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October 28, 2017 5:16 am

Iker Re-elected BCTF President – Update

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 @ 1:56 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Jim Iker of Topley has been re-elected for a third one-year term as president of the BC Teachers Federation at the organization’s 99th annual general meeting in Victoria.

In addition, first vice-president Glen Hansman of Vancouver and second vice-president Terri Mooring of Quesnel were also re-elected to their respective positions.

“I am very grateful to BC teachers for all their support, commitment, and solidarity this past year,” says Iker. “It is an honour to lead this great union and be the spokesperson in our collective advocacy for better working and learning conditions across British Columbia.”

Prince George District Teachers Association president Tina Cousins says it’s unusual for table officers to stay longer than two years but is pleased Iker will be back.

“The last year was incredibly difficult and I think people really appreciated Jim’s leadership. Jim is a very calm person and I think the membership really appreciated how he always remained calm, even in the thick of things, and always represented the members with the message about what our needs were.”


Iker? Seriously, is this the best that our educated teachers can come up with??

I wonder if anyone else was dumb enough to put their name on the ballot for this one??

By the sounds of you hart guy you should have put your name in the ring. You seem to have a good handle on how it should be done. Lol

Jim, Jim he’s the man!! He can spend teachers strike pay fund like no one else can!!!.. Hey!!Hey!! Ho! Ho!, Christy Clark has got to go!!

It’s the ‘Dead Presidents’ effect – PGDTA has been fighting this issue for years – BCTF is killing itself with these guys. Iker is a dead president and holds the power because of it…

@ 8, I certainly couldn’t do any worse, haha!

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