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October 28, 2017 4:31 am

Lac des Bois Ranked Number One Among P.G. Elementary Schools

Monday, May 4, 2015 @ 1:09 PM


Prince George, B.C. – The Fraser Institute has released its annual ranking of elementary schools in this province, and in Prince George, Ecole Lac des Bois received the highest score.

Lac des Bois ranked 105 out of 978 schools across the province. Scores are based on a number of factors including the average Foundation Assessment scores in writing, numeracy, and reading.

The top 10 schools in Prince George for the 2013/2014 school year are:

1. Ecole Lac des Bois – 8.1
2. Immaculate Conception – 7.5
3. Peden Hill – 6.8
4. Edgewood – 6.7
5. Cedars Christian – 6.6
6. St. Mary’s – 6.3
7. Beaverly – 6.0
8. Southridge – 5.6
9. Hart Highlands – 5.6
10. Sacred Heart – 5.6

Report co-author, Peter Cowley, argues the report “provides a valuable tool” in helping parents choose the right school for their children.

But Prince George School Board Trustee Tim Bennett had a different take on Twitter this afternoon.

“This report is flawed & does nothing but minimize great work happening in all #SD57 schools throughout district,” he remarked. “This is not meant to take away from @lacdesbois success. I am not a fan of ranking schools. All have unique strengths & caring staff.”

For a look at the complete rankings, click here.



This does not accurately reflect the performance of the schools. The top 10 are schools with generally a more wealthy demographic. The complete list displays the poorest areas of PG are the worst schools. This is a really long and extensive survey to determine the socioeconomic health of an area, not the school’s performance.

It all comes down to funding . French schools get extra federal funding . So of coarse they are going to do better . You want more out of life ? Then put more in .

So, I would wager that a smart kid in a low socioeconomic health area will go further than a smart kid in a high socioeconomic health area. In say this, the slowest kid in a high socioeconomic health area will go further than the slowest kid in a low socioeconomic health area. I wouldn’t base too much on Socioeconomic onto individual basis to the kids potential in life.

Southridge, the area of town with lots of wealthier parents than Lac De bois ranked lower by 7 spots. Also 4 spots behind Peden Hill.

Yes, better education give you better pay. Better paid parents are more keen to getting the kids into the best schools, to give the kids the best advantages in life.

The half of the story, The teachers. Not all teachers are the same. Some teachers are just plain good teachers and knows how to challenge the young minds. A good principal will attract good quality teachers. Thus the school than gradually becomes the top shelf school. It takes time, but I am sure that is why a plain jane school like Peden Hill is ranking so high.

lol @ Beaverly near the top, just shows how flawed these rankings are.

@PG101… and why would that be? Please enlighten us with your in-depth knowledge of the curriculum of all the schools in the district that allowed you would come to that comparative conclusion.

Yes PG101.. Share your vast knowledge of what is taught at Beaverly and why because they made a good score the rankings are flawed. Or are you just showing your ignorance again?

I suspect the private schools do better since they can actually get rid of the useless teachers.

It’s too bad the public system didn’t have a mechanism in place to weed out the dead wood. The kids might have a chance then and the good teachers could flourish.

Axman.. Yes its the lazy good for nothing teachers fault…again. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the entire school make up? How many students they have, how many have learning difficulties etc.. Also would be great to see all the factors this assessment is based on.. Not just a few that they posted.. Who takes part in these assessments.. Who pays to have them done? And what good are they ?

lac des bois strongly encourages students with difficulties learning their particular way to try harder or seek out other programs that “may suit them better”.

The school also preps their students for these standardized tests.

If you are someone who learns differently be cautious selecting lac des bois for your childs education.

These ratings are a beauty contest with rules of timing and student teacher interaction during the test not enforced.

@ Pval – ‘Yes PG101.. Share your vast knowledge of what is taught at Beaverly and why because they made a good score the rankings are flawed. ‘

I know most people in the area would rather bus their kids into town, than endure PG’s own homage to Deliverance.

Ah so you are saying that Beaverly people are stupid by comparing them to the movie..How extremely ignorant of you.

Monkey boots.. I have heard that as well about telling parents to look at different schools as they just don’t fit I .. As in we don’t have time to waste on kids who have problems with certain classes. We are only worried about grades to pitch our school. Great environment for sure…

Still waiting for some actual evidence to back up your earlier comment PG101. Saying you “know people” just doesn’t quite cut it.

Ha ha, gotta laugh. Schools operating at half the provincial funding for some reason near the top of the list in PG.

Students who have special needs are funded up to 36,600 per year compared to “normal” kids at 6,900. English/French receive an extra 1,340 per student. Aboriginal receive 1,160 extra per student. Level 1 special needs an extra 36,600 per student, level 2 18,300 per student, level 3 an extra 9,200 per student.

Nice to know that Spruceland is one of the wealthiest areas of our city pgjohn

Slinky..they are not operating ONLY from funds from the gov..parents pay good money every month as well. And when you waste teaching time to study and prep the students for this test does it really gave any meaning..no it doesn’t it just gives false numbers to make the school look good.

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