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October 28, 2017 5:17 am

No Classes at UNBC… Again

Monday, March 16, 2015 @ 3:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. – There are no classes at UNBC again today as the strike  by the Faculty Association continues.The University  received a counter offer from the Faculty Association on Saturday, and was expected to  advise the  Faculty Association by noon yesterday on when  talks  might  resume.

As of  9:30  last night,  there was no indication from either side on when, or if,  they would be  returning to the bargaining table.

The weekend saw students  stage another rally, this time  on the steps of the Prince George Courthouse.

Speaker after speaker  expressed support for the faculty’s  battle for wage parity, saying  without it,  professors could leave the university to  teach  where they are offered  better salaries.

Faculty Association members have been on the picket lines since Thursday March 5th.



Hopefully since it is basically day 11 and things are not moving ahead some progress this week by both parties will find resolution. If nothing by Friday it could be bad once classes are canceled and could drag out for a fair length of time.

If UNBC did not have wage parity since its inception, how did we get the Professors to teach here in the first place??

Did they come knowing full well that the pay was less than at other Universities, and if so, why do we now think they will leave if they don’t have parity.??

Just askin.

I’m more on the professor’s side on this, but one of their arguments has me confused. They seem to be concerned that their salary scale is defective for purposes of recruitment, so they are falling on their sword to save the university. Since when is that their problem? If I work in the mill, I don’t give a crap about marketing – that’s someone else’s job, I just have to make a 2×4. Why is this the professors problem? If their dire prediction is true, and the salaries are insufficient to attract future professors, then the university will close, and the administration will all be unemployed too. Surely recruitment and retention is a management problem. Now, if you just think you yourself aren’t being paid enough – okay, say that, and see if you can get more cash out of them for yourself.

Speaker after speaker expressed support for the faculty’s battle for wage parity, saying without it, professors could leave the university to teach where they are offered better salaries.


I seriously doubt that many (if any) would leave. Offer them what you can afford and those that don’t like it should just go find these greener pastures.

axman, I certainly agree with you!

Our public sector and it’s workers tend to complain a lot, about their lot in life, and it seems like they tend to complain far more than those in the non-unionized private sector! I guess when you have your Shop Steward and your Union Rep telling you how hard done by you are, you tend to start believing it!

I think that most people in the non-unionized private sector tend to change jobs, locations and careers more so than public sector workers do. Public sector workers tend to stay where they are, complaining about their situation until and sometimes even after they start collecting their taxpayer subsidized public sector pension!

If things are so bad, leave for greener pastures!

Very few seem to leave, so maybe things aren’t as bad as we are led to believe. That’s a bit like actions speaking louder than words!

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