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October 28, 2017 4:37 am

CNC Open House Dispels Forestry Myth

Monday, April 27, 2015 @ 3:45 AM

Prince George, B.C. – A recent open house by CNC’s Natural Research and Environmental Technology program was held in part to dispel the myth there’s no jobs in B.C.’s forestry sector.

“We’re doing some really fun things and it’s another chance to showcase our program,” said forestry instructor Ed Morrice. “Lots of people think there’s no jobs in forestry and there’s no hope. So it’s nice to have them come here and see what’s really going on.”

CNC Forestry Instructor Ed Morrice - photo 250 News

CNC Forestry Instructor Ed Morrice – photo 250 News

He says that includes 100% employment for their annual intake of 22 students in companies like Canfor, West Fraser and Dunkley Lumber.

“That information is hidden so this is a chance for us to talk about that.”

Morrice says their current work includes management of their research forests which they manage for sustainable forest products.

“In that, we’re able to lever that management opportunity into supporting a national resources environmental technology program that provides lots of opportunities for students to travel to such places as Ecuador and to get a technology diploma that they parlay into work.”

He says they’ve been fortunate enough to take advantage of $2.4 million in federal funding for forest research.

“We’re doing a variety of research, right now, we’re looking at tree plantation growth working with FPInnovations. We’re getting some exposure to some work using unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) so it’s kind of neat.”


If I was 18 again I would enter a program in forestry, or maybe engineering, but forestry would be rewarding in that one can get a lot of opportunities to see the country side and enjoy a connection with nature making a difference where it counts.

I think one needs a lot of biology classes in high-school though, and a lot of perseverance in the early years. the guys I know that took this route have done very well for themselves.

I think people are still a little gun shy when it comes down to having a job in the forestry sector. The downturn really hurt a lot of people and they’re not too keen to put themselves through that again. I don’t blame them.

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