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October 28, 2017 4:15 am

Three ATV Deaths on Long Weekend Spark Concern

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 @ 4:17 PM

Prince George, B.C.- It has been a deadly weekend for fatal incidents involving ATV’s.

Three people lost their lives on the weekend in ATV incidents across B.C. including the death of a 23 year old man in Terrace. In that crash, alcohol and speed are believed to have been contributing factors.

BC Coroners Service statistics show that from 2006 to the end of July last year, 111 people lost their lives in ATV related incidents. Of those total deaths, 37.8% occurred in the Northern region, and 36% occurred in the Interior.

In more than half of all those cases, alcohol and or drugs, were a contributing factor.

With the three deaths this past weekend and a dozen related injury collisions, the North District Provincial Regional Traffic Services has released some safety tips to keep everyone safe.

  • Wear Proper Safety Gear: this is the probably the most overlooked item by too many riders.
  • A good Department of Transportation (DOT) approved helmet is the most important factor.
  • A sturdy pair of riding boots to protect your feet and ankles
  • Gloves
  • A durable pair of goggles to protect your eyes from flying dirt, branches and other items while riding.
  • Long sleeve shirt and pants as well as a chest protector are also recommended.

Choose the right type of ATV: the bigger the ATV the heavier and more powerful. You can get yourself into trouble quicker if you’re not careful.

Take an ATV Safety Training Course: Making an ATV go is deceptively easy but knowing your limitations and that of the ATV is priceless and lifesaving. The problem is when you need to turn, stop, or stop quickly in the middle of a turn.

Don’t operate ATV’s Drunk or on Drugs! Consuming alcohol or any illicit substances before you head out is a really bad idea. Not only is it illegal if caught – it’s the first bad choice of the day which could just compound throughout the day. You may suffer personal injury or death. Or worse, kill someone else.

Don’t Ride ATV’s with a Passenger: If the ATV your riding is not designed to carry passengers, don’t.

The new registration system for Off Road Vehicles (ORVs)will be mandatory on June 1st for any off road vehicle operating on Crown land or forest service roads on Crown land. An off-road vehicle is designed for off-highway use as they do not meet safety standards for on-highway use. While may types of vehicles fall under the category of an ORV, police are focusing on All Terrain vehicles (ATVs) and Utility Terrain vehicles (UTVs


So is this the gov’t assumption that registering ATV’s or UTV’s and of course start the procedure to collect more coin will somehow eliminate some users from operating recreational vehicles after having a few road pop and as well excessive speed will be eliminated. Good luck with that one.

Seems like a just another tax on the public by the liberals to line the coffers in Victoria.

Its not only the fee to register your ATV but its also another tax grab when you sell your ATV to another person. Just like the auto’s every time you sell the vehicle the tax has to be paid again. Whats next-the kitchen knives.

Sales tax applies to boats as well. Did you pay pst on that used 12 foot you bought from your neighbour? It’s taxable.

How many people died in BC doing anything this past weekend?

111 people doesn’t give us enough data. How many were impaired, how many were fleeing the law on ATV’s, how many were under age. I wish they would release all the data.

you know what is a rip off is, Sales tax on used trailers, vehicles, etc.

The government has already collected the tax on it once.

I can understand that it is to even out the used and new sales. But everything has a registration, I think the better solution is on the first resale, taxes get a 25% discount. The second resale it gets a 50% discount, the third resale is a 75% discount. any subsequent resale there is no tax. Everything has a VIN so, it should be relatively easy to track.

Yes, Registration is necessary. If, for no other reason than for these machines to carry liability insurance! Without some type of public record and if you are hit by any of the idiot drivers of these machines – you must most likely have to look to your own insurance coverage for personal repair. Now, isn’t that a pleasant thought.
Or, do some of the ‘money to government crybabies’ have other solutions?
PS: Let me also say that not all ATV pilots are idiots – just enough of them to be a concern!

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