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October 28, 2017 4:51 am

Mounties Encourage Defensive Driving & Pedestrian Safety

Friday, April 10, 2015 @ 2:05 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Just because winter is over and there’s no more snow on the road, it doesn’t mean it’s time to let your guard down while behind the wheel.

That’s the message the North District RCMP are trying to get across as they encourage motorists to drive defensively.46568_CarHitsPed

Corporal Dave Tyreman says defensive driving “takes skill and time” in order to stop your vehicle before “hitting, and either injuring, or worse, killing” a pedestrian.

The numbers below show how long it takes to stop safely at a given speed:

50 KPH= 3.51 seconds to stop or 34.90 meters/114.5 feet
70 KPH= 4.32 seconds to stop or 56.73 meters/186 feet
90 KPH= 5.53 seconds to stop or 97.94 meters/321 feet

Tyreman says nighttime driving can also pose challenges and reminds pedestrians to wear reflective clothing.

For example, he says there’s a significant difference in the ability of a driver to pick up a pedestrian wearing dark clothing from 50 feet away and a pedestrian wearing reflective clothing from 50 feet away – see images below.


Tyreman says police felt the public safety information was necessary after five pedestrians in Prince George were hit and killed from last October up until this past January.


So, out of curiosity # of people killed in PG from drug related activity is ????

Now, compare that, to police resources devoted to drug activity vs police resources devoted to traffic control and safety – I’m betting the lions share goes to drug activity, so by default, you could almost say that 5 deaths were drug related, in as much as enforcement in this region is spotty at best. Just this morning, approaching Garvin canyon – while doing 5 k over limit, I was passed by a Dodge Ram warrior and if anyone had come up over the crest of that hill – bye bye. How many times have I seen RCMP do any kind of traffic enforcement on that road – zero in two years. But a grow op shows up, and they come out in all sorts of numbers.

I’m not trying to police bash, but the reality is the war on drugs is a waste of time and resources, and people are becoming almost collateral damage.

That said, pedestrians, cyclists, etc., can do a lot by being visible, and by crossing where they should

It should be noted that now with the improvement of the weather, there is an increase in cyclists* ( *these are the folks that ride correctly wearing visibility improved clothing, reflectors and lights on the bike and a helmit)and an increase in bike riders* (* these are the morons wearing hoodies and black clothing with no helmit, reflectors or lights on the bike and a feeling of importance and invincibility who will without notice ride out in front of you).

Pedestrians as of late also feel the invincibility at intersections and cross walks, though they may have the right of way to some extent, they are also accountable for their own mortality once they step off the curb. Some again wearing dark clothing and not paying attention to the poorly lit conditions or corner they are about to cross.

As for motorists, the bigger the truck the lower brain mass appears to the the norm here. Too often these jokers drive like they on a quarter mile stretch. Bigger tires doesn’t make it stop quicker, actually the inverse considering the vehicle isn’t designed nor intended to sport over sized tires ( has to do with foot print and braking horse power and mathy type stuff).

It’s everyone’s responsibility to pay attention to what they are doing and being aware of situation around them, be it walking, riding or driving.

Thanks for the Friday chuckle professional

“Bigger tires doesn’t make it stop quicker, actually the inverse considering the vehicle isn’t designed nor intended to sport over sized tires ( has to do with foot print and braking horse power and mathy type stuff).”

How bout we teach young drivers how to drive defensively instead of the way their parents drive, it’d be a great start. There are a lot of good drivers out there, we just see the dummies cause they stick out (In the ditch, in the hydro pole etc….)

So let me get this straight: Small car equals attentive driver? As someone who runs more than 1000k per month at times, all around PG, even in winter, I say baloney. Distracted drivers comes in all stripes and vehicles. Some even with emergency lights or even Handy Dart written on the side.

Nice one Grizzly2 that made me laugh…. Have a good weekend!

Jimmy, I don’t think anyone said that only those who drive small vehicles are attentive, something I think is BS also; what was said was that those who drive big, jacked-up pick-ups with massive tires are typically driven by young males with something to prove and less of what us elders might call common sense. Fact is, any moron can get behind the wheel and pose a threat to the rest of us. Whether I get run over by a pavement princess or someone in a sensible vehicle makes little difference if I’m dead.

Too many times I watch a cyclist ride past the no cycling on 5th avenue sign, and moments later a RCMP cruiser drives past the rider and does nothing. Obviously we need to take matters into our own hands and keep a good eye out foe pedestrians and cyclists. Same goes for people walking across 5th avenue at the Sikh temple. Oddly no major injuries or deaths yet there.

Does defensive driving include wielding a chainsaw if someone tails you to a cul de sac and blocks your exit?
(ref. CBC story about a Montreal ma, earlier this week)
Just wondering.

For sure, it is incumbent upon all drivers to look out for anyone else who may be using the roadway, be they on foot or on a set of wheels.


Best defensive driving is to be on the wrong side of the road with 2 wheels on sidewalk..that will show them ;)

The final factor that determines if a vehicle will stop is the traction between the tire and the road surface. I’m sure the numbers above are in a perfect case scenario.
It isn’t only distracted drivers that are dangerous. Take 11:00 pm tonight for instance. Two hwy trucks westbound about to crest the hill and curve at the top of the Mud. A pickup decides it is the perfect time to pass both trucks at the same time. Just as the moron in the pickup gets beside the last truck he was passing, an oncoming car appears right in front of him. It’s only sheer luck there was nobody killed. I’m sure there are a few flat spotted truck tires from that smooth move. Hopefully the dick that passed like that ends up in a ditch somewhere forever!

Speaking of cyclists, who was it that thought flying down Peden hill at midnight last night on their bike with a teeny weeny led head light on the wrong side of the road was a good idea.

Way to many brain dead people permitted to run free on our streets these days.

Posted on Friday, April 10, 2015 @ 6:16 PM by metalman

Does defensive driving include wielding a chainsaw if someone tails you to a cul de sac and blocks your exit?
(ref. CBC story about a Montreal ma, earlier this week)
Just wondering.


I’ve been following that story and I’m rooting for that guy. How did the people who followed him and blocked him in expect him to react? He saw them on their phone, assumed they were calling some friends to settle the score and decided to take an offensive stance.

Sort of gets my goat when I see parents and kids on bikes, all suited up safely, with the parents teaching the kids to ride on the sidewalk and across crosswalks instead of walking across.
I’ve also had a smile seeing a policeman supervising young punks on bmx bikes, making them walk their bikes across the bypass in a crosswalk.

There are some pretty crazy pedestrians out there as well as bad drivers.

demanding your rights, even if at that time there are none, with a 2000 pound car, you are going to lose…

a little common sense all around will get everyone home .

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