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Home Construction Season Trending Well

Saturday, April 11, 2015 @ 2:55 PM
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Prince George, BC – A jump in new housing starts in Prince George is in line with the positive forecast projected by Canada Mortgage and Housing for the 2015 construction season. (click here, for previous story)

CMHC expects new home starts in the city to be up 9-percent over last year.  Stats released for the month of March, show that outlook becoming reality as the spring construction season ramped up considerably over the same period in 2014.

Work began on eight new single family homes last month, compared to just three in 2014.  And there are two multiple family dwellings underway, where there had been none last year.

Year-to-date totals for single family homes are double first quarter totals for 2014 – from 17 to 34.  There were no new multiple family starts over the quarter last year, compared to three this year.

Across the region, 250News had a story earlier this week about a townhouse development underway in Terrace to fill a need and the CMHC statistics put it in black and white – there were four new multiple housing starts last month, compared to none in 2014.  The number of new home starts dropped from eight last year to just two last month.

Fort St. John saw construction begin on a whopping 74 multiple-family dwellings, compared to 14 in March of last year, while single family starts held steady at 14 and 13, respectively.

And Dawson Creek shows an easing up – after 40 new multiple-family dwelling starts one year ago, there were just four last month.





Why OSB for a few bucks more per Sheet you get Plywood, never used OSB building my House !

I’m guessing these stats are directly related to the warm early Spring.

Outwest.. Kind of gives you a idea of the quality of the contractor and construction don’t you think.. Build it fast. Sell it quick and good luck with the buyer if they need warranty work.

Lets hope they don’t build their town homes like those on Ferry Avenue where the view is the parking lot. How could the City ever approve such a hair brained development.

city ever approve such a development

Drive through any new subdivision.. they dont have yards.. its all house with one house almost touching the other..dont need a lawnmower just a pair of scissors to cut the lawn.. we spend so much time in our backyard in the summer I couldnt handle not having any room..or your neighbours so close they hear ya fart..lol and the price tags are over $500,000 guess it better be a nice house…because you are in it all year round.

I have to agree with you P Val. Like to sit on the back deck without having to listen to the neighbours talking!

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