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October 28, 2017 4:15 am

UNBC & Chamber Team Up to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 @ 10:46 AM

From left, UNBC student Natalie Alteen, Environmental Dynamics Inc. Managing Partner Cathy Mackay, P.S. Piano Service owner Peter Stevenson , UNBC student Krystal Devauld – photo submitted

Prince George, B.C. – A partnership between the Prince George Chamber of Commerce and UNBC is helping local businesses learn ways to reduce their carbon emissions.

Phase two of the Carbon Footprint Reduction Project helped eight local businesses (Chilako River Ranch, EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc., Glenbirnam Farm, Home Sweet Home, JFT Secure Ltd., Nest Egg Ostrich Ranch and P.S. Piano Service) learn the source of their carbon emissions and also provided them with recommendations on how reduce their carbon footprints even further.

The information was provided free of charge by UNBC students through a 2015 winter course entitled “Carbon Management: The Intersection of Business and Environmentalism.”

“P.S. Piano Service has always worked diligently to run our business with as small a carbon footprint as possible,” says owner Peter Stevenson. “In today’s world, businesses must be socially, environmentally and financially responsible.”

“The Carbon Footprint Reduction Program showcases the benefits of a great partnership between UNBC and the Prince George community,” says UNBC president Dr. Daniel Weeks.

“Students are able to work collaboratively with local business owners and provide leadership in finding practical ways to reduce emissions.”

Phase three of the program is underway and will wrap up this August with a focus on helping businesses implement those carbon reduction strategies.


Check out Dawn 2 Dusk in Smithers . 100 % of their business is operated by the use of a few solar panels on the store front .

Why, funding, grants? No global warming for 18 years 5 months. Not one dire CAGW made in the last 30 years has come true. hundreds of billions spent and no science can definitely say how much C02 has warmed the planet if any at all. Grant seeking scientist can’t even state how much natural C02 affects the climate. Fact is these scientist ignore natural C02 whose volume overwhelms anthropogenic C02.

Plants love C02, the more the better. They evolved when C02 was much higher.

I wonder how much research funding UNBC Receives related to C02? Biased science for funding? Anyone from UNBC going to the climate party in Paris on the taxpayers dime?

Mann caused global warming only exists in computer models not real world unadjusted Data. Hey back in the early seventies the grabbing scare was a new ice age.

Judging the age of the students in the picture there has been no statistically significant warming in there lifetime. But hey who cares if they can grab some taxpayers cash.

So they are off the grid then, ha ha I bet and what was the cost? Did they investigate the manufacturing process of the panels and required auxiliary equipment? Did they check into where the equipment was made and environmental responsibility of the producer? How about the mining of the toxic raw materials?

So gullible.


UN world bank needs 89 TRILLION to fix the climate.

Like I said follow the right into the c02 scam

Follow the money, don’t know where right came from.

Seamutt, they run 6 solar panels on the front of the store in Smithers. Have like 10 light bulbs in the store, a couple led tv’s, a till and natural gas fireplaces for heat. It would not work for 3 phase hvac heating but for the gear store not horrible, just hard to see at night, lots of shadows. Think they have the living quarters upstairs. A couple fluorescent fixtures in the drop ceiling would kill the batteries so they just use a few track lights and lights on poles around the till. Winter must just be a real pain keeping the panels swept off but as long as you don’t run a franchise with any requirements you are fine.

If Tesla can get the L-ion battery packs down in price it may be possible to run a house on solar and get that recovery time down to where solar becomes an alternative. Just wonder how many house fires we will have due to improper install of these devices?

Are those carbon fibre bikes?

military Annual world military spending works out to about US$1.8 trillion. We still have not fixed world conflicts and likely will not in the near and even mid-distant future.

In fact, that is just the military spending and not the spending of rebuilding people’s lives and destroyed infrastructure.

Think of the US$89 trillion as any other investment in the economy. It is the only way we have of creating jobs, which is the only way we have to distribute money to people. We do not believe in just giving people money without work.

I see with that money we can fix the climate. There I have to stop and say that is unbelievable, just as it is unbelievable that we can fix overpopulation, famine, poverty, infrastructure deficits, global military conflicts, etc.


” It is the only way we have of creating jobs, which is the only way we have to distribute money to people. We do not believe in just giving people money without work. ”

That’s why we can’t ever fix the climate, (if there’s anything yet truly wrong with it). Or anything else. We’re so focused on making ‘work’ we can’t seem to realise that what we’re really doing is perverting a mere ‘means to an end’ into an ‘end’ in itself. The primary purpose of work is to enable us to produce that which we need or desire to consume. Efficiency enables us to do this with a constantly decreasing amount of human labor. In this regard we’ve largely solved the ‘production’ problem long ago ~ and glut, not scarcity, is the result. But if the only way we can ‘distribute’ what’s already been made is to make still more of it, just because we’re too stupid to find a way to pay someone an income without them working for it…? What other problems will we have to create to do the same thing when we’ve spent the $89 trillion to fix the imagined climate one?

Mars colonization.

I mean, the fixes to create wealth by spreading, through jobs, the glut created by efficiencies is endless.

In the sixties and seventies the foreseen glut was to be spread through leisure activities, including travel and so on. The tourism industry, and all the services and infrastructure needs it has created has thrived. Just one of the consequences.

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