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October 28, 2017 4:55 am

BCGEU Building on Target for Completion this Summer

Tuesday, April 7, 2015 @ 4:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The new BC Government and Service Employees’ Union building in Prince George is on target for completion this August.bcgeu 2

BCGEU president Stephanie Smith provided an update on the three-storey, $4 million project while accepting a Project Recognition Certificate from the City of Prince George last week.

“It’s a beautiful building. It’s going to reflect the needs of our members here in the North of B.C.,” said Smith. “There’s a few things that are quite special about it. It is a LED certified building, we’ve definitely taken into account our environmental impact, we look at sustainability, and the other piece we’re especially proud of is its accessibility.”bcgeu 5

Other features of the building include:

Faucets are sensor controlled and the toilets are dual flush

Many of the materials used are either recyclable or are made from recycled products

Drought resistant landscaping is being planted to preclude the need for a permanent sprinkler irrigation system

The installation of an underground recharge basin that will accept all storm water runoff from the site. No storm water will channel into the city storm sewers resulting in no additional demand on the city infrastructure

Smith said the building will serve the roughly 2,000 BCGEU members in Prince George and surrounding areas.bcgeu 3

She added she was “incredibly excited and very honoured” to receive a Project Recognition Certificate, which¬†promotes the best possible urban design and well-planned developments in Prince George.

Located downtown, the grand-opening for the new building is scheduled for September 26.


Sounds like a certificate to recognise that a project is underway.

How many people work for the union?


A quick Google search gave me the answer of 65,000

So the BCGEU has over 60,000 members and 65,000 union employees ?
phje….where on gooogly did you find this info ?

Don’t just skip straight to google. That won’t help you read properly. Lol!

I am surprised they need a three story office building to serve their 2,000 members in the Prince George area. According to their website, he BCGEU head office is in Burnaby and they have 12 regional offices, including one in each of Prince George, Williams Lake, Fort St. John and Terrace.

Posted on Tuesday, April 7, 2015 @ 8:32 AM by phje


A quick Google search gave me the answer of 65,000


Thanks, but I wasn’t asking how many people were in the union, I’d like to know how many are actual employees of the union? A three story building can house quite a few workers. Are there really 50+ people working for the union in Prince George?

I spoke to a BCGEU employee a few weeks ago and she indicated that they intend to rent or lease out most of the space.

Yeah, union dues being invested in real estate!

from bcgeu.ca:
The union employs more than 150 servicing and clerical staff in 12 area offices across the province and at the Burnaby headquarters.

Assuming a fairly even staff distribution except for a few extra in Vancouver, there could be as many as 10 staff in PG – area 11. Based on their current office, I think that is a high number.
or someone could go to the trouble of inquiring.
1070 – 4th Ave.
Prince George V2L 3J1

Very nice addition to our downtown. Kudos to BCGEU for such a beautiful addition to the downtown of PG.

Thanks for the info Loki.

Eagleone, shouldn’t kudos go to all of us, us taxpayers I mean (and yes, BCGEU members do pay taxes).

Kudoes to all of us you ask? Sure, why not!

You see, taxpayers pay taxes to Government!

Government uses taxes to pay for Government services!

BCGEU are paid by Government to provide Government services!

BCGEU members are forced to pay some of their income to the Union in the form of Union dues.

The BCGEU uses dues to finance the construction of the building!

So, indirectly haven’t we all paid for the new building? Shouldn’t we all share in the kudos!

Thanks for the kudos, Eagleone!

Geez People, lighten up on me! I’m just having some fun with you, haha!

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