.

Well aren’t you just peachy Palpou. Thanks for sharing your negativity a little further.

As someone who rarely goes to games ill just say this has got me kind of excited to start going again! I could care less about the 50/50 but the fact that they re putting this much effort in makes me want to be apart of it. So there you go , an opinion from one of the future fans that that some of these guys b#$ch about not having.

Its all about demographics, and what there is to do in a City that has 75000 population. There are only so many people, so much money, and so much time. People do have things to do besides go to a hockey game.

In any event time will tell. Is 3000 fans per game a bad figure for a City this size?? Probably not. Some WHL teams get less.

If they can get the numbers up to 5000 I say great, however my sense is, and always has been that there are not 5000 dedicated WHL hockey fans in Prince George, especially when you have the Spruce Kings, plus other hockey being played, plus the NHL.

If I am wrong. Great.

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