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October 28, 2017 5:13 am

They’ve Done It!

Friday, March 20, 2015 @ 9:38 PM


Prince George Cougars beat the Kamloops Blazers at CN Centre tonight    250Sports photo

Prince George, BC – What better way to show the 4570 fans at CN Centre their appreciation…

The Prince George Cougars are going to the playoffs for the first time since the 2010-11 season!

Colby McAuley scored with just 1:32 left in the third period to lead the Prince George Cougars to a 3-1 win over the Kamloops Blazers in their final home game.  The Cats will finish up the regular season in Kamloops tomorrow night, with the Blazers needing a win to make it into the post-season.

Prince George will face the Victoria Royals in round one.  To quote Cougars Announcer, Dan O’Connor, “The party is only getting started.”



Good for the Boys! They have played some excellent hockey this year and they certainly deserve to be in the Play Offs!

Their momentum has been growing! Let’s cheer them on by filling the arena to capacity!

Deserve to be in the playoffs ? If they were in the eastern conference, the Cougars losing record would not qualify the team for the playoffs. Fortunately they play in the west where only 2 teams do not qualify for the playoffs. Definitely a step in the right direction, however, in the Western conference, there is only one team that has a worse record. So thank you to the Kamloops Blazers for being the worst regular season team this season.

Digitus Impudicus… if you’re going to make a back-handed slap against a team’s success, that played hard to make it into the playoffs, at least get your facts correct. Kamloops is not the bottom. The Vancouver Giants are. Also behind the Cougars are the Tri-City Americans.

Go Cats! Time to get Rowdy!

Look before you leap


Cougars are 7th out of 10 western conference teams. There are 6 teams with worse records than PG including 3 in the East.

“The new format will see the top three Clubs in each Division make up the first six playoff qualifiers within each of the two WHL Conferences. The remaining two spots per Conference will be filled via Wild Cards, with the next two highest-placed Clubs in each Conference earning playoff berths based on their regular-season record, regardless of Division.”

Here is the divisional layout. PG made the cut by being in the top 3 of their division. Spokane did not make the top 3 in their division but are the top 2 left in the conference so they are a wildcard team and get to play Everett in the first round.


Second and third place teams per division meet in the first round so PG plays Victoria in the first round

PS, if they were in the East they would still make the playoffs as they are top 3 in their division.

Oh, sorry for one last post


Oh whoooops. I stand corrected.
I would like to thank the Kamloops Blazers and the Vancouver Giants for being worst in the division.

Cougars last 10, 7-2-0-1 that is something to get excited about.
No slinky, 67 points would not have the Cougars in the top 3 of either eastern division.

A playoff position in the WHL is judged by a teams performance or body of work over a 72 game season. As I said, a step in the right direction for the Cats, but I wouldn’t get all excited over a losing record.

Now some positive energy for the Cariboo Cougars today. They need a win to tie up the BCMML final. Go Cats.

Digitus Impudicus sounds like a basement dwelling World or Warcraft nerd, angry at the world. A real treat and valued member of PG, for sure.

Hi there PG101. You’re the poster with all the Canada Winter Games issues. I see you have moved on. Your shrink must be proud.(what is World of Warcraft ?).

Hey!!!! What’s wrong with being a world of warcraft nerd?

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