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October 28, 2017 4:19 am

Friday Free for All – May 15th, 2015

Thursday, May 14, 2015 @ 11:59 PM

Heading into  what is expected to be a beautiful long weekend  this is  your time to speak up on the issues that matter to  you.

It is time for the FRIDAY FREE FOR  ALL.

You pick the topic, but  please,  be respectful of each other, you may not agree with their comment, but  leave the name calling  out of  your response,  it does nothing to  further the discussion on the issue at hand and may result in your  comment being  edited, or  removed..

So obey the  three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying.


L E T    ‘E R   R I P !!!!


Guess I’. First. A great night to be in Prince Rupert. Nice and clear and no rain. Have a great weekend and stay safe.


What a great weekend this is going to be. Don’t forget to Slip, Slop, Slap – slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat!

You forgot to add splash! Splash on the skeeter repellant, they’re here.

Wondering how long YRB can keep sweeping and washing the same winter dirt from one end of PG to the other and back again along Hwy 97? They’ve been out there for weeks on end at night, going over the same ground over and over again. Really appears to be a make work project. Never see them in winter when they’re needed but can’t get rid of them in spring for nothing.

A warning to all bikers, cyclists, walkers, and everyone else out there enjoying our nice weather. The other night, some joker thought that it would be funny to throw a water balloon at me while I was riding my bike. Thankfully they missed me but it could have distracted me enough to cause a wreck IMO. It happened at the corner of Gladstone and Domano. I spoke with the RCMP and they said I could lay assault charges against those morons if it happens again and they actually have better aim next time.

Have a fun, safe weekend everyone and please, please, be careful with any fires or barbeques. Hot barbeque coals dumped, can start fires too.
Enjoy the weather.

Death of B.C. aboriginal teen Paige blamed on ‘brutal and cruel’ support services

Report by representative for children and youth condemns ministry’s handling of troubled teenager


Get ready for an older population: report

Number of seniors in B.C. is growing at four times the rate of working people


Canadians pay hefty $684B bill in business subsidies over 30 years, study shows


Ontario employers cashing in on temporary workers


Sounds simple but it’s truly amazing at how many people are incapable of following simple directions from a flag person nothing has changed from my days of flagging about 40% of the drivers out there really do not understand basic commands given by the flag person. Guardian angels were flagging for road work crew in front of a friends house it was scary at how many drivers could not understand the waving stop sign held in a brightly coloured flag persons hand and how many almost came to hitting or almost running over the flag girls.

It’s a simple concept yet way too many drivers can’t grasp the concept of flagging or obeying signs sad really

Prince George will soon be called the ” dandelion capital of the world”.
At least the city could be out cutiing the blooms down before they scatter billions of seeds all over.

OOPS .. cutting!!

Sending out a big thank you to all the crews fighting the Bobtail fire right now.

Leave the Dandelions….. they are the first flowers for the bees.

Ditto verballable

Stay safe Firefighters and everyone involved

What’s happening at City Hall?

Are we selling Parks now? Something not right about that situation. Are we involved with another “Commonwealth” fiasco and don’t know it?

I wonder how ICBC would deal with an autonomous car, accident? Who would they blame, the car manufacturer, the computer programmer, since there is no driver just passengers?

I see the big cruise ship that was being used in Kitimat to house 600/800 construction workers left about a week ago. The big Rio Tinto upgrade to the Alum Plant will be completed this year, they are now in downsizing mode. They had about 2600 construction workers at the peak. This puts a lot of workers on into the job market.

Add the workers that were laid off at the coal mines in Tumbler Ridge, and Endako Mines and you have some significant lay offs.

Still some talk of LNG and Pipelines, however this might take a few years to get started, in the meantime where are the jobs being created?? Site C will accommodate some of the laid off people, at least in the short term while they go through the court process, buts that’s about it.

We need the world market to turn around so that some of these mines can move forward. Without the mines we are in serious trouble job wise.

Perhaps its time to do some serious road work on Highway 16 West, build the bridge across the Fraser etc;. Time for the Government to do some serious spending in the North.

Link to the government site on the bobtail lake fire. I can’t remember how to post proper links. Copy this url into your browser.


seamutt, For that one reason, I hope that we do not see the autonomous cars. Fear of being sued for an accident. Will it know they are driving on black ice. Will it know it is plowing thru 6 inches of slushy snow. Will it know that the vehicle behind you is impatient, and allow them to pass it. Will it know that vehicle coming at you is weaving.

Human reasoning is important aspect to driving.

“NEW’ Prince George Cougars LOGO not very impressive.
I am sure someone can do better.

Rona or any other hardware store is the LAST thing Prince George needs and for sure not at Pine Center Mall.

Leave the Dandelions….. they are the first flowers for the bees.

Right on Cabin Fever Girl

People–STOP killing the Bees.
They make everything from Honey to Chocolate.

Assault charges for water balloons? Wow, anger management issues there. Yep Dandelions are awesome for the bears bees and blowing the tops off of.

oneofakind: “NEW Prince George Cougars LOGO not very impressive. I am sure someone can do better.”

It’s better than the current one which was nothing more than modified vector art from iStock. No originality.

Take the base image, and turn it brown
Cougar Image

Change the mouth using the teeth from this image.

Tada… Cougars logo complete.

Dandelions are great for practicing your golf swing.

Object thrown from car going 50 km an hour is traveling at 50 km an hour so a water balloon hurts a lot at that speed A lot more than a slap on the face. A face slap is assault so why not a water balloon? That said who wants to spend 2 days in court so the judge can give the kid a stern lecture.

Yes court is an inconvenience, but if everyone thought that way, no one would get the message. Too many people let things slide cause they don’t want to do what’s right. People bellyache all day about drivers in this town, but no one will pick up the phone and lay a complaint.

The official name of the Government of Canada morphed into the New Government of Canada and now it is simply The Harper Government!

Isn’t it supposed to be the government of all Canadians, not just Harper’s ?


They don’t care about Canadians…. they care about the Harper brand.

It’s kind of like canned meat. There’s Prem, Spork and Klik, but Spam got the branding title. Conservatives are Spam, while the Liberals are Prem, and the NDP is Spork.

Rio tinto Alcan is and are replacing mine haulers with hundreds of autonomous driverless haulers . This is a trend that is exelerating world wide . Autonomous vehicles and robotics are going to decimate jobs world wide . We are already feeling the effects but most don’t even know . What a shame the harper government put all our eggs in the fossil fuel basket . What a goof . Too bad we don’t have a Canadian government anymore .

No princegeorge . It’s all harper and his harperettes .

Dandelion flowers make excellent wine too. That stuff will set you back on your backside!

Prince George!
Hub City to the North, and dandelion wine capital of the free world.

Have a good, safe, and fire free long week end everybody.


I made a comment about autonomous driverless vehicles on this site a few years ago and it was dismissed by others as baloney and ridiculous! Guess who has the last laugh?


I see our regular long weekend gas price inscrease is in full swing.

Ataloss. Blaming Harper for putting all our eggs in the fossil fuel basket shows the workings of a mind with limited options.

Considering that the Harper Government has only been in power since 2006 (9 Years) and the fact that the first two terms were minority Governments, it hardly follows that Harper and the Conservatives could be responsible for all the ill’s of the past 100 years.

Lets at least make an effort to deal with facts.

When you read the comment about dough-headed drivers too stupid to follow simple signals from day-glo clad flag persons, you might begin to wonder if autonomous automobiles might not be a bad idea.
Hope everyone has a safe and relaxing long weekend.

I hear you Princegeorge . Eight people in the states would be alive today if their locomotive was driverless .

Palopu . harper and the harperettes have spent the last nine years blaming the liberals for everything . That’s not leadership . Representing only the base and the fossil fuel industry is not leadership . Building a meager recovery on the backs of the young in the condo industry is not leadership . Relying on the world to recover so as to jack up the export of our resources is not leadership . harper and his harperettes are a complete failers on every front .

If we made trucks driverless it would cost less to get goods delivered and it would be safer. With cheaper goods there will be deflation which can only be solved by more money and cheaper money. That means we the 99% will have easier times and have a better life style. Just like factories. Everything got cheaper in 1850 but a little revolutionary activity keeps the wealth inequity in check and everyone lives better lives.

It’s not if cupicity. It’s when .

I someone hit me with a water balloon while biking. I would be the one with the assault charge in the end.

To the meatheads who don’t understand what to do when driving towards a road construction sight. It works just like a STOP sign at a street corner. Except that there is a human being holding up the sign. When human being turns sign around and it reads SLOW. Proceed with caution to lane where human being is pointing towards.

The best laid plans of mice and men oft times go awry.

The Liberals and NDP are fully aware of this phrase and what it means. That’s why they are cooling their heels in the opposition.

Lets see how the NDP in Alberta can run that Province without the use of fossil fuels.

Perhaps Ataloss can explain to us how they will do that.

Some one tell the flagging companies that it is 2015 . Go pro cameras are cheap . Idiot drivers adjust their behaver when they are on camera . We use a Vio . When idiots see it , they behave . The camera always tells the truth .

Palopu . Your premise is rediculas . I can’t figure out whether you are being silly or just plain stupid . How does Iceland get by without a fossil fuel industry ? Quite nicely .

Good morning to all my fiends in George. I see you have sunshine and an Abby temperature. Nice going.

Housing here in Abby is still affordable. A 12sq ft 70s built homes start around $250,000.00. Lots of nice town homes about the same price. If you don’t mind living a little further from the big apple prices in Chilliwack are a bit less.

Don’t believe the Oder BS its all fairy tail. When we lived in Abby in the early 70’s there was some in the early summer but that’s history. Just thought I would like to give those that are now considering a move some info. There are many here from PG.

Wanted to give you some info on dandelion wine but was beaten to the punch. Its great stuff so get out and harvest the new crop.


I thought they were bumper crops of Canola!!

Ataloss compare the geothermo geography of Iceland and Alberta, no comparison. Alberta has coal and natural gas, Iceland does not so cheaper to develop their geothermal than import fuels also makes them more energy independent.

Geothermo is not cheap to develop and has its own issues.

Just passed through Abby and that area, beyond me why anyone would choose to live there, traffic and more traffic and the haze. My eyes, watering from the smell.

“My eyes, watering from the smell.”

Seamutt, that’s because of the road-trip food you ate. Don’t blame the cows.


See the province cancelled the contract for the huge Mars water bomber, shortsighted. This fire out west would have been perfect for it. Considering how this government operates maybe not enough graft paid.

seamut, read my lips there is no smell and the air quality is a hell of a lot better then in PG. We have lots of green space and PARKS that are maintained.

Some folks in Abby refer to PG as sh**t City.

Hey pal, ever herd of wind power or hydro power or maybe try walking. Its really good for your health and harper certainly has a lot of wind you could start with.

There’s a reason the Mars tankers aren’t used anymore.

I second the recommendation to make wine out of dandelions, but if you haven’t done it before, remember to use ONLY THE FLOWERS. Even a modest amount of leaf and it makes the wine nasty and bitter.

That’s funny seamutt . Alberta like Iceland also has volcanic geothermal vents that could be drilled for turbine steam . Hopefully this government they have now will try to diversify . Tall order, almost starting out from nothing .


Ataloss:”I hear you Princegeorge . Eight people in the states would be alive today if their locomotive was driverless .”

That train would have slowed down to 50mph according to an onboard computer program.

Also, it helps to have 21st century rail road tracks. Watch the above YouTube video to see what modern rails and ties look like! The USA is mostly still stuck in the nineteenfifties. No modern system uses wooden ties with rails nailed to them. No wonder there are hundreds of derailments every year!

Cost and other issues ataloss. Do some research.

Hey retired can’t see your lips, you do realize that. Abby the only thing going for it is the airshow. Hey you guys still dumping chicken poop on the homeless?

yup , we got snailrail . On the kitimat subdivision they’ve got wooden treasel bridges . Who needs infrastructure anyway ?

Retired 02. Harper doesn’t have the ill wind that blows through Abbotsford. The Cow Dung Capital of BC.

Abbys logo should be a pile of dung surrounded by black flies.

Tories set ambitious new greenhouse gas emission target: One-third reduction by 2030


regarding the train crash some sections of the rail line have a remote speed limiting device that sends a signal to control the trains speed, but that section did not.

Observed 2 accidents on the roads today and road checks galore. Also got hit in a parking lot today – or the truck did sitting alone in the stall.

People take it easy, it is a long weekend but keep your wits about you, take a few breaths and relax.

Have a great May long weekend people

CHARLES – do you ever have an opinion of your own, or do you just parrot other people’s opinions?

Good to have some nice weather. Have the front door open enjoy some fresh air, and along comes the clown on his motorcycle gunning his engine down Simon Fraser. I wish someone would throw a water balloon at that guy.

Great to have such great weather day in and day out. Looks like it will be like this at least till the end of May.

Can’s ask for much more. Prince George can be nice in the summer time. Not so nice in the winter.

Was nice, until some old people woke up and started bitching to each other.. Then it rained..

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