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October 28, 2017 4:19 am

Calling All Time Capsule Guardians of 25 Years Ago

Friday, May 15, 2015 @ 3:53 AM

Prince George, B.C.- The search is on for the 75 people who were part of an event to mark Prince George’s 75th anniversary 25 years ago. 

The 75 were residents of the City at the time, and placed mementos into a 75th Anniversary Time Capsule that was then buried at the Welcome to Prince George sign at the intersection of highways 97 and 16.

The City’s 100th Anniversary Committee is looking to connect with those 75 ‘Time Capsule Guardians’ who may, or may not still live in Prince George.

Tracking down those who took part in that event is proving to be an interesting task says Dori Alger, Time Capsule Coordinator for the 100th Anniversary “So far, I have five names on my list.” The problem is, there is no documentation to indicate who the 75 were, or how they were selected to take part in that time capsule event 25 years ago.

What is known is that the five known ‘Guardians’ were aged 10 -14 at the time of the event 25 years ago, so they should be in their mid to late 30’s today.   “We wanted to engage them however they fit” says Alger, “We are hoping maybe their children would want to be involved in the 100th Anniversary Time Capsule.”

The 75th Anniversary time capsule contains , among other things, a photo album, a City flag and a 1990 phone book.

That capsule will be unearthed on July 10th as part of the city’s centennial celebrations says Alger “There was a request of the 75th anniversary committee that the capsule from that year be opened during the 100th Anniversary, so we will abide by that request.”

The other part of the quest is to find out what should be placed in the new 100th anniversary capsule. “25% of the contents will be from history, 50% will be 2015, and the last 25% will be regional, national, global and anything else we deem as being important for future generations” says Alger.

There are two contests already underway to find the right stuff to place in the new time capsule “We are asking the (school) kids to give us ideas on what should be in the time capsule and older children are being asked to write an essay on what Prince George will be like in 100 years, and what has changed most in the last 100.” Alger adds the community at large will also be asked for ideas on items to be included in the new capsule.

If you have an idea on something that you think should be included in the new time capsule, you can make your thoughts known by visiting the 100th Anniversary Facebook page.

Both the 75th Anniversary Time Capsule and the new 100th Anniversary Capsule will be interred on July 20th.


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