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October 28, 2017 4:37 am

Human Conflicts With Wildlife On The Rise

Sunday, April 26, 2015 @ 3:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The provincial government is giving WildSafeBC $275,000 to provide education about human-wildlife conflicts and increase awareness in communities.

WildSafeBC recently evolved out of the highly successful Bear Aware program as it became clear that human conflicts with other wild animals were increasing as they had with bears. The majority of the encounters are still with bears emerging from hibernation and looking for food. But other wildlife, including cougars, coyotes and wolves, are becoming more active and increasing the potential for conflict.

This provincial funding will allow WildSafeBC to dispatch 22 co-ordinators around the province to give presentations to community groups, schools and residents, offering educational tips to reduce conflicts with wildlife.

WildSafeBC is designed, owned and delivered by the B.C. Conservation Foundation. The Conservation Officer Service is the primary responder to human-wildlife conflicts where there is a risk to public safety, conservation concerns, or where significant property damage has occurred.  It is working with the co-ordinators to identify and resolve wildlife-related issues in B.C. communities.

Last year the Conservation Officer Service received 29,200 calls on human-wildlife conflicts. Of those calls, 17,771 involved bears.


the WARP feature, the best part of this program, is very slow to get right it seems. when it was introduced it went down for that year.

now, if one tries to use it they may find themselves unable to register or retrieve their password.

while the process seems to be taking years, if WARP could work properly i believe it would be a great asset and resource to the people of bc.

What man has to realize is we are the ones going into where the animals are and blaming the animals for getting too close.
When that stops maybe the animals will figure out where they are safe….
till then the animals are to blame….NOT!

Moose will be caving soon, the early ones will have already. The peek caving is last week of May in to June. All last years caves get kicked out, there on there own and smart as a stump. PLEASE SLOW DOWN WHEN YOU SEE ONE.

MY BEEF there’s more CO’s in the state of Maine than BC and its smaller than Vancouver iland.

Is it calves or caves? Sorry, Just thought it funny that moose are caving. We do have a few caves on the cutbanks just north of town, used to go there a lot but that is another story. They have that whole area roped off last time I went by, the sand feels heavy as lead inside the cave, was an odd feeling. Dang another tangent…

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