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October 28, 2017 4:58 am

Highway Crash Claims Two Lives – Update

Friday, April 3, 2015 @ 10:34 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Two people are dead following a head-on collision on Highway 97 North at Bear Creek Bridge.

North District Corporal Dave Tyreman says it happened just before 7 this morning 200 meters north of Tudyah Lake Provincial Park.

He says officers arrived on scene to find that a small car had collided with a pick-up truck. The two occupants of the car, two 18 year old Mackenzie men, were pronounced dead at the scene.

The occupants of the pick-up truck were taken to hospital where they are being treated for serious but non-life threatening injuries.

RCMP members, North District Traffic Services and a North District Collision Reconstructionist are still on scene trying to determine the cause of the crash.

In the meantime the highway is now open to single-lane, alternating traffic. No names have been released.

Anyone who may have witnessed this crash is asked to call the Mackenzie RCMP at 250-997-3288.



How unfortunate on a weekend like this… Condolences to the families

So when are the highways departments going to get out and paint a centreline on our highways to prevent deaths like this one? This happened right on the highways departments door step and they bear responsibility for it IMO.

We have money for an ICBC safety specialist to tour the North but no money to paint Center lines that wore off over the winter months….

Posted on Friday, April 3, 2015 @ 4:03 PM by Eagleone

So when are the highways departments going to get out and paint a centreline on our highways to prevent deaths like this one? This happened right on the highways departments door step and they bear responsibility for it IMO.


Guess there’s no need for the RCMP to continue with their investigation now.

I spend a lot of time on unpainted gravel roads. I never realized my life depended on paint.

Sorry to hear this, condolences to all. That part of the hi way has been so rough for the past three years and they dick around with it patching it every three months or so. Fix the damn road! Christ, a chip truck drove off the road a while back after breaking a steering component.

Condolences to the families! As far as the folks blaming patching or center lines, you know not what you speak of. I drive this section of highway regularly and find it safe to do so at the posted 100km speed limit.

Condolences to the families. It is important to have proper lines painted on the highways and also it is possible to lose control of a small vehicle on rough roads with frost heaves etc. I called on the government last week about line painting. We still dont know what caused the accident but road conditions can be a factor.

Sad to hear of this.

Axeman I doubt you are doing a 100km on a gravel road blind corner. A couple of kids died here, its not about you.

A painted center line could have made all the difference, because clearly someone was on the wrong side of the center line ending in two deaths… which by the way is scrubbed off on that corner too.

Any of the corners on our highways that people commonly cross over on is now gone after winter, and should be repainted asap. This is probably one of the top three corners where that happens in this region. These corners should have thermo plastic markings rather than what the highways department is using now. In Europe all highways whether corners, intersections, or straight stretches are all equiped with thermo plastic road lines… the least we could do is use this material on our dangerous corners and intersections.

Having piss poor road markings like we have on our roads would be unacceptable anywhere else in southern BC, but we are expected to live with it and that has to stop before we have more accidents like this one.

I thought the corner was south of Tudyah Lake park, this accident was north of it where you can see the bay wasn’t it?

Tudyah Lake Park turn off to the East… about two chip truck lengths north is the corner and Bear Creek Bridge… about another chip truck length north and to the west is the turn off to the YRB salt shed and gravel pit… then about a half kilometer further is the passing lane north.

Eagleone: If your life depends on a painted line to tell you where you are on an open bare two lane highway, what do you do when snow is covering the road?
It seems to me though in towns, as soon as snow falls, people forget where the lines are altogether. Even when they are visible, people cross them, cut corners and so on. This is illegal and in a driving test, would probably mean a fail.

Looked on google streetview and it goes – corner to the right, entrance to Tudyah on the left (widened area) then a bunch of barricades on each side of the highway and a narrowing section which is Bear Creek “bridge” (no actual decking material other than the same asphalt as the highway) and then the turnoff to the gravel pit to the right and another corner to the left before the double lane. Other media reports the head on was on the Bear Creek bridge which puts it at the barricades but does not say who crossed the center line but they do report that a collision reconstruction expert was “still on the scene”.

At 7am this time of year bridge decks are slightly iced over and depending on the speed and bumps it could have caused a vehicle to veer and overcorrect, not saying it happened here but at a narrowing area on a straight stretch makes it hard to believe road lines are at fault but will let the reconstruction expert determine what actually happened. Have hear of head on accidents from people removing their sweaters and getting it caught on something as it covers their face too.

They need to get lines painted on these roads as soon as possible. Try driving at night when it is raining and going around curves etc. It is not hard to loose your position on a curve with no markings and markings help your headlights reflect off of the lines so you can see better. I am going to blame our MLAs in this area again. IMO they need to get off of their ass and see that this work gets done. And I don’t care who is in power.

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