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P.G. Target to Close April 1st

Monday, March 23, 2015 @ 12:58 PM

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Prince George, B.C. -Target has confirmed it will close its doors for good in Prince George April 1st.

The retail giant confirmed the news in an email to 250News this afternoon.

The following is a list of BC closures:

March 30th – Maple Ridge, Vernon, and Saanich.

April 1st – Nanaimo, Courtenay, Prince George, Surrey

(The Cranbrook and Chilliwack locations closed March 22).

The US-based company had 133 Canadian stores employing 17,600 people. The company began its retail operations two years ago in Canada but failed to find its niche with Canadian shoppers.


April fools day.. How fitting :)

Horrible store

Even with their so called discounts, they really weren’t much of a discount

People had unrealistic expectations that target would be cheaper than its chief competitor Wally World and target Canada had major issues stocking it’s stores with about half the stores in Canada being perpetually under stocked.

In the end it cost 17,500 in direct job losses but how many in indirect job losses

Hopefully America learned a valuable lesson that opening too many stores at once in a small market was the biggest mistake ever for a large corporate business. Idiots. Why didn’t they learn from how Walmart won over many communities. They didn’t rush it.

I worked on the construction of this location & had direct dealings with target corporate reps. They had the typical America stereotype attitude of ” we are American & we’re going to come in & take over everything regardless if anyone wants it or not”. Huge mistake, they lost the residents before they were even open.

Maybe Zellars will open up again

“Hopefully America learned a valuable lesson that opening too many stores at once in a small market was the biggest mistake ever for a large corporate business. Idiots.”

Yes I’m sure “America” is losing sleep because of this. They’re all saying “Damn, we should have consulted Pookerjams before we did this. Pookerjams would have saved us from looking like idiots because of his vast knowledge of international corporate marketing, logistics and policy!”

Never would have happened with you at the helm eh? Haha, armchair quarterbacking at its finest!

Target has 1,795 stores in the United States with 38 distribution centers. Do you think that they will do much more than shrug and say “Oops, that sucked.” over 133 stores in Canada?

Zellers won’t be back.
That corporation was purchased by Target.
Pine Centre needs another major anchor tenant for that space, I wonder if they have any leads yet?

Pookerjams – you’re holding up Walmart as an example how to win over communities? Do you realize how many small businesses and communities it has destroyed?

Yeah lbear but just think of all those small business owners that can now work as greeters in walmart?

Paper products were still more than at Save On, Walmart, or Superstore even after the ‘40% off’ deal… but shoes and boots were a good deal. I bought a pair of winter boots for my son that had an original tag of $53, that came up as $8 final reduced price at the till, and with all shoes and boots 50% off… so coming in at $4 and change for a good pair of new winter boots.

I think the big shame in all of this is that our federal government allowed Target to buy the whole Zellers chain of stores and close them all… as well as the supply chain for Zellers and replace this supply chain with the American based Target supply chain… and now Target just ups and leaves. So we destroyed an entire Canadian based supply chain with a higher Canadian content, only to now have our industry now more r

What a shame from a Canadian content in the supply chain perspective… this is the only scenario worse than a Target takeover. So what provisions did the federal government have in place when they allowed for the takeover in the first place?

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