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October 28, 2017 5:00 am

Supertanker Bill Defeated

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 @ 4:44 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Nathan Cullen’s private member’s bill calling for a ban on supertankers along the Northwest coast was defeated 141-120 in a vote in the House of Commons this afternoon.

The bill also sought to increase the power of local voices and contained a provision that would have required the National Energy Board (NEB) to favour projects with a value added component. cullen

While disappointed, the Skeena-Bulkley Valley NDP MP says he still feels hopeful for the future after completing almost 40 town halls on the topic.

“The bill got support from all corners of B.C. and Canada. So while disappointed, I’m feeling nothing but resolve and conviction. This issue next goes to the ballot box.”

The bill received unanimous support from NDP MP’S but was rejected by all Conservatives.


Nathan, would you please tell us the taxpayers, how much all the work on this bill cost us? When you could have been doing something constructive?
It’s great to have fantasies, but please do them on your own time, not ours.

O so true Grizzly2 , but the truth never seem to get to these Guy’s

Steve, would you please tell us the taxpayers, how much all the work on this anti terrorism bill and the war in the middle east cost us? When you could have been doing something constructive?
It’s great to have fantasies, but please do them on your own time, not ours.

When someone declares war on you I guess you just ignore it, hey Oldun?

Ah poor Grizzly2 and gwf … now you are railing against the costs of living in a democracy … yep, much cheaper just to let a dictator take over, get rid of any debates and dialogue and let er rip. There are countries with this format as a political model. Feel free to move along.

If I agree or disagree with Cullen’s point of view is immaterial; I do support his role as an elected member of our democratic system to advocate for an alternate point of view. His constituents have supported and will likely to continue to support his position for the foreseeable future.

Cullen is and will always be a wing nut. Too bad the Skeena-Bulkley Valley riding couldn’t elect a credible represenative.

Steve, would you please tell us the taxpayers, how much all the work on this anti terrorism bill and the war in the middle east cost us?


Based on what Kenny said, we are looking at 400 million and change for the extended war effort. That said, he also indicated this was an estimate and stuff like this tends to go up in cost once everything is factored in.

Don’t sweat it, it’s not like half a billion dollars could be put to good use at home.

It is useful information to know that only the Conservatives support tankers off the North Coast. If Harper gets reelected, Northern Gateway will be a go.

That was a pretty close vote for an issue that probably doesn’t even register in the rest of the country. I think Nathan Cullen is one of the hardest working and decent politicians we have in Ottawa and we should be glad he is able to represent this area so well.

He is fighting a valiant effort to protect the BC coast from a future oil spill like Exxon Valdez… and then we get some wing nuts blinded by partisanship that come and call him down on it….

The Conservatives as usual, have released the cost of Canada’s mission to Iraq and Syria after the vote was taken to extend it. Jason Kenney admitted on Wednesday that the price has risen to at least $528 million, with the full cost to tallied later.

Always amazes me that Prince Rupert is such a hotbed of left-winger’s and commies. Over the years various federal governments have thrown billions their way and yet they still elect NDP nut jobs like Cullen.
Even still being in the dark ages somewhat, New Brunswick is eagerly awaiting construction of Energy East…

“… 179 million barrels of oil – pass through Saint John every year. Jim Quinn, the port authority’s president and CEO, wouldn’t put a number on how Energy East would add to those shipments, but he said the boost would be significant.

“From a local perspective, it’s certainly going to cause us to see an increase in economic activity,” Mr. Quinn said. He added that the port was planning a $205 million upgrade to the facility’s containers partly as a result of the “spinoff” effects from the pipeline project…”

And the NDP and Liberals are against this for British Columbia…fie on you!!

141 to 120 is not a fantasy looks like pretty good support for a “nut job” a difference of 21 votes is not the crushing loss you crazies seem to think it is. People that live on the coast are aware of the impact an oil spill would have on their lives and probably don’t want their livelihood destroyed to make some non Canadian company rich.

It disappoints me to see the crude and unkind comments leveled toward Mr. Cullen.
I do not know Mr. Cullen, have never met him and believe me, I am no fan of any politician, from any party, in fact, if there were such a thing as an “un-fan” of any politician, I would be just that.

All of you name callers would benefit from a longer range viewpoint;

When negotiating for something, is it not standard practice to ask for a little more than you are likely to get, just to leave room for the inevitable haggling? And then settle for ‘less’

Maybe Mr. Cullen is ‘asking for the world’ i.e. banning supertankers from Northwest B.C. waters, but maybe just maybe such an outlandish campaign if it is allowed to progress beyond this defeated bill, might result in some sober second thought by our “leaders” (tongue firmly in cheek) leading to even more stringent regulations and higher safety standards for the transport of dangerous cargoes.
Gasp! maybe more Provincial and Federal resources for both our inland and coastal waters could result (not likely, I think)

A difference of 21 out of 261 total votes is not extreme, perhaps a lot of those who voted believe that our navigable waters are due some regard, in order to maintain what we have.

If the pipeline is ever built , which I doubt , there will be no market for the tar . Can you say Iranian oil ? By 2020 30 MW of coal power plants will be retired in the USA . China is cutting deeper . Fossil fuel divestment is kicking into over drive world wide . Only the cons can’t or won’t see reality . Tonyseba.com check out the book trailer for his latest book cons , if you dare to look at reality as opposed to your dear leaders fantasies . The fossil fools are having their Kodak monent . When digital cameras came to maket , their BoD said it was a fad . Eight years latter they went bankrupt . When disruption comes , you better already be on the right side of the trade or you’re done .

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