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October 28, 2017 4:44 am

Gasoline Dips Below the Dollar Mark

Saturday, April 18, 2015 @ 4:05 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The recent up and down cycling of gasoline prices sees provincial and national averages on the way up while prices in Prince George are falling.

Following the past few weeks of local prices ranging anywhere from $1.07.9 to upwards of $1.13 per litre, depending where you shop, we have a couple of stations in town charging just under a dollar per litre.  Costco and the Petro Can on 20th had a pump price of 99.9 cents Friday while the majority of outlets in the city are charging  $1.03.9 or $1.04.9.

The B.C. average price sits at $116.7 and rising while the national average, which is also on the way up, stand at $1.05.5.  Crude oil is currently going for $56.56 US/barrel.


It’s only spring, wait until the gouging season arrives!

with a 14 cent a liter surtax for the lower mainland on gas we are just about right ….even though we are still being gouged.

One thing we can be sure of… the gas companies are not going to be losing any money….they can and will raise the price any time they want and any amount they want for as long as they want and they use the same mantra although we all know they are LYING….

The price of the barrel is on it’s way up so expect them to use that excuse to raise prices soon. When the barrel dropped big time, they said the price of the barrel has nothing to do with prices at the pump. Just wait, that will change.

I drove past the Petrocan on 20th yesterday – it is closed and fenced off for renovations and the sign is at 999.9 – which I took to also indicate they were closed. I will be driving by on my way to work again today – will have to check it out again.

The gas companies have it all worked out to gouge us.. If the price goes down of a barrel of oil we get lines like.., well the stuff we are selling right now was refined when the price was high.. Or the well head price has minor affect on the true cost.. Then when it goes up the price rises immediately because.. It’s costs us more now to produce,,,even though the gas in storage tanks are of the cheaper stuff.. Or we have no control on world prices..

Doesn’t matter what the price is..the gas companies have a list of excuses to gouge us.

I find the most complaints about gas prices come from those who, unnecessarily, drive large gas pigs. Unless your towing or hauling, you don’t need a giant vehicle.

Price could reach $5.00 litre people will still buy it and drive around to every Tim Hortons bitching about the price of gas and the pot holes they hit. Retarded!!!! I tell ya!!! Just like the people harboring this site.

Maverick we live in a city where we must drive, our public transportation system doesn’t work for a majority of us working people. Our weather makes it so we must drive as well..13k is a long walk even in the summer don’t you think? Yes we complain about lots of stuff here, you included…so what.. Venting or expressing your opinion is a good thing as far as I am concerned. It gets others seeing different points of view or gaining information they didn’t have before. But there is no need to call people retarded for voicing their opinions.. We should welcome all options, doesn’t mean you agree with them..but they value their opinions as much as you value yours.

Heh you know what a 1965 Ford Maverick doesn’t look too much different from a Ford Pinto, only real difference is that the Maverick doesn’t burst into flames when you rear end it… Little trivia for you…lol

With all the smiles and high-fives over lower gas prices, the savings are being eaten up by the higher cost of food, and other essentials, due to the lower loonie and the drought in California.

It all comes out in the wash the same, as we’re taken to the cleaners.

@Maverick – so true. The Tim’s crowd pay a premium for that garbage coffee, and line up for it. They would pay 5$ a cup, just so they can feel good about being in some special Tim’s club.

Those evil timmies coffee drinkers..lol. I am sure you home brewers make sure your coffee is grown in a environmentally friendly plantation, that pays a good working wage, then it’s shipped to canada by sail boat so no fossil fuels are used.

Time to brew a cup ;)

Actually, the maverick and the comet where essentially the same car. The pinto didn’t look anything like them. I know because we had both a maverick and a pinto when I was growing up.

I am sure, even with the decline in the cost of a barrel of oil, had it not been for Costco opening a gas bar here, we would be paying $1.20+ per litre right now.

Bent – then why was Williams Lake charging between $.99.9 and $103.9 over Easter?

Have to agree Bent.. without Costco we would all be paying a lot more for gas..

My cousin had a old pinto… was a ugly little thing.. but she drove it from Kenora ont to mackenzie several times with no issues.. but then again she never go rear-ended when driving it :)

Sorry, I got my decimal points wrong in the last post, but you know what I mean.

are you having a bad day maverick 1965,
get well and feel better….

Pinto came out in 1971, I had a 1973 model, but I liked my Monza better. Not to be confused with the Pacer or the Gremlin. The K car proves you don’t have to look good to save a failing car company, and what was the thing with the Mustang II? Where were we again – oh right Maverick, always liked James Garner’s acting, Rockford files rocks, and pulling a “Rockford” was one of the greatest things in ever. Oops off on another tangent

Monza. Forgot all about those.. I had a 56 Morris Minor.. Now that was a ride.. 50 mph downhill..lol but started at 40 below with no block heater. And very cheap on gas.. Btw the ladies thought it was cute..not what I was looking for..lol

I’ve lived in PG without a car for over 3 years now, and boy oh boy, do I like spending all that money on other things. It’s surprisingly easy to be car-free here – our bus system could be a bit more ‘robust,’ but it’s pretty darn good given how few people use it. If 20,000 current drivers in PG started using public transit tomorrow, we’d have an awesome system in order to meet demand. Think of the money you’d save, folks, not to mention improvements in air quality in the Bowl.

Peace and love, everybody. :-)

Maverick ,,,, bully of the day award. congrats. Pinto cars where hit hard on purpose so they could not ever be fixed and be put back on the road again. Just like gremlins and pacers to save real car enthusiast eyes.

To have a transportation system you have to have high density housing clusters and park and go type areas near transit pick up areas (ie could be useful for the Hart). If we designed our city to have high density clusters rather than try and force every developer to develop downtown in the fallout shadow of our refinery… then would could have much better transportation utilization. If I was to plan high density clusters I would look to just west of Walmart where the Ospika connector will go through… maybe next to UNBC… maybe Edgewood… the 5th and 15th corridors… and the Hart behind the Hart scales. Then you could really plan an efficient transportation system around that.

As for the price of oil and gas… if that Iran deal goes through they are primed to nearly match the Saudi’s in production and now have a newly build refining industry… and this would kick the snot out of the oil and gas market as they have along with the Saudi’s the cheapest production in the world (something like $10 a barrel) and the two of them would be competing huge for market share… it would be by-by to the Alberta tar sands unless they could get Harper to institute some kind of national energy program like Trudeau was proposing in the 70′ 80’s… and wouldn’t that be ironic. Chances are if the pipelines got build Alberta would be importing their oil from Iran and all working in BC’s LNG industry.

BTW I grew up with a guy who’s dad had a Vega door slammer that would do 9 and a half second quarter mile runs out at North Central Raceway back in the day. Essentially just the Vega body, but made for a very fast and light car.

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