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October 28, 2017 4:21 am

Our Anniversary

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 @ 4:00 AM

Today marks a special day for 250News.  It was ten years ago today, that   250News was launched.

It was  May 13th,  2005, Friday the 13th  as a matter of fact,  when Opinion 250  went live on the internet.  There were many in the community who said  we would never make it,  we couldn’t last,  well,  here we are, stronger than ever.

So while we have changed over the years, including our name,  the vision remains the same, to give Northern B.C.  residents a voice, and  up to date information .

250News has become  the news leader in the  region and  we couldn’t have done it without your support.

So today  250News would like to say thank you  to all who have  advertised with us over the years and to those  readers who have made 250News their ‘go to ‘ news source.

There have been many who have contributed  to this site over the past decade and we would be remiss if we didn’t  acknowledge their contributions.  From articles to sales,  there have been many who have assisted 250News  in achieving its goals.

We would also like to say  thank you  for trusting that we will not only get the story  for you, we will also get it right.




Huge congratulations to all of you! I’m sorry Ben isn’t here to see this but he knows.
All of you have indeed worked hard to make it the go to site for many of us. It is the local voice for this area that none of the other organisations seem to fill.
It is much appreciated. Thank you.

Job well done, Congratulations….

WAy to go O250

Keep going for another 10 years, :)

With the demise of the Free Press, this site will become even more important to the residents of the north. Kudos for picking up Bill Phillips as a contributor. He is a very gifted writer and a good fit for this site. Congratulations Elaine and am thinking of you and Ben today as 250 News reaches this important milestone.

Happy 10th Elaine. Keep up the good work.

Happy “A” PG250. You guys fill in the gaps that we don,t get in the major news sites, even very important info we all should know about.
thankyou, I look frwd to this site every day.

Congratulations to 250 and once again it is a privilege to be able to comment on issues on this site. Of course, Ben’s one man’s opinion is a great void to fill.

A happy 10th Anniversary to 250news…or as I still call it Opinion250. The best news source in the north…cheers to another 10+.

Congrats on 10 yr anniversary. Best news site for sure.. Keep up the fantastic reporting :)

Congratulations 250news. It’s sad that Ben isn’t here for this celebrations. I know he’s cheering from the Heavens. I moved from Prince George in 2010, but 250news is still a part of my day. It’s on my favourites, and I check in several times a day. May you have many more decades


Thank you 250 news. I check your website everyday. Congratulations of 10 years!

Congratulations of 10 years and more to come. Keep dreaming Elaine, you have many on your and the teams side.

Lots of good comments here. I too believe this site is going to become the “go to” one for news in this PG. Congratulations 250!

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