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October 28, 2017 5:04 am

Meisner Battling Cancer

Saturday, March 28, 2015 @ 12:01 PM


meisnerprogram2Winnipeg, Manitoba- 250 News founder and President Ben Meisner is in hospital in Winnipeg Manitoba, battling a life threatening illness.

(at right, Meisner  on the air at CFISFM during the recent municipal election photo 250News archive)

In Manitoba for what was supposed to be a week long ice fishing vacation  on Lake Dauphin, Meisner took  suddenly and unexpectedly ill. He was  rushed to Winnipeg, where he is now undergoing   treatment.

While the prognosis is not positive, Meisner  says the  first challenge is  to get back to Prince George. “That is my town,  and I owe so much to that community which has supported me all these years,  and  which has been  offering support  these last few days since  word of my illness  became known.”

The 76 year old  has been a fixture in the community of Prince George through his  business ventures,  long running radio talk  show, and  through  the online  news site, 250News.com.

“First things first”  says Meisner, “I just want to  get back to Prince George where I can spend some quality time  with my  family and friends  in the community I love.”



Be well, Ben. I’m cbdb and that’s one woman’s opinion.

Terrible news.

All the best to you Ben, hope you’re home soon.

Prayers and best wishes to Ben and Elaine. We look forward to your coming home soon

Hope your journey home is comfortable Ben. Best wishes & a speedy recovery.

Best wishes Ben,
get well soon

Hoping for a speedy recovery Ben.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Ben…get well soon!

Sending warm thoughts and prayers to you Ben! Hope that you are back home in PG soon! Wishing you safe travels and a speedy recovery!

Very sorry to hear it.

Wishing you the best. In my thoughts Ben!

Ben that SUCKS! We are pulling for you… Hope to see you back here soon.

My very best wishes for you Ben. While staying positive for some is hard to do, you are the exception in everything you have done and will continue to do. Look forward to the future, see what you still have to do.
“What the Eyes can See, The Mind can Achieve”

Get well soon,Ben. All the best to you and Elaine. Guys like you are one in a million. We need you. Have a safe trip home. BILL

Ben, you’ve been such a support for me in my time of need during my tragic loss, I offer you the same in any way I can.
Wishing you many healing thoughts and prayers.
Much love and respect to you and yours.

Ben, here’s hoping only the best for you! Safe travels, and we’re sending the best and most positive thoughts your way.

My thoughts are with you Ben!

Oh wow I’m so sorry to hear this news, I hope you make a full recovery and make it back to PG safe and sound soon!

S. Chevalier

Best wishes on a speedy recovery. Hope you have a safe trip back to PG and that the test results are positive for treatment of the C word, PG needs you.

Best wishes Ben..we are behind you in your fight

If you read this ben ,if you haven’t already seen it . Watch the vice.com show on cancer cures . The title is Killingcancer.vice.com Please get well . Canada needs you , badly .

Ben. Appreciate what you and Elaine have done for the community at large, and for those who use Opinion 250. You have allowed us to express our varied opinions over the years, and this has had a positive effect on us, and the community. As someone once said. **There is no Army in the world that can stop an idea who’s time has come**. Your idea of Opinion 250 is a good example of that,.

Hope to see you soon.

Ben, my family prays for you and hope you make your way home soon.

So very sorry to hear of Ben’s illness, you are a man who speaks your mind and loves this community as it deserves to be loved! Our hearts and thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time. Hurry home to the town that loves you Ben!

All the best to you and Elaine

–willyj– Hopefully you will apologize to Ben for the insulting comment you made in the 250 opinion Friday free for all, it really was uncalled for.
Best wishes Ben we are all behind you in your fight

Yes, come home Ben. You belong here and Prince George belongs to you!

My prayers are with him and his family- Get well soon.

Praying for you – Get well soon!! Stieg and Sheila Hoeg

I sincerely hope you make a full recovery and the we will again read your writings. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Sending all best wishes and nothing but positive thoughts. Hope you make it home soon Ben!

Best wishes for a safe and comfortable trip home. Take care, Ben.

I am so sorry to hear this news Ben, and wish you nothing but the best in the future. You have played such an important part in providing the news in our community for many years. We appreciate it very much!!

Ben and Elaine I am SO sorry to hear this horrible news. I wish you and your family all the best. Take care of each other.

Ben I’m so sorry to hear about your battle with cancer. At the City’s recent volunteer appreciation dinner Elaine told me about your ice fishing trip to Winnipeg and the first question I asked her is “why is Ben going ice fishing in Winnipeg when we have great fishing lakes at our door step and besides Ben has enough friends here to help him build a good ice fishing hut.” I had no idea you were ill. My family and I are hoping for your safe return home and praying for you to feel better soon. Stay well my friend.

C’mon back safely Ben. Wishing you all the best in your recovery. Elaine – take care of yourself also.

Our sincere wishes for a speedy recovery! Modern medicine s amazing! Get well and come home!

Best wishes Ben for a speedy recovery. You are needed back in Prince George because you are one of the best spokesperson we have for this area. Also the very best to your family at this time.

Makes bitching about the price of gas seem pretty trivial, get better Ben.

My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Whatever we can do to help please let us know…you know we will be there.

Get home soon Ben .

Very sorry to hear this news. My thoughts and prayers to you Ben and Elaine as well.

P.G. needs you Mr. Meisner, keep your chin up and don’t let that dirty disease win.
All the best to you and your family Sir.

Get well soon Ben, positive thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery. You can beat this.

So very sorry to hear the sad news. Keep up the fight you have a wonderful lady next to you who will be there for you. Our prayers are with you and Elaine. God Bless You Both.

We’re all pulling for you, Ben. Nothing that can be said at a time like this does justice to the moment or the meaning of life. All our best in this world and the next.

I’m not very familiar with cancer. I hope I never am. I know Ben is a fighter though, and that he will fight the good fight and that might be all that it takes.

I have come across literature on the net from time to time that indicates sugar feeds the tumors… also the latest claimed ‘cure’ involves something like a 7-day fast that is like a computer reboot to the immune system, and the body comes out of the fasting working full out producing the white blood cells that can fight and remove the cancer tumor.

Might be time (I hope not yet) for Ben to consider reading Plato’s ‘Apology’ for a comforting perspective from Socrates on the meaning of life and death… in a context (Plato) of immortality through the impact our lives have on others and the memories that live on for future generations to consider. Xenophon (the Ben Miesner of Athens during this time) has another better (more virtuous) version of Socrates ending perspective… written by the most intelligent man other than Socrates, a warrior, general, a prolific writer of many books that survived to modern times, and I think the first real historian of mankind… that also lived to be the same age as Ben. Understanding these far off in time perspectives I think would have a healing influence in an emotionally turbulent time.

In any event I think among those that make virtue their aim, few can match Ben’s achievements in life. On that account alone he should get the benefit of doubt at least one more time.

I hope you get home soon Ben.

Hope for the best and good treatment.

May God restore good health to you.

Wishing you strength in your battle and the best for you and your family Ben. You are a much loved figure in Prince George. The town owes you so much. Hope you get home soon.

May you feel your usual self again in no time!! Prince George is Missing you lots while you’re getting back on you feet and hope to see you at home again soon.

Anything you need friend, we are here.

Hang in there Ben. You have Prince George and thousands of people throughout bc cheering you on. That’s power,you will kick this things butt!

Sad news indeed, Ben’s a tough guy and he’ll beat it! Have a safe trip back to PG Ben

Sending strength and prayers to you and also to your family Mr. Meisner…you are a tough dude…you got this one!

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Your a fighter Ben, my thoughts are with you.

Best wishes and get well soon Ben , Prince George needs you !!!!!

What can I say. Its all been said.
Cheers Ben

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Ben. Hoping you get to come home to PG soon.

Ben and Elaine, there are few people as strong, gracious but determined and tenacious as you are. Ben has always done things on his terms and know he will get home to where he is surrounded by family and will be in daily thoughts and prayers of all of us out here that feel privileged to call you both long time friends or acquaintances. We are hoping, praying and just wishing so much for you both.

Sad news. Best wishes Mister Meisner.

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