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October 28, 2017 4:14 am

Consortium to Study Impacts of Resource Development in Northern B.C.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 @ 9:29 AM

Prince George, B.C. – What will proposed increases for resource development mean for northern B.C.?


From left, CCIRC Project lead Chris Buse, Health Research Institute Council Member Margot Parkes, Natural Resources and Environmental Studies Institute Streering Committee Member Art Fredeen, and UNBC PICS Coordinator Kyle Aben – photo courtesy UNBC

What effects will projects like Site C, new mines, and LNG development have on communities and regions in the North?

That will be the focus of a new consortium, the Cumulative and Community Impacts Research Consortium (CCIRC), at UNBC.

“The CCIRC will bring together experts, knowledge, and resources from three existing UNBC institutes – the Community Development Institute, the Health Research Institute, and the Natural Resources and Environmental Studies Institute,” reads a UNBC news release.

The CCIRC will begin work in late spring,”engaging First Nations, local business, industry groups, residents, government officials, and other stakeholders.”

Its activities “will include supporting community workshops and discussions, and creating an online information hub of academic, traditional and experiential knowledge of cumulative impacts.”

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions is funding the consortium to the tune of $225,000 over three years, and UNBC’s Office of Research.

“As British Columbia and Canada continue to look north, it is important that we gain a robust understanding of effects associated with development,” says UNBC president Dr. Daniel Weeks. “The CCIR is an exciting new platform to have these important discussions that will lead the way to inform future policy decisions.”


They are going to spend $225 thousand dollars..

I can tell you exactly what it is going to say.

MORE EMPLOYMENT opportunity for all sectors in the north.
Our carbon foot print got bigger and there will be some whinning about it.

Just send me the money for the research.

The Pacific institute for climate solutions, now there is a money sink if there ever was one. They also are confused about the term climate change, guess they figure the climate never changed until Mann came along.

There has been no global averaged temperature rise for 18 Years five months now dispite an increase in plant food. Kinda knocks the c02 thing out of the park but hey let’s not let a little hiccup get in the way of funding and an all expense paid trip to the climate party in Paris.

This is a waste of time and money. These projects will go ahead or not go ahead based on many factors, however nothing that comes out of UNBC will have any impact on the decision making.

Not sure why the University seems to think that they need to be involved in some industry expansion, and not others. Sounds like a make work, and spend money program to me.

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