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October 28, 2017 4:38 am

All Eyes on CNC

Friday, April 24, 2015 @ 4:00 AM


Prince George, B.C. – All eyes will be on the College of New Caledonia today.

This as the school’s Board of Governors votes on the future of the school’s dental programs, counselling services, and on Aboriginal early childhood education.

The Board is grappling with a $2.8 million deficit this year and have delayed their decision by a month to carefully consider all feedback in the community.

Well over a dozen jobs may also be chopped.

The meeting starts at 11am.


We all seen the damage to the economy caused by temporary foreign workers; now we are seeing the damage caused by temporary foriegin students. First we claim we can not afford to pay our own people; now we claim we cannot afford to educate them either. Slippery slope folks.

Foreign students are not subsidized by the govt. They pay way more tuition than a Canadian student and actually help with the money they bring into the college.

Gitterdun’s right: foreign students help keep that place afloat, which is pretty sad in itself.

Jst combine UNBC and CNC. IT happened in kamloops, TRU just took over UCC.

This way, UNBC could have some small satellite campus outside of PG. Just makes so much sense.

When the university was a big push by local lobbyists, the college and those who knew a bit about economics encouraged the government to make CNC into a degree granting college. It was a new idea in the province and would have been a splendid idea here. But no ….. they spent billions on the hill and now they don’t get enough registrants. The college is the one paying for their stupid decisions.

“This way, UNBC could have some small satellite campus outside of PG. Just makes so much sense.”

UNBC already has satellite campuses in Quesnel, Fort St. John, and Terrace.
CNC fills a particular niche with trades, and specialty certificates, like the dental program. This doesn’t fit the purpose of a university.

raresense, foreign workers subject. At one time we were all foreign workers, your dad, or your dad’s dad and so on.

Students from overseas, pay full pop. None of this subsidized rates locals get, so they infact are assisting locals to get an education.

Unfortunately, raresense I believe you need to understand that we can not survive on local economy, it is global. If we can’t sell our product over the borders, sawmills, pulpmills shut down. When they shutdown, so does a lot of small business’s. Than all things government shuts down. Just take a look at Granisle.

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