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October 28, 2017 5:18 am

Parking Woes Continue

Monday, March 16, 2015 @ 3:53 AM

“crince George, B.C.- There are plenty of parking woes  in the downtown core.  Prince George City Council will be asked to make some housekeeping changes to the bylaw covering on street parking when it meets this evening, because right now,  the bylaw  is practically  non- enforceable.There are inconsistencies in the  signage downtown compared to the bylaw. The problem is the inconsistency in the signage.

Some  indicates the two hour limit  for free parking  in most of the downtown is  Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6 p.m.  Some say  free two hour parking other than from 1:00 am to 8 am  when there is no  on street parking to allow for street cleaning,  and some areas  say two hour parking  is ok from 8am  to 6 p.m. while other signs says two hour free parking is  ok, but doesn’t specify  any time frame.

Then there is the matter of the License Plate recognition program.   The City had set aside $450 thousand dollars for this project,  which would involve vehicle cameras and electronic  handheld units.   The City  had issued an RFP  calling on potential suppliers to  submit a price for a system based on  total  time  per day, as opposed  to  the traditional consecutive  time.

The idea was to stop the game of  hop scotch that sees drivers moving their vehicles  to new spots every couple  of hours to avoid being ticketed but suppliers say there is no way to tell  if a vehicle left the downtown and returned  over the course of a day.

So  it’s back to the drawing board.



use that money to put in meters. Do what kamloops has done. Only need two “base stations” per block, one on either side. You enter your license plate, pay for how long u wanna stay (credit, debit, cash). and be on your way.

Also, I don’t believe people when they say they won’t come downtown because of pay parking. Maybe 10% of those people would actually hold to that claim.

I don’t go downtown because there is very little downtown that interests me. I could care less if there are meters, license plate recognition, or any other money making programs that they come up with…..

Agree Mercenary. My thoughts exactly. And, parking is free at Pine Centre , superstore, CDN tire and Wallmart

I was downtown once in the past year. I believe it was to pick up a hard to find item at Northern Hardware other than that not a chance. The City Council needs to get it head out of its ass this isn’t rocket science. Quit trying to reinvent the wheel lets just look at how other places have SOLVED this problem. This has gone on so long everyone is just avoiding downtown. May as well turn it over to the druggies and the winos they don’t need to park.

Three reasons to go into the downtown core..

1. Northern hardware
2. Sell stolen goods to pawn shops
3. Buy drugs.

Parking was supposed to be fixed with the changing of the one way streets.. Another fail by the city planner.. Should be fired.

People that work downtown do the car shuffle all the time, it’s worse now since the increase in parking fees for parkades etc. Just watch outside at around 10-10:30 when all the northern health workers in the old Kresgees come out for the shuffle..

Its no surprise that people who say they never go downtown are mis-informed. Before you make your statement, please don’t disqualify it by saying you never go downtown.

Hopefully council can at the very least find a solution to the apparent confusion over parking times. That will HELP with enforcement. The license plate idea seems dumb since you can’t read license plates clearly for a number of months in the winter (potentially).

But there’s lots of reasons to go downtown:

1. Public Library
2. most of the best restaurants are downtown
3. Northern Hardware (obviously!)
4. Niche stores

just to name a few.

Good luck to council figuring this one out! The last few had no clue.

I only go downtown if absolutely unavoidable, ie: to see my lawyer for a mortgage ( last time was 2004), ,to set up a bank account for which I can do everything from home online ( last time was 1997), and for city related matters which may as well be never.


Paying for parking annoys me. I can get everything I need from the Gateway to Hwy 16 and Domano.

Free parking. No annoying parking nazis writing $ 25.00 tickets.

And they hoover an unjustifiable amount of money annually from my wife for having to park downtown for her job and I refuse to pay the city of PG one more dime for their bloated salaries so I vote with my feet and stay in revenue neutral locations.

If you folks aren’t enjoying the great selection of amazing restaurants downtown then you really are missing out. I had the most amazing pasta downtown today! Also Books & Co, why are we forgetting great places like that where you can take in some entertainment while you browse or sip a coffee? The hidden jems like Wasabi are teaming with people but you won’t see that either. Wander into SpeeDee Printers while you are there, you may be inspired to do some art, or see new trends at Mcinnis. Life shouldn’t be all about shopping for toilet paper and bananas. But Costco has such a great ambiance I know, I had dinner there two days ago also. Kelly O’s was filled with young people the other night at 9PM who were all dressed up celebrating something. They were having a blast. The trouble is finding a parking spot most times so the rest of you maybe should stay away.

“Downtown revitalization”

Solution, remove the weather awning in this winter city.

Solution, allow commercial construction projects get a waiver on the total number of parking spaces required by bylaw.

Solution, charge potential customers just to be downtown.

Solution, put all the social services downtown, and make sure they are not allowed in their residence between 10:00 and 3:00

Solution, Enforce zero tolerance for drinking and driving

Solution, drive all foot traffic out of the downtown so that all the cafe’s close around 3:00

Solution, remove all the nice benches

Solution, invent ways to impede foot and vehicle traffic at every opportunity

Yeah downtown revitalization, PG style.

@ loki,

I expect better, that list is laughable. AKA, not true.

I agree that Council should make sure the no parking signs are coherent. Other than that, there is no need to change the present parking system. 2 hours free, and then a fine. If people decide to move around, then let them, it makes their day more interesting.

Downtown is full of empty parking spaces. Victoria to Queensway, and 5th to 1st Avenue on any give day you will find hundreds of parking places.

We don’t need a fancy system to track license plate numbers,. The system we are using is sufficient.

Lets look at the real situation. We have free parking at Westgate, Spruceland, Parkwood, Pine Centre, and the Hart Highway. The only place we charge for parking after two hours is the downtown area. This charging for parking is more about generating revenue for the City than it is about moving vehicles, or providing parking spaces.

The above listed shopping centres probably get 70% or more or the available shoppers. So whats left. Well I suspect that at least 60% of the shoppers and customers downtown are the people who work there, and the balance are boni fide shoppers.

So, lets grow up, continue with the 2 hour free parking, and don’t get our knickers in a knot if some people move their cars once in a while. Remember even if you work downtown, you are still customer.

I should add that I do go a few restaurants downtown, but I never drive, I take a cab.

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