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October 28, 2017 5:14 am

Friday Free for All – March 20th, 2015

Thursday, March 19, 2015 @ 11:59 PM

Wow, Spring officially arrives at 3:45 this afternoon!

But enough about Robins and the  disappearing snow,  this is your opportunity to speak up on the issues that matter to you.

It is time for the Friday free For All.

You pick the topic, but please,  obey our three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying.



L E T  ‘E R   R I P !!!


I’d like to extend a BIG Welcome to all the Youths that converged on our fair city.. Hope you enjoy your stay

Aahh, I see that Christy Clark is still on the relentless road to destroy the BC Liberals. Yesterday the hapless John Rustad was forced to inform George Abbott that an eleventh hour cabinet decision was made not to appoint him as the new Commissioner of the BC Treaty process. This was after both the First Nations Summit and the federal government had endorsed him.
First the Social Credits, then the BC Liberals.

I find the private sale to civil servants this last week to be a huge conflict of interest. How can that even be legal?

Its ironic that all those that are on the payroll likely making 6-figure incomes, they get first crack at the ‘surplus’ items in a secret sale not announced to the public? What kind of precedence is that anyways? And they take priority over the volunteers and taxpayers… it stinks of pigs a the trough for the ‘planners’ and insiders, and comes at the expense of any openness and transparency.

I think a public audit of how the decisions are made for procurement right through to the asset sales should be done as part of the post games audit. Who’s decision was it to have the insiders sale held in secret without public notice, and how did they rationalize that decision? Or do the rules go out the window because its the games? Seems to me that the city has the same problem with municipal real estate transactions… it appears like a systemic culture of entitlement from the top where they close ranks to pilfer the value out of public assets.

Also, wow paying $1.3 million for tv coverage for the games… that is rich. All that money to get pay per view type coverage shaw cable programing could have done.

And Global getting $40,000 to build on the image of PG as a mill town looking for a turnaround, with lame footage of 3rd avenue and the fueling apron area of our runway in an overcast setting. No footage of the venues other than the melting ice oval, and no coverage of the closing ceremonies not even as a mention on their news cast. If it was promotional dollars spent, then we got piss poor value for the dollars spent… might get more value from the free Hockey Day in Canada event this weekend.

I would have rather seen open coverage of the games by all media outlets in real time. This isn’t the Olympics after all, its not a transnational conglomerate, but rather a national event for amateur sports with athletes as young as 14-years old. Why all the monopoly of services around the event that only serve to restrict participation and the wider coverage to a larger audience… the whole part of hosting the games for the host city is to get the national recognition, I would say more so than out of generosity to the athletes or entertainment by their achievements.

I would say for the city of PG getting national exposure, that the games didn’t live up to what it had the potential for. The way the media was handled is exhibit number one. that is not to say the games didn’t have many positive aspects, its just to say when it came to seizing the moment to maximize the exposure for the city that the effort was lack-a-luster and botched.

BTW I wonder if 250News, CKPG, or any of the local media received any funds by the games for their coverage? Paid stories, maybe some advertising dollars or partnerships with advertisers. If not, and the coverage was just expected (under restrictions), then it is surely a double standard that was a failed strategy, and something future Canada Games host city media might want to pay more attention too… if for no other reason than to maximize the exposure for their city during the games.


I would like to send a big thank you to the kid that damn near ended up being in my grille this week and an even bigger thank you to the parent who was so thoughtfully watching their child at a very busy intersection.

Mom and child were at the lights on 15th and Victoria waiting to cross I was coming down Victoria going towards the gateway I noticed the child was running around the island as his mom was tapping away on the cell phone. I have no idea why I did it but I slowed down from 50k to under 30k but I am glad I did as the child suddenly darted right in front of me and I slammed on my brakes if I had been doing 50k I would not of been able to stop in time. The mom was still blissfully unaware what her child had done right until I wailed on my horn then she had this look of mortification on her face as she ran out grabbed her kid waved at me then appeared to scold her kid as I drove on by and in my rear view mirror I noticed she was back on her phone ignoring her child yet again. The guy right behind me slowed down and rolled down his window and yelled something at the mom but I missed what she did as It was beyond my view by that time.

Some people just do not get parenting 101

First the Social Credits, then the BC Liberals.


You forgot the NDP.

Dearth: Its called situational awareness, anticipation and expecting the unexpected. It comes with driving experience and care.
I wonder what the police would or could do if it happened to them or they observed it happening?
Thank you for being so careful.
I got a kick out of a video I saw recently, where a guy, nearly hit by a driver who was on a cell phone, got out, went and grabbed the cellphone and destroyed it on the ground. Maybe we need more of this for people to get the message.
Have a safe weekend and stay off the phone.

Was out of town this week but the celestial events that happened today, supermoon, a total eclipse and spring equinox are a sure sign that construction workers are crawling like ants over the new hotel downtown. Anyone drive past today?

Sure hope we don’t have to wait until next time these events happen on the same day as that is 10,000 years away.

On a serious note, what is the condition of the rebar sticking out of the concrete and being exposed to the weather for two years? Has water entered concrete where rebar sticks out and caused spalling and cracking from freeze thaw cycles?

Giving the city workers first crack at the CWG stuff was done as a moral booster to those poor hard done by cupe workers.

Word is that they still occasionally find the union executive and bargaining committee in a stairwell curled up in the fetal position bawling uncontrollably while mumbling something about the first time in 30 years they did not get an annual raise in pay.

I see the home show is coming up in April, and I would like to go look around, but not if I have to pay $8 admission. It’s not that I don’t have $8, but I don’t think I should pay admission to have vendors try to sell me things.

Our legal system is so broken it’s painful

Lakeland mills explodes killing workers, they had numerous previous warnings and communications of the situation, they do nothing it costs live.. No charges filed

Another group of investors steal 10 of millions from investors.. No jail time

A guy steals a car.. He gets 2 years..

What’s wrong with our system? It’s not the system . It’s stupid voters that vote against their own self interests . Like people in Alberta voting in Redfords old boss , a lawyer . He openly blames ordinary Albertans for 40 years of lawyer/oil/CEOs mismanagement and royalty cuts . Chrissy is no different except she’s only got a high school education . So she’s definitely not the person running the show here . Same with the tax system . Work for money and pay the highest rate . Invest , collect dividends , capital gains and pay the lowest rate . Laws are made by lawyers that voters elect . Too bad social scientists don’t get elected . For the people that is .

Yup, people get the government they deserve and in most cases, it’s the chickens voting for Col. Saunders. In BC’s case, the electorate voted in a government and a premier who campaigned on “Families first” and “Jobs, jobs, jobs” in the nat gas industry. We all know how that worked out, don’t we.
The market has gone into the crapper for natural gas while other jurisdictions have beat us to the punch and have already secured export markets. Closer to home, despite the rhetoric around supporting families and children, and despite crowing about a surplus, government support for daycare and education is being clawed back and cuts are coming faster and deeper than ever before. From K12 right on up through the post-secondary system, investment in youth and education is evaporating. Even in the vaunted trades sector with aging baby boomers retiring in droves, the Liberals invest in management and administration instead of direct support to both industry and apprentices for needed apprenticeship positions in both the construction and repair trades.
A big thanks to everyone who voted Liberal in the last provincial election – I hope you got what you wished for.

Whining dippers never give it a rest do they? The last election was more about self absorbed union types forgetting what it is like to appeal to those who don’t drink their Kool-Aid.
Funny how these whining union types never stop grading everybody else’s abilities in the workforce, especially if they are non-union, but loath any suggestion that they face the same scrutiny.
Just keep losing elections to high school drop outs, it speaks volumes of the NDP’s failure to appeal to anybody.

Well put krusty . The same idiots will vote for harper and his secret police act . Harpers constant push for more federal prisons and the secret police act ( bill c-51 ) should alarm anyone that can think . But there is no cure for stupid .

ataloss, what makes you so smart???

Seriously, if you and your ilk are so smart, how come you and your ilk keep losing elections??

Like you said, there is no cure for stupid!!

Ataloss. You are a prime example that proves conclusively that there is no cure for stupid.

It appears that you have no comprehension of the election process in Canada, are completely unable to see the big picture, and continuously repeat the same garbage over and over.

You should rent yourself out to high schools, colleges, and universities, as an example of how NOT to do things.

Well one thing for sure is that , your first question mark ( ? ) makes the two extra (?? ) redundant . Same for the second question marks . Same for your exclamation marks (!) second one , redundant . I’m glad you understand that there is no cure for your condition . Never stop learning . Intelegence is the high ground and intelegence leans left . That’s why german is the engine of Europe . Only a very few of our elected officials could even be elected dog catcher in real democracies . Civil illiteracy is the norm here .

Ataloss – Harper’s been in power 9 years. 6.5 years supported by either the Bloc, Liberals, or NDP. The way the Libs and NDP paint the picture, you would think he’s the devil incarnate, and yet, they can’t get their act together to form a left/center coalition to defeat this horrible man. So, to me, the Libs and NDP are either – not convinced Harper is the devil, and just yapping as usual, or if they are, they are still putting their partisan interest ahead of the good of the country. Because with no doubt, if the NDP and Liberals either – formed a coalition, or, agreed not to run candidates against each other, you’d have your utopian Canada without Harper. The power to defeat him rests with the left. The question is, what are they willing to do to use it. And for what it’s worth, I ended up throwing my vote away on Green last time because I can’t stand any of them and Hillary Crowley seemed like a nice lady.

As for the NDP, they’re so busy stabbing their leaders in the back, and presenting a compromise leader, it’s almost too easy for the liberals. I could’ve voted for Carol James – but we all know how that turned out, instead they give me these Adrian Dix guy to support – couldn’t do it.

Yes you are right Palopu . It would be a good idea but that’s the last thing crissy would want . She would not want a guy like me showing them how to get out of debt ( bad debt) and stay out . How to become independantly wealthy . How to become land owner with multible properties . How to buffer oneself against all market gyrations . I’m sure it would be great for the few that might listen but crissy would never allow finacial or civil literacy in public schools like the do in private schools .

Wat Way Way too many sports teams in the Prince George Area called “Cougars”.
Very confusing when looking up results or listening to results on TV or Radio.

If you’re going to pick grammar apart you may want to learn how to spell “intelligence”

Carry on

Ataloss, thanks for my Friday chuckle!!

In your rather feeble attempt to belittle me and draw into question my level of intelligence, you comment as follows:

“Intelegence is the high ground and intelegence leans left .”

Wow, Intelegence!! Perhaps you meant Intellegence?

Perhaps intelligence leans right, and intelegence leans left, haha?

You then add the following:

“That’s why german is the engine of Europe .”

Did you by chance mean Germany??

If you are a shining example of the level of intelligence that exists on the left side of the political spectrum, I have no fear for the future of the right side!!

Ski51 can’t agree more . I gave up on the NDP when they put horgan in charge . The NDP seems to be dumbing itself down . I was a supporter since 1972 . I have also gone green . I don’t think I’m throwing my vote away . The greens are off limits for the libs , NDP and cons because they think greens are lefties that can help divide the left . It’s only the useful idiots that aren’t card carriers that go after the greens or they didn’t get the memo or didn’t understand it .

The engine of Europe is in deed german . Thier leader is a scientist , so is her husband , so is most of her cabinet .

Thiers an utter tipo fer yah two shackle at .still no cure fer ya.


You should Google “100 Top Entrepreneurs Who Succeeded Without A College Degree”. Look how many founders and inventors there are. It will shock you.

There are a lot of people that don’t have a college or university degree.

I dropped out of college after 2 years. I’m 51 now, with a very comfortable salary in the white collar industry. I’m well read, well traveled, and with life experience and wisdom I know I’m smarter than most people I meet with post secondary education. As a matter of fact, the stupidest people I meet in my industry have Ph.D’s.

Most academics and professional students have a skewed world view and come out programmed so left wing they walk in circles.

So don’t slam Christy Clark. Hey, she made it to Premier of our province didn’t she? How about you?

Ataloss(soon to be AnotherLoss:)

Green party? Really? 40+ years in Europe and still just a fringe party. Might want to keep Monster Raving Loony Party on the back burner.

A more fitting phrase for the real world:

Those who think they know how things should be done lean left, those who actually go out and get things done lean right!


I’ve been too busy , working , raising kids , looking after parents , and investing in land and the stock market . So no I have no interest in running for office . What an amazing day I’ve had in the market today . All green there as well . And yes there are plenty of successful people with out years of academic training . I’m one in my own little way but I never stop educating myself.

Sparrow you don’t know anything about Greens either , do you . Just like the neocons , greens are global .

Greens shut down nuclear power plants in Germany and created about a million jobs as a result . Soon fringe EH .

BCGrog, there are exceptions to everything. There are some high school drop-outs who are brilliant and there are some people holding multiple degrees who are morons.

On average though, for every “100 Top Entrepreneurs Who Succeeded Without A College Degree”, there are millions of educated people who have made aircraft safer, ensured our drinking water is clean, engineered the bridges we drive on, created entire industries, cured diseases, etc. The role that education has played in helping to develop the society that we enjoy is obvious and irrefutable.

What is also irrefutable is that while we have some brilliant politicians, we also have many who are not as smart as the people they serve. We shouldn’t assume that just because someone has been elected, that they have any idea what they are talking about or that their knowledge is somehow superior to our own. In many cases, it simply isn’t.


Angela Merkel leads the Cristian Democrats a center right party. The Greens hold just under 10% of the seats in the Bundestag.

less than 10% of seats fits my definition of a fringe party.

NMG-You made an excellent point.IMO- The problem we have is we have been lied and BSed for so long now it appears that they have gutted the education system in this province so badly that now we don’t have enough educated people left in the province to vote against the Liberals– was this a plan?

oldman1, we have many many educated people in the province! Thankfully enough of them voted to re-elect the Liberals!

Ataloss, I’m glad that you had an amazing day in the markets! You do realize that the markets are the bastion of Capitalism, don’t you!! I thought that you hated Capitalism, free enterprise, business and anybody, everybody and everything that stands for success and profit?

Being that you are such a “lefty”, I wonder if you will feel guilty reaping the rewards of our free enterprise capitalistic system? I suspect, probably not!

Enjoy your profits, you greedy Capitalist, haha!

Ataloss. You supported the NDP since 1972. In other words you were incapable of making any changes in your political thinking for 40+ years.

Now that’s what I call being in a slump. How many asinine Leaders of the NDP did it take to wake you up.?? Then once awake you stumble to the Greens.

Most who supported the Liberals did so, because they could not stomach the NDP. We need a believable third party to run for election in BC. This of course does not mean the Greens. Perhaps the fledging BC Conservative party if they can get their s..t together, or perhaps a whole slate of Independents.

Sparrow doesn’t understand how coalition governments work . Hart guy , I am not right or left , I’m green . And you don’t know the diffence between capitalism and governance . Capitalism can operate in any type of gubmint you can imagine . You can be a commie and still be a capitalist . I guess you haven seen China yet . Btw venomous capitalists hate democracy the most . That’s why your guy is trying and suceeding at destroying our once proud democracy . He’s headed for a boardroom with millions in return for his back room deal with the commies and despots . From the party of thieves , liars , cheats ,bigots and useful idiots all working to destroy our country and democracy , to the boardroom .

Hart Guy – I was smart enough to know that would be your response even before I finished my post.

Oldman1, you’re smart enough? And yet you still voted for the NDP?

Hart Guy- I knew that was coming also. I know it is 2015 but maybe you could refresh my memory of all the terrible things that happened going back to maybe 1960 with the NDP like fast ferries etc. Not saying I voted NDP but I know when a change is needed in government.

NDP.. Policy. We fund everything no matter the cost

Liberals.. We give everything to business.. Hell with the voters

Both..tax tax tax..

Hey Axman – don’t know if you are still following this thread, but my point about the Socreds and the BC Liberals was that they both self-imploded (at least that’s the way CC seems to be taking the BC Libs). The NDP, which I like to refer to as GLR (Government of Last Resort) has managed to be there to pick up the scraps left behind. Looks like we’re headed in that direction again, sigh.

Hope that Prince Charles doesn’t bring his mistress to Canada… ohhh yaaaa forgot… he married her… STILL… hope he leaves her at home.. We still think of Lady Di

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