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October 28, 2017 4:21 am

Cause of Trailer Park Fire “Suspicious”

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 @ 7:32 AM
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Prince George, B.C. – A fire that destroyed three abandoned trailers this morning in Prince George has been deemed “suspcious” in nature by Prince George Fire Rescue.

Fire crews responded to the blaze just before 6 at Lombardy Trailer Park on Norwood Street.

There were no injuries. Damages are estimated at $12,000.

fire 2


Early damage estimates are in the 100’s of dollars…

PG, that was excellent, made my day!

Hard to refute that one good one PG101

lol, that’s solid.

Must have been a quick response by PGFD, those old trailers burn up fast.

Cheaper than moving them I guess!

Would be interesting to find out who actually owns the trailers.

The City of Prince George owns quite a few trailers due to people not paying their taxes.

If the trailers are in a trailer park then the owner of the traier park is responsible for the property taxes not the owner of the trailer

Can’t sell ”em, burn ’em!!! Maybe financial combustion? Who knows…

Each and every mobile home-or trailer-is assessed and the city collects taxes on them–.
The park owner pays taxes on the park property along with any buildings which belong to the park.
Seems like people like to pass on their opinion and have no knowledge as to the facts when it comes to taxes.
The City Of Prince George could legally take possession of every mobile home in the park for non payment of taxes on a unit.
They prefer not to do so–as there would be NO advantage to come with the title of ownership.
Instead they are left to rot away in the park–and the park owner receives no park rent and has the maintenance of the ground those units sit on year after year. Water lines can freeze resulting in costly damages for the park owner.
The units attract vandalism–and stripping out of plumbing, copper lines, light fixtures, furnaces, windows, doors etc. People can sleep in them–and they can become an attraction for criminal activities.
The park owner is at the mercy of one and all, and has no recourse when these abandoned trailers surface.
A great piece of property—and nothing else can be said in its favor.
People are so quick to judge a park owner-having no knowledge as to the insurmountable obstacles he faces.

You should be wise on this subject June, as I believe you own or did own a few of these parks yourself. Grab all the money from the tenants and to hell with replacing them with new ones. Most of the mobile homes in Lombardy and Sunrise Trailer Park should be condemned . They are GARBAGE, fire traps for people less financially able for anything more. I say burn the whole works down and replace them with new ones that were built to today’s building codes. Your little gravy train should be stopped before more people die in these shit holes.

If I am not mistaken June has not owned a trailer park in years. When she did own them they were is a heck of a lot better condition than they have been around the past decade. It is not up to a park owner to replace trailers. It is up to the owner to maintain the unit.

I agree, this city is not holding up it’s end and has not for many years when it comes to these trailers.

taxinapothole – why do you think the city has not followed its own bylaws? One can be guaranteed there are many units out there that the city owns. Who are they going to get the money from to replace trailers they own? Have you ever wondered when the taxes are not paid the city owns them? Where are they going to haul them to? Do you really think the city would be a good landlord? lol

Yes- I owned the Ponderosa for many years. A damn decent park. Also Westwood–and the trailers were not parked back to back. I rebuilt the Ponderosa in 1987 and it went from 46 spaces to 20. Some gravy train. The tenants had room to move and could park the 14 wides and still have loads of room for a porch or addition.
No, I have NOT OWNED for years–and when I drive into these parks now–they do not look as good as when I was the owner.
I did not have tenants who simply abandoned their units like Lombardy has to put up with. They should be taken by the city for back taxes–but the city avoids them like the plague. The park owner has the problem–no rent–no upkeep–attracting vandalism, thefts of appliances, doors, windows, etc. Oh yes, and sleep overs!!! Tough to take.
Better do some research before you mouth off taxi, before you find yourself in a “pot” hole.

And NO–I never owned the Sunrise or Lombardy.
If you think they are a disgrace–yes–I agree.
The City BY Laws mean nothing when it comes to these parks.
It is certainly dangerous to have units parked almost back to back.
If they move out–what can move in??
Bought by foreign investors. Smart Canadians sold!!!!!
One city councillor thinks Sunrise is great—good low cost housing.
Guess they will be around awhile-dangerous or not!!

The park owner is a slum landlord.

Give that slum landlord remark some thought.
Management should have common sense rules to be abided by all!
Not an easy job.
So what makes an owner a “slum” landlord?? The tenants???

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