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October 28, 2017 5:20 am

Target Canada Store Closures Announced

Saturday, March 14, 2015 @ 4:01 AM
Target store remains open for now at Pine Centre.  Photo 250 News archive

Target store remains open for now at Pine Centre. Photo 250 News archive

Prince George, B.C. – Target is starting to roll out the notices to some of its Canadian stores confirming the time frame for the permanent closure of those stores.

Target Canada spokesperson Molly Snyder says the way it works is the company alerts specific store teams that their stores will be closing about 10 days prior to the last day the store is open to the public.

The following stores will be ceasing sales to the public on March 18th and so were notified around March 8th:

Stratford ON
Longueuil QC
Edmonton AB


In addition, these stores will cease sales to the public on March 22nd:


Saint-Georges QC
Burlington ON
Chatham-Kent ON
Smith Falls ON
Winnipeg (3682) MB
Oshawa ON
Chilliwack BC
Niagara Falls ON
Hamilton (3761) ON
Calgary (3538) AB
Cranbrook BC
Kitchner ON
Medicine Hat AB

A couple of cities have multiple Target locations, so the store numbers are included above.

So far no word on the final day the Prince George store will be open to the public.

The US-based company had 133 Canadian stores employing 17,600 people.  The company started operating in Canada in March 2013 but failed to find a place within the shopping patterns of the Canadian consumer.


Any word what may replace Target at the Prince George location?

No deals there even in their closing out sale. Sure 30% or 40% off, but even then their prices on things after the discount for basics like diapers, and paper towels, and basic household things are still more expensive then the exact same product at Save On, or Superstore. They can’t even compete on price in a bankruptcy sale….

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