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October 28, 2017 4:15 am

Local Government Week Underway

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 @ 3:57 AM

Prince George, B.C.- This is Local Government Awareness Week in B.C. and the Mayor of Prince George is hoping you will take some time to find out more about how local government works. 

“Local government has the most direct, everyday impact on the lives of Canadians and it’s also the most accessible” says Mayor Lyn Hall.

The aim of the week is to generate awareness about the roles and responsibilities of local government, and encourage the public to participate in local government processes, including voting in local elections.

“An informed electorate is the keystone of a healthy democracy,” says Mayor Lyn Hall. “On behalf of Council, I encourage citizens of Prince George to learn more about how local government works. Visit our website or contact the City or a member of Council with your questions.”


Does anyone know what the infrastructure deficit is in this city at the present time?

I would like to make local government aware of the unsightly huge dump of a property next to the Roller Dome at the junction of 97 and 16! How could local government be unaware for so many years of such a deplorable mess?

Charles – there is no such thing as “infrastructure deficit.” Funding for long term infrastructure is done through borrowing.

PrinceGeorge that property is the storage area for the PGGCC is it not? they have their mowers and other stuff in the fenced area don’t they?

Slinky, I do not know who piled up all that diverse junk outside in plain view, like a hodgepodge or a dog’s breakfast! The icing on the awful cake is the fence, pieces of it have fallen on the ground and it has not seen a paint brush in ages! Come on guys, clean it up already! Build a proper storage shed for that stuff! What kind of a welcome greeting is this for out of town visitors??? And it is at the busiest intersection north of the Lower Mainland!

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