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October 28, 2017 5:18 am

Hydro Crews Making Progress

Sunday, March 15, 2015 @ 4:42 PM

Prince George, B.C.  – BC Hydro says  it  is making progress in restoring service to the thousands of  customers who  have been without electricity awindstorm2since a windstorm ripped through the region on Saturday.

(At right, light standard leans at Watrous and 4th)

“We have  extra crews coming in from other areas of the province” says BC Hydro spokesperson Bob Gammer.

He says there are still 1,645 customers in the  Prince George region  who remain without service,  but that is a major improvement  to the many thousands  who  were  in the dark when the storm  initially hit  Saturday afternoon.

Awindstorm (at left,  tree leans against hydro lines in Quesnel)

“Hopefully, the extra  personnel will help speed up the  work” says Gammer.  Right now, BC Hydro is  estimating  power will be restored to all by  11 tonight, however, he says  some may have to wait a little longer.

Repair crews worked  16 hours straight,  at which point they had to take  the required 8 hour break, some  were heading back to work late this afternoon.

“We would encourage customers to  check the BC Hydro website if they are able to, in order to have the latest  information on service resumption.” says Gammer,



Thanks hydro crew!! Back on the grid :)

Not sure that I’m entirely thankful.

Early Saturday afternoon we had a powerline go down as well as a transformer. These two separate incidents were reported to BC Hydro’s Power-Outage hotline consecutively, identifying exact locations.

BC Hydro was out and addressed the down powerline restoring power to part of the neighborhood. 30 hours later BC Hydro teams returned to fix the transformer which took approximately 6 minutes, restoring power to the balance of the neighborhood.

Now I can understand that down lines would be a priority for these teams, but when you have two incidents that were less than 500 ft from one another why would you fix one pack your team up and not return for another 30 hours.

Perhaps BC Hydro should take some of their budget to re-examine and improve the coordination efforts of their workers in the field when there is a large scale power-outage in the community to create some efficiency’s. It may just cut some of the copious hours and stresses on the teams having to respond to these calls.

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