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October 28, 2017 4:58 am

A Seasonal Reminder About Open Fires

Saturday, April 4, 2015 @ 3:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. – It’s a long weekend, Spring weather has definitely arrived and that means people may be wanting to get out to do some yard work.

The Chief Fire Prevention Officer with Prince George Fire Rescue, Marcel Profeit, has a reminder about the City of Prince George Clean Air Bylaw which states the following:

Open Burning
The City of Prince George no longer allows open burning (excluding recreational fires) at any time on any property within municipal boundaries. This includes the burning of grass, leaves, tree material and land clearing debris. The definition of open burning is:
The combustion in the open air of yard and garden waste, land clearing debris, or any other material, including burning of any of these materials in a container (including burn barrels). This does not include the burning of gas, propane or charcoal in a barbeque or hibachi for the purpose of cooking food.

Recreational Fires
Changes have been made to the recreational fire section of the Clean Air Bylaw with respect to safety and reducing emissions:

  • A recreational fire must be contained in a permanent outdoor fireplace or fire pit not larger than 60cm in diameter that is designed and constructed to confine the fire
  • No person shall have a recreational fire if an air quality advisory has been issued.  If the fire was started prior to the issuance of the air quality advisory, that person shall take all reasonable steps to extinguish the fire within an hour of the advisory being issued.
  • No person shall burn yard and garden waste, garbage or noxious materials. Only seasoned wood (dried a minimum of 6 months) may be burned.
  • No person shall maintain a recreational fire in such a manner to significantly contribute to the cause of injury or damage to human health, plant or animal life or so as to unreasonably interfere with the enjoyment of life or property.
  • All persons maintaining a recreational fire shall be competent to do so, continuously control and supervise the fire, and possess at the site extinguishing equipment appropriate for the size of fire.
  • The recreational fire shall not be allowed to come within three (3) meters of any property line, fence, standing timber, brush or building.

If you’d like to view the entire bylaw you can find it at  www.princegeorge.ca.


Another bylaw with no teeth?

It is just a new bylaw after the charge to the landfill was enacted to try to force people to pay to take their rakings, cleanup to the dump instead of having a backyard fire. Absolutely ridiculous to lump the people who live on the outskirts with those in the bowl with this ridiculous bylaw.

I just took a load of rakings and branches to the CH transfer station and it was free.

Take your lawn and garden biodegradable waste out into the boonies and dump it. Kill two birds with one stone. View some scenery and save the dumping fees. If you take it to the dump we have to pay someone to deal with it.

With our city utility bills as high as they are the city should be raking and disposing free of charge.

$1,125.00 a year for what? Ridiculous, city couldn’t justify a way of implementing anymore increases to our land taxes so they increase the utility bills. Is this going to continue until both are on par with one another? Ridiculous,ridiculous I can’t wait to get out of this town and the high cost associated with living here. Affordable my a$$!

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