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October 28, 2017 5:25 am

Crash Destroys Telephone Pole – Update

Sunday, March 8, 2015 @ 1:31 PM
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Photos 250News

Prince George, B.C. – This is what happens when a truck smashes into a telephone pole.

The single vehicle crash occurred at around 1:30 this morning on Spruce Street near Value Village.

Police say it was alcohol related noting the 20 year old male Prince George driver was issued an Immediate Roadside Prohibition and as a result won’t be able to drive for 90 days.

Though there was severe damage to the vehicle and both air bags were deployed,  the driver escaped without any major injuries.

A name has not been released.

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Damn ! Should have bought the Ram !

Good luck with your hangover and the rest of your monthly payments.

This is what happens when you Dodge a telephone pole.

That’s awesome doublenickel, lmao.

The truck doesn’t look too good either.

I’m curious as to why only the 90 day suspension. He crashed his vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and destroyed property. Shouldn’t this be a full on impaired charge? Minimum 1 year suspension with fines?

What are those telephone poles doing on a sidewalk anyways? It is the pole’s fault! Clearly!

A suspension of more than 90 days can only be issued by a court as a consequence of a criminal conviction. There’s no such thing as an immediate or roadside 1 year suspension.

The issuance of a roadside suspension does not preclude the Crown from charging the driver with impaired driving. So this driver may end up with a criminal conviction and longer suspension.

Remember “keep left except to pass”.

That’s a power pole, not a telephone pole

“That’s a power pole, not a telephone pole”. Not any more. :)

Quite impressed with the Hydro crew replacing the pole. Very efficient and double bubble is a great incentive.

Don’t the poles in the area cover power, telephone and cable wiring?

15,000 Bill for 5-6 flag people. 8-10 hydro and 3 trucks. Front page — Priceless.

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