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October 28, 2017 4:44 am

Education Cuts Under The Microscope at CNC

Saturday, April 18, 2015 @ 4:03 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Funding cuts which are affecting education in British Columbia at the university, college and public school levels are the driving force behind two public events at CNC over the next few days.

Funding cutbacks by the Clark government are threatening the dental and counseling programs at the College of New Caledonia, forcing the closure of the Community Care public counseling service at UNBC and leaving B.C.’s public school trustees facing massive budgetary deficits and threats of removal if they fail to comply with Victoria’s wishes.

The CNC Board of Governors will be making its decisions on proposed budget cuts next Friday.  Under that backdrop and, ironically, as April is Dental Health Month, the CNC Faculty Association is inviting the public to an open house Sunday afternoon in an effort to save the dental programs at the college.  The open house, running from 2 to 4 pm Sunday, invites the public to stop by for a tour of the facilities in the CNC Dental Clinic which is now under consideration for closure.   A number of displays and demonstrations will be available for viewing.

Meantime the state of education in B.C. will be the focus of discussion at a public forum at the college on Monday afternoon.  The event will include speakers addressing the current state of education at all levels in the province.  And there will be an open mic allowing members of the public to voice their concerns.

The education forum begins at 5 pm Monday in the Gathering Place at CNC.


Could we expect any better from chrispie Clark . Thanks to all who vote for her , hope your children are not sick or trying to get an Education .

I think the school board aught to think about stop funding things like heat for the schools, telephone (so Victoria can’t call), any taxes owed… ect ect… then leave it to Victoria to pull the plug on the school board and face the music from the voters why they won’t fund education. We are going into summer, so they could put some sweaters on… and it would probably be educational for everyone involved.

I think once cuts have been made, which surely they have over the last 15-years with cuts every year, and per capita funding the lowest in the country… then the government needs to start explaining themselves because they appear to be degrading our education at all levels in ways that will have lasting harm. The school boards as they are now are functional pasties for henchmen in the Vancouver-Victoria centric provincial government.

Any greedy and often corrupt 1% character from around the world looking for a place to park their money in real estate, gets their citizenship from their investment and then proceed to pressures for lower taxes and cuts to provincial services… so long as BC sells citizenship of convenience to millionaires that don’t want government services (and will donate to political parties), and don’t want to pay taxes… just a piece of real estate to treat like a commodity… then we will never see an equal opportunity education system as a funding priority.

BC has become a place where everything is for sale including citizenship, meanwhile the real immigrants like the ones that built this country are denied citizenship and sent home after working jobs not many want… where they worked for next to no rights, and no mobility options to change employers due to their temporary status… and the employers are often the immigrants that bought their citizenship making a mockery of the whole process… a form of imported cast system that degrades the dignity of the lower cast where opportunities to upward mobility are cleanly snuffed right out through the TFW program among others (a self feeding cycle… import more TFW to replace unionized skilled workers, then cut funding to skills education because we don’t have apprenticeship positions available to provide them with work because the union companies have been sidelined (eg Site C), so fill the spots with more TFW).

In a few years time every member of the communist party of China (with a sweet shop on the side) will own real estate in Vancouver, and thus have bought their citizenship… and they won’t have to invade to take over the country, just continue to vote and take over by trojan horse at the polls.

If Northern BC wants to keep any of its government services like education, dental programs, fully funded infrastructure, and all the like… then the only option IMO is to have Northern BC become an independent province of its own where its people have a vote that counts, and a budget that belongs to the North for current and future generations. Vancouver probably wouldn’t even notice we left and things would just continue on in their make believe economy of citizenship prostitution.

The Lower Mainland vote controls this province and the Lower Mainland is full of greedy insanely rich people (from over seas sweat shops) that can’t see North of the North Shore mountains. It will only get worse… the best that can happen is to cut them loose as soon as it can be organized, so the North can build the kind of progressive province we think we should be.

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