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October 28, 2017 4:24 am

Northern Supportive Recovery Centre for Women Society Throwing in the Towel

Monday, May 11, 2015 @ 8:17 AM

Prince George, B.C.- The Northern Supportive Recovery Centre for Women Society has  announced  it will not  move forward in trying to  establish a women’s haldirecovery centre at the former Haldi Road Elementary School.  

As 250News reported on Friday, the owners of the property  have listed it for sale. ( see previous story here)

in a release issued this morning, the  Society’s  Board Chair, Dr. Michelle Sutter is  quoted as saying “The decision to halt efforts to establish a women’s recovery centre at the former Haldi road Elementary School was not taken lightly.  Society members and supporters have invested substantial time, energy and financial resources pursuing this proposal during the past four years.   We were told by the City of Prince George that we were following the right steps in seeking approval to proceed with the project.  When we received a building permit to proceed with renovations our Society felt we had the green light to proceed.   However, the legal challenges that occurred following our receipt of a  building permit from the City began to concern our members and supporters.”

The residents in the Haldi area  launched a court challenge against the  City’s  changes to the Official Community Plan and rezoning.  They won the first round, but the City  appealed and  the court ruled in favour of the City.

Sutter says the members of the Society believe their plan was the right one, ”  Our supporters all agree that a women’s recovery centre is required to help women in Prince George and from around Northern BC.  However, the uncertainty of further legal challenges and project delays made some of our supporters nervous. It is with a heavy heart that our Society announces this decision, but we believe it is the right decision given the uncertain circumstances we are faced with.”

The Society will wind down its operations in the next few months.


These members were volunteers with a good heart. Sad day for them.

I don’t feel bad at all. Their leadership didn’t properly consult with the residents of Haldi. I do believe Shari Green had voted in favour of this despite having a conflict of interest as well. This is a good news story for Haldi.

It has been over a year since the city rezoned the property, blaming the court challenge is a cop out when the actual MLS listing says they did not get the legislation they were hoping for.

This was one of the fears put before council during g the rezoning process. If the women’s recovery failed the lot is now rezoned regardless and the next people who buy it can do whatever they like under the zoning. Council disregarded the warning – I think it was stated that they would look at it at that time if need be for future rezoning, but it is now zoned for 20 beds institutional and as long as they fit under that umbrella.

Noone is allowed to run the well though as there is a covenant registered on the property regardless if the center goes ahead or not. This will require a order in council to rescind. At least that was the understanding.

Hold on – correct me if I am wrong – the society went ahead with renovations without a building permit did they not? I believe this was brought up by the lawyer at the first rezoning hearing.

Also I don’t think the city appealed the decision, I thought they let the first ruling stand and the society reapplied with an OCP change to work around the court ruling? They had a public hearing on the OCP change only at Vanway Elementary although the OCP change affected every lot within city limits.

(Sorry for multiple posts but I read the initial story on my Samsung phone this morning)

Slinky, your 10:54 post is correct.
I think that all along, the Society knew they could not make a go with of it without absolute government involvement. They changed their program to make it very private with a monthly client fee of just under $7000. Perhaps they could not find 30 clients to pay that much, perhaps not 20; not 15, not 3!
Unfortunately the group is trying to make it look like the community has some responsibility in the failure of the project.
Look in the mirror Northern Recovery Centre people!!!!!

The proponents and the owners should be looking at the city for any answers. The city planners were the ones that gave them the green light to proceed. The neighbourhood only asked the right questions to make this project stall and in the end they are still up in the air as to what will now happen to their neighbourhood.

Let’s not forget The Northern Supportive Recovery Centre for Women Society does NOT own the property. If I am not mistaken it is still owned by Fehr and Craig Woods is it not??? Or did Brian Fehr sell his portion?

Forgot to mention it is listed as Commercial/Industrial.

Reading the comments of Dr Sutter it appears the centre was doomed from day one with her at the helm. I’m no expert on business but I do know there needs to be some level of honesty to be successful in business. Ms Sutter you really do not show any level of class or honesty with your statement to the press.

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