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October 28, 2017 4:32 am

Stressed Students Offer Up a Solution

Saturday, May 2, 2015 @ 3:56 AM

Prince George, B.C. – How to relieve high school stress?

It’s an age old question, but Kyle Rowell, a member of School District 57’s student advisory council, thinks he and his colleagues may have the answer.

He shared his idea with the Prince George School Board this week.

“We talked about working in a tutorial club block, something that allows kids to either have some extra curricular time in school or get extra help from teachers, which I find especially as you get into the more senior years, is something that will be very beneficial for students.”

The Kelly Road high school student says they base their theory on information gathered from students at all five of Prince George’s high schools.

“We’ve actually done something very similar at Kelly Road. What we’ve done there is every Wednesday we end at 2pm and we have an hour,” says Rowell. “Kids who have nothing to do are welcome to leave school if they have a way to get home safely. But there’s also clubs and teachers willing to help students at that time.”

He notes that’s been an immense help to himself and others.

“It helps students catch up on work they’ve been falling behind in, they’ve been able to work with teachers to increase grades as well as just having a block to relax and not worry about things,” says Rowell, who notes the constant cycle of homework, classes, job and homework again can be very stressful.

“Especially when one is going into college or university, making those high grades to get into the program everyone wants, there’s big pressure to bring your grades up, as well as find time to do other things.”

He says Prince George Secondary School has a similar program as Kelly Road, but would like to see it stretched to all five high schools in the city.

“I’ve very hopeful the Board will take this seriously. I feel working in this extra block of time for students will be beneficial.”

Trustee Sharel Warrington, who is also the Board’s liaison to the district student advisory committee, is “excited” about the work the students have put in on the issue, but says it will be up to the individual schools to determine what to do with the recommendation.

“It will depend on every school, some schools already have an extra block that offers opportunities for students to either have mentoring sessions of do different activities. But it certainly has some exciting opportunities for schools if they choose to go there.”

She adds student stress is an issue the district takes seriously.

“Oh, absolutely, I’m a retired teacher of high school students and I’m very aware of it,” says Warrington. “It has become a responsibility of schools to help mitigate those (stresses) and help students to feel more involved and engaged in school.”


I can’t help but think that designating the first hour of the day on Wednesdays for this purpose rather than ending the day an hour early on Wednesday’s would result in more students taking the opportunity to catch up or get some extra help. Rowell’s comment that “Kids who have nothing to do are welcome to leave school if they have a way to get home safely” makes me wonder what percentage of students would use the time as intended versus what percentage would use the time as extra time to hang out with their friends?

What about the teachers? If they don’t have any students banging on their door for extra help, are the teachers welcome to leave school if they have a way to get home safely?

We seem to already have a system in place that takes any and every opportunity to take time away from the class! Public perception seems to lean towards the attitude that Pro-D days are not nearly as “Pro”ductive as they could or should be! What are students doing on these days off? Studying??

Rowell also comments about “just having a block to relax and not worry about things,”!

If Rowell thinks that school is so stressful, he might have problems in the adult working world if he ends up with a manager/boss/supervisor that isn’t so willing to give him “a block to relax and not worry about things”!

Rowell further notes that the constant cycle of homework, classes, job and homework again can be very stressful. I’m not sure if he realizes that that cycle has existed for generations! It seems that “stress” has become the buzzword of the day!

It’s a wonder that any of us have survived and thrived!


Hart: Good analysis yer absolutely right!

Ice, still screaming at the top of your lungs I see!

Not bragging or complaining, just questioning and commenting! Are you having trouble with that?

How about I ask that again, a bit louder so that you can hear….


Ha ha!

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