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October 28, 2017 5:30 am

Provincial Funding Will Help School District Reduce Carbon Footprint

Tuesday, March 3, 2015 @ 9:33 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The Prince George School District has received $320,227 to help with the purchase of a new boiler for Ecole Lac des Bois Elementary.

The funding has come through Victoria’s Carbon Neutral Capital Program (CNCP).

Secretary treasurer Allan Reed said the District applied for the funding in January.

“The last two years there has been funding, I can’t say if it will continue. It will upgrade the existing boiler in the school which will provide energy efficiency.”

He says the Distirct received about $170,000 under the same program last year which was used to replace the boiler at Southridge Elementary.

Since the program began in 2012, the provincial government says school districts now achieve annual savings of more than $1.2 million in school and vehicle operating costs as well as a reduction of 4,000 tonnes in carbon dioxide emissions as a direct result of the projects.


Before seamuttt goes off can we just assume the school needed a new heater and this is just taking money out of the right pocket instead of the left?

Seamutt disappeared the same time SUN TV went off the air. Someone mentioned solar panels the other day and he still didn’t show up.

I am a bit surprised that the boiler needed to be replaced at south ridge already. Can think of a few reasons why it may not have lasted a decade or two ,longer.

1. Wasn’t maintained properly.
2. Feed water was not controlled correctly
3. Was undersized from day 1 as to lower the cost of building the school
4. Was ran correctly.

Hopefully the new one they put in will run for a very long time.

Of course 4. Should be..was ran incorrectly. Need edit on here..lol

Schools are perfect for solar . School days start well after the sun is up and ends well before the sun goes down . Plus the summer months the schools are on stand by but the sun only shines brighter during the summer . Giving the schools the same juicy deal the Run of the River projects get would make them surplus energy producers . Then instead of getting a hydro bill in the millions of $ ,they would get a check from hydro in the millions . And they would enter into the 21st century . Being proud of burning more efficiently is admirable but your still burning and polluting when you don’t have too.

rambleon has it right.

Other than the grant, I’m not sure why this has become a news item.
SD 57 have been replacing old boilers with high efficiency models in area schools for quite a few years. It is an expensive process to retrofit the new boilers into existing systems, because they usually upgrade all the associated systems (duct work, air distribution, controls, insulation)at the same time, but there are definite energy savings. Not sure what the true pay back period is, but the changes are eventually paid off with the savings.

Seamutt probably sat down and did the numbers on solar eroi and realized nothing else can compete in the long run . Schools in the states are making a fortune on their roof tops . It’s the fastest growing sector of the energy field and its growing exponencially . There are more people employed in the states than are employed in Canada’s five big utilities . And it’s doubling about every 18 months . We are being left behind , again .

More people employed in the solar field in the states than in Canada’s five largest utilities .

Husky and the pulp mills need help as well.

Retired. The Pulpmills have already received tens of millions from the gov for turbine generators installations and upgrades.

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