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October 28, 2017 4:32 am

Victoria Provides Trades Dollars to CNC

Saturday, May 2, 2015 @ 12:05 PM


Prince George, B.C. – Interesting timing.

Just days after the College of New Caledonia announced mass layoffs, programs cuts (ie Dental Hygiene program) and restructuring at all of its Northern campuses to help deal with a $2.8 million budget deficit this year, the provincial government has announced more money for skills training at the college.

This week Victoria announced its investing $72,000 to create 32 trades seats at CNC.

“CNC continues to prioritize the alignment of education and training with in-demand jobs,” reads a statement from the college. “Since the newly allocated funding you (250 News) are asking about is specifically targeted only toward critical trades seats at CNC, those funds had no ability to alter the course of the Board’s decision in regard to the Dental program on April 24th.”

The $72,000 is just a portion of the $402,496 CNC received this year under the “B.C. Skills for Jobs Blueprint,” which has been allocated as follows:

– $72,000 to deliver 32 seats for the college’s Trades Discovery programs

– $330,496 to be used by CNC to reduce waitlists in critical trades occupations by delivering training in the following programs:

-Electrical: $65,280 – 16 Foundation seats
-Millwright: $65,280 – 16 Foundation seats
-Power Engineering: $121,600 – 16 Fourth class seats
-Power Engineering: $78,336 – 16 Third class seats


So, we’ll have more electricians, more millwrights and more power engineers, but they’ll all have really bad teeth?

Kinda makes you go “hmmm”

I hope that they aren’t pumping money into every college in the province, in the same trade categories. I remember the Ontario government doing that back in the late nineties, and the market was flooded with fully trained aviation machinists with half as many jobs for them to fill.

What they don’t tell you is these are all entry seat funding. I am trying to get into my second year mill right and 82 on the waiting list . The jobs fund is a farce.

Posted on Saturday, May 2, 2015 @ 12:48 PM by Hart Guy
So, we’ll have more electricians, more millwrights and more power engineers, but they’ll all have really bad teeth?

Kinda makes you go “hmmm”

Actually, they will probably all land great paying union jobs with benefits including a dental plan.

Dumbfounded, as long as we support union jobs, all is fine right??

Is it ok that we don’t train dental assistants? After all, I don’t think that most dental assistants are unionized!

Hart Guy, most non union employees don’t have a dental plan or benefits. Dental assistants get pretty good dental care right in the office where they are employed.

And if most non union employees did have a dental plan and benefits the first to scream about the necessary rise in prices of all the goods and services they provide would be union employees.

Dumbfounded, what socredible said!!

By the way Dumbfounded, the point of my original post was that we are cutting back on the dental program due to a lack of funding, yet we are increasing money for other programs.

Kinda makes you go “hmmm”!

Guess you missed that, haha!

Socredible.. I work in a non union shop.. We have benefits..dental, medical.. Haven’t heard anyone screaming about it..

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