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Friday Free For All – May 22nd, 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015 @ 11:59 PM

Another week is coming to a close, but the  comment gates are open.

It is  your opportunity to  speak up on the issues which struck a chord  with  you over the past week.  It is time for the Friday Free for All.

Our rules are simple, you pick the topic, but please,  obey our three simple rules:

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L E T   ‘E R   R I P !!!


In an age of increasing nuclear dangers the Harper foreign policy pushes the world ever closer to the unthinkable. A few weeks back someone was asking about the Harper decision to have Canada supply India with uranium… and what the implications for this are?

This week America was confronted by China in international waters off the South China Sea… Chinese forces claimed the area is now part of a local Chinese exclusion zone for military purposes. China has been building up islands in the Spratly Islands area to place unsinkable airfields within striking distance of the major American military bases in the West Pacific.

The Chinese strategy is to have the capacity to over target vulnerable American fixed land based ICBM forces that in most cases have been in the same locations for decades. American policy was to have a transparent nuclear force, and America opted against a mobile nuclear force in efforts to reduce the expensive nuclear arsenal.

China however has a policy of complete secrecy around their nuclear arsenal. They believe the less their enemies (us in the West) know of their actual capabilities the more deterrence they will get from the uncertainty. The little that is know for sure about the Chinese nuclear forces often comes from Chinese sources themselves like parades and Chinese military magazines.

What has been learned of the Chinese arsenal in recent times is very alarming to people that are watching. Most media and China watchers have been using the same statistics on Chinese nuclear weapons for the last 40-years… the same claim to only have 250-300 nuclear weapons they had in 1973.

But we know China has built its entire military strategy around nuclear warfare. They have over 1000 interceptor jets, 1300 attack aircraft, hundreds of fixed ICBM’s, and now a recent Peoples Liberation Army Pictorial shows they have a new off road missile launch 16 wheel truck similar to the Russian design… They have new long range DF-41 ballistic missiles with multiple re-entry warheads designed to overwhelm any missile defense systems… they have 68 submarines of which 9 are nuclear powered with the ability to sea launch multiple nuclear missiles (one of which was tested off the coast of California a few years back)… and now the big stunner is the newly discovered ‘Underground Great Wall’ of China.

The ‘Underground Great Wall’ of China is a 2000 mile long underground network designed to hide and move their new off road missile launch systems (these things are huge, so these tunnels are no small matter). How many of these can be hidden in 3000km of tunnels and caves is anyone’s guess, but what is know is that it would be very difficult if not impossible to neutralize that threat. Furthermore with that kind of underground network the elite in the Chinese military and communist party would stand a very good chance at surviving any nuclear war should it break out.

China has built up its nuclear arsenal to probably many thousands of weapons by now considering the weapons delivery systems they have at play. They have the capability to preemptively strike America’s fixed and transparent ICBM nuclear forces and force a blackmail of population centers. The Chinese communist leadership has virtually no constraints if they do decide to go all in.

American and Russian nuclear forces are governed through a Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) that allows each side to inspect the others nuclear sites, and disclose the numbers and locations of weapons systems and facilities and requires reductions on both sides missile launchers, but not stockpiles.

With China they have never agreed to any inspections, or any transparency at all of their nuclear forces, launchers, facilities, or even their official nuclear war doctrine. This has allowed them to build up with indifference to global concerns to the point that they are more of a threat now to the world, then the cold war between Russian and America ever was.

India it is no secrete admires what China has accomplished and wishes to do the same. India has a program they run jointly with Israel that supplies Israel with their nuclear weapons. Harper agreed to do what no other nation would… he agreed to supply India with uranium that is said to be for India’s domestic reactors (so too were the Cando reactors, yet were used for weapons production)… but has no provisions to govern transparency in India’s weapons programs… meaning any domestic uranium freed up from Canadian imports for the reactors can now be used to follow China’s lead of building up a secret nuclear arsenal to threaten the world with at a latter date. In a region that sees tensions with Pakistan it just is not good geo political sense for Canada to be contributing to this potential with out at the minimum having got a treaty out of India allowing complete open and transparent access to international third party inspectors of India’s nuclear program in its entirety.

Epic fail on Harpers part… a belligerent for war, and an enabler of nuclear weapons proliferation our children will be dealing with if not the world much sooner than that. He sells uranium to India so they can build more nuclear weapons in secret, and he signs an investment agreement with China so China has yet more blackmail levers to use ensuring a Canadian surrender to the monopoly state capitalist in the communist party of China.

Canada has no foreign policy leadership, and either does it appear do the Americans. One only has to look at their epic failures in Lybia, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Yeman, Ukraine and now China and India as well. All solid cases of epic failure each in their own right and all as a result of dumb stooge politicians like our own conservative MP’s backing stupid partisan gibberish based on fantasy rhetoric, and not real world realities any sane thinking person would observe and avoid being associated with the failed policy driving the world over the edge.


Someone spends too much time on the Internet, and not enough time out in the world living life!

I thought I would just say That I actually met some people who had very positive things to say about PG must come as a big shock to you negative types that believe in doom saying and it can’t happen here.

Was a refreshing change to actually talk to people who actually like PG and openly encourage people to visit and even make this a destination vacation

Oh my but we can’t have positive thoughts about PG it’s blasphemy but it’s true there are people other than me who truly love this city


Holy homey what you trip-en on. Do you support the legalization of marijuana???
I am glad you never got on the topic of chemical war fare, or is that next weeks topic.

The BC govt types have asked for names for their new ferries?! Careful what you ask for….you might not like what you hear.

Anyone seen any caterpillars yet?

HWY 97 NORTH- Why is this why closed? I read all the info on 250 news and other than a sweeping machine working, I cannot see why this road is closed till ——maybe 4:00pm?

HWY 97 NORTH CLOSURE – Sorry I didn’t read this mornings update. Glad it’s open now

good morning all, Eagleone’s search engine is in fine for this morning..
roads all appear to be open, fire is slowing being knocked back, the caterpillars are still hibernating as are teh moths and a fine weekend is almost upon us… what more can we ask for…
enjoy all..


They are coming. Downtown, you can start to see the tree hangers, although, significantly less than last year. One tree DT on 3rd is completely dead form these buggers.

As usual Eagleone thinks that Canada is a big player on the world stage, and that Harper actually has some influence with the Chinese, Russians, or India.

Dearth, you say that you actually met some people who had very positive things to say about PG! It happens to us all the time because we too are happy to live here, in the Hart where the air is usually crisp and clean! Our beefs about PG are small ones, like too many potholes not looked after properly and stuff like that! Nothing major! Have a great weekend!

As for Eagle and his politics all I can say is that everything brought up in the lengthy comment is entirely beyond his control, so why worry about something like that? If it is entirely beyond one’s control one might as well ignore it and get on doing things which are within one’s ability to make a difference! You too have a great weekend!

Posted on Friday, May 22, 2015 @ 5:57 AM by doc
Anyone seen any caterpillars yet?

I have found many on my bike rides up cranbrook hill. They are not gone completely just yet. Not near as many as the past few years but they are there.

The point is we can all control who we vote for.

A vote for Harper is a vote to enable India to make the same decisions as China in building an unaccountable nuclear arsenal that is done in secrecy and will one day threaten the world, just as China’s nuclear arsenal does today.

Harper had a clear choice and he chose to support enabling more weapons that threaten the planet so he could be seen making deals on the international stage.

Harper could have insisted that no uranium gets sold to any country that is not completely transparent about their entire nuclear industry including the bomb making or military side of things… Or no uranium. It’s a hard line stance Canada had prior to Harper selling out for a photo op.

Does anyone else find it appalling that the girl who designed one side of the winter games medal is trying to get money from the host society and car dealerships that have vehicles with logo still stencilled on them along with the rest of the games marketing?

“Does anyone else find it appalling that the girl who designed one side of the winter games medal is trying to get money from the host society and car dealerships that have vehicles with logo still stencilled on them along with the rest of the games marketing?”

It was O.K. though to auction items off to city employee’s rather than the public.

Sine nomine, they should all charge her for the advertising ofher hideous “art” work :)

Canada is not the only source of uranium in the world, Eagle. And once that uranium has been sold and is in the possession of the country buying it no agreement that it not be used for weapons production would be worth the paper it’s written on. It is unenforceable, and if it were enforceable you would have exactly the kind of world you’ve been railing against. Because the ‘enforcer’ would be a ‘one world government’ ~ and there’s no indication whatsoever that any kind of ‘government’ like that would ever be remotely ‘democratic’.

I heard from a good source that there will not be a Baseball Challenge this year due to non sufficient funds in the coffers.

The Prov Gov apparently only donated 7000 for this event, which is, in my opinion a world class event and should be treated as such by the Province.

However, is it true that the hosts actually paid for teams to come and attend? Wouldn’t perhaps a large cash prize for the winners and runners up be in order??

Since Obama is turning the once powerful US into a shadow of its former self non democratic authoritarian countries are taking over the sandpile. Eventually there will be a fight for the top of the sandpile and since the US will be relatively impotent all hell will break loose.

Keep buying Chinese.

I live near the Laurier Manor for senior living. I am totally disgusted at the way the grounds are kept or lack thereof. The weeds and grass is all overgrown. The number signs on the buildings are only partially there. One resident was telling me how she is waiting to get her ceiling fixed for over a month as it leaks and she has pots to catch the water when it rains. The residents have planted some beautiful flowers to enjoy but have to sit and look at long grass and weeds. A shame.

Anyone see any panhandlers yet?

Is it just me? We seem to have very few wild bees this year in our flower gardens.

“Since Obama is turning the once powerful US into a shadow of its former self “. This statement by seamutt is the most rediculas statement I have ever read @250 . It is as rediculas as your co2 delusions . The USA has the mightiest military in the world and will have as long as the world turns . Never bet against the Americans ,ever , because you will lose . If it weren’t for Obamas incredible stewardship of their economy , we would all be enjoy a depression to rival the dirty thirties . Sadly our idiot in charge decided to do nothing and only wait to ride the coat tails of the Americans recovery . Anyone else getting tired of waiting . Anyone else want four more years of failer and pipe dreams that are going to make us all rich some time in the distant future , maybe , if , when .

Eagleone old news this is the biggest threat to the world, Obama said so, so it must be true

Mr Obama talked of climate change as “the most severe threat” that “will impact every country on the planet … a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security. And, make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country. And so we need to act – and we need to act now.” No, we don’t. The evidence just isn’t there.

I can just see May, Suzuki, Cullen, Weaver, Ataloss all nodding their collective heads in lockstep agreement and Gore running out to buy another carbon trading company.

Posted on Friday, May 22, 2015 @ 7:39 AM by Sine Nomine

Does anyone else find it appalling that the girl who designed one side of the winter games medal is trying to get money from the host society and car dealerships that have vehicles with logo still stencilled on them along with the rest of the games marketing?


Her claim is that they breached her contract by using her art work to sell cars. If this claim is true, she has every right to compensation. Her cease and desist request were apparently ignored so this is her last resort.

When I heard of the dealer selling off the cars never once did they mention the medals.. All they said was they where selling off the vehicles used during the winter games.. And you know what..that’s what they did…. Good luck in court lady.

Okay.. Now the good stuff 8). Loving this weather, what a great start to the summer and hope,it keeps up :-)

Be careful with fires when camping and watch for burn restrictions everyone :)

Time to enjoy my morning coffee on the deck :-)

To those ripping on the artist:
Her art work is her self employment. She needs to earn income in order to live. Would you rather she gave away her art work and was on Income assistance? Or is it a matter of being jealous that she gets to do something she loves to do and not have to toil in the drudgery of the daily grind going to a job you hate?
Do what you love to earn your living, then you never have to go to work, rather you go to employment.

It does not matter if you like her work or not, it is what she does to earn income and she won a competition for the honour and privilege of providing the First Nations themed art work for the games medals. This artwork was not produced to support a for profit organization.

A commercial enterprise is using her images and infringing on her copyright without receiving an authorization from the artist regardless of compensation.

Remember this is the same outfit that lost its primary stakeholder last year due to some sales irregularities. They seem to be living down to the reputation of used car dealers and yet the artist is slagged?

Loki.. Didn’t she get money for her winning design?

Ataloss gulps the Obama kool aid. First under Obama the middle east is a cluster __ck. Us military might? I hope your right but if they couldn’t handle Viet Nam or Afghanistan what are the chances of controlling China. As far as Obamas stewardship of the US economy, that could be the dumbest thing ever posted on 250.
You clearly have a limited knowledge of economics despite you trading boasts.
95 million people out of the work force. They are not counted in employment data which gives the illusion things are getting better. The finances of many states and cities point to more Detroit’s. Class and race conflicts due to real unemployment will lead to more chaos. The number of Americans on food stamps has never ever been higher. US debt levels have grown exponentially under his watch. The amounts are now surreal. The effects of the huge costs to the consumer of Obamacare are just starting to hit the data.

So how can the S&P be at record levels? Very simple, the Fed’s zero interest rate policy. This has driven funds into the stock market. It has also given companies the incentive to borrow near zero and buy back their stock giving the illusion of growing profits. It’s a ponzi, that will come to an end. The winners again are the wall street thieves who brought us the 2009 collapse. The same ones who where just fined billions for manipulating the currency markets.

The second dumbest comment on 250 is that Harper somehow dropped the ball through the economic crises. Canada clearly was the best performer in the G8 through the crises. Your insane distortion of reality is laughable. Why not post something that doesn’t make you look like a fool, like your favorite BBQ recipe.

Loki – She needs to earn income in order to live. Would you rather she gave away her art work and was on Income assistance?

Apparently she does have a jobs – visual artist, educator, and a Band Councillor.

Loki – Remember this is the same outfit that lost its primary stakeholder last year due to some sales irregularities.

Read the court papers again – It is more that one dealership.

I doubt there was a clause in there stating that all decals had to be removed after the games.

Is this not the same person that is heading up the Wild Salmon Caravan?

If I remember correctly she was she not quite vocal about the Haldi Road fiasco neighbourhood?

The Artist issue,

I suppose it is like someone borrowing you car to do down to Vanderhoof. Later you find out that they drove to Vancouver. Yes the tank is full when they come back but what about the wear and tear. Should they pay you for the additional kms. Ok maybe across Canada and back. At what point do you cry fowel?

I suspect I would be upset. I think they are stickers, can they not be taken off. If so I think the artist can insist they they be taken off. Are the vehicles being sold at a premium because of the stickers. Why should the artist not benefit?

If I was selling them I certainly would use the fact they have the art on them.

I think artist give away enough art for charity and many other causes and it is a very tough way to make a living. Well until you get famous but everyone forgets what it took to get there.

I guess we will have to see what happens. To be honest unless we have all the fact we can’t really make a comment, but what the heck. It is opinion 250 and they give us a voice. All the best to the Artist, win, lose or draw. At the very least she will get some recognition.

OK not enough coffee this morning. I just read my comment. Sorry for the terrible grammar. I know better. :)

Maybe it was all about the money for her. The car dealerships were not making money off of her art work, if anything they were promoting it, If I had bought one of the cars used in the games the first thing I would have done was get the art work off of it.

In a statement of claim filed this week at the Prince George courthouse, the artist states the Prince George 2015 Canada Winter Games Host Society breached a contract that gave it a licence to use her artwork “non-commercially,” between Feb. 13 and March 1.

March 1 has come and gone. The contract period is over and anyone who keeps the image on anything is subject to breach of contract as well as copyright infringement if they were not party to the contract.

Sounds simple enough to me.

Pgguy. The vehicles had to be sold as “used”. There was nothing special about the vehicles.. The stickers didn’t make them special. Just cheaper… Maybe the dealers should have charged her to remove any stickers showing the medals ?

To me she is being very petty… Didn’t hear a peep from her when the real big push was on to get the used vehicles off the lot. Also if the stickers stay in isn’t she getting free advertising for her work ?

“The car dealerships were not making money off of her art work, if anything they were promoting it”

I could easily argue that the vehicles have a collector value and would be worth more than a normal used vehicle, or even abused vehicle. The only thing a car dealership promotes is the sale of vehicles and the service it provides. In doing a charitable act, they promote themselves and deduct the graphics and other promotion they do as a cost of the business, thus causing them to have to pay less tax, which means that the general taxpayer has to pay more tax and is, subsidizing those businesses who promote themselves through charitable giving.

Time to come clean here how these things work in the real world.

“Also if the stickers stay in isn’t she getting free advertising for her work ?”

How does one get free advertising if their name, contact, contribution, and charitable donation of in-kind work are not published?

“Is this not the same person that is heading up the Wild Salmon Caravan?

If I remember correctly she was she not quite vocal about the Haldi Road fiasco neighbourhood?”

Please give us the connection between those two observation and the matter at hand. The court/judge certainly would not see any. It is totally irrelevant in the case.

Posted on Friday, May 15, 2015 @ 4:03 PM by Palopu
Retired 02. Harper doesn’t have the ill wind that blows through Abbotsford. The Cow Dung Capital of BC.
Abbys logo should be a pile of dung surrounded by black flies.

Good morning to all my friends in George. Looks like another great day. However I have to respond to pals post of last Friday that appears above.

Pal still believes after I have told him we have much better air quality in Abbotsford then he will enjoy in Prince George. For his information cow dung is good. It all goes on a conveyor to a bin where a deodorizer is added and then its spread on the dairy farmers field that produces a lush silage that is fed to his cows and guess what they produce the milk that Pal puts on his cereal each morning.

Pal you should be more concerned about air quality in Prince George where 33 people die each year from repertory disease.

Dow – your just earned a slow clap ( this is a good thing).

Obama is a disaster. He will go down in history as the worst president in the history of the United States of America.

He is a social justice, domestic policy, academic president with an appeasement foreign policy. He is the worst of Roosevelt, who’s appeasement policy led to a weakened US sitting back observing 2 years of WW2 happen to allies until Japan slammed them at Pearl Harbour because the Japanese felt the USA was too weak morally to stomach a war. Obama also channels Carter, another disastrous Democrat, who has been ridiculed as the worst US president, but Obama eclipses all of Carter’s misdeeds now.

Obama and his cabal clown car of cabinet advisors start with Iranian born Valerie Jarret who pulls his strings in the background, hence he can’t utter the words “Islamic Terrorist” and had all references to that scrubbed from CIA, FBI, and military training manuals. His admin has purged the US military of all top Admirals, Generals and senior staff that doesn’t agree with his ideology.

He has alienated allied and friendly nations, starting with Britain when one of the first things he did when he got into office was return the bust of Churchill that was in the White House. His hatred of Israel is venomous. He once left Netenyahu to sit in a chair alone downstairs while he disrespectfully left him to go eat dinner with his wife and kids. He had the Dali Lama leave the white house once out the back door garbage entrance.

He cuddled up to Venezuela’s dictator, wants to normalize relations with Cuba’s dictator, because they mirror his world view of socialism. He sent delegations to attend funerals of black criminals but refused to send one person to MArgaret Thatchers funeral.

He and Hillary blamed a video for the attack on Benghazi, when within hours they knew it was a planned co-ordinated attack by a terrorist group. He lied.

He was caught on a hot mic making pillow talk to the Russians about how much power he’d have after winning the election in 2012. Look how well that reset is. Ukrained? Crimea? Russian bombers invading airspace all over the globe? Putin has no respect for him he now has his eyes on the Balkans.

China is building up a 600 ship navy, a land base and air based military that is now way beyond the US ability to contain it. Hence they are building islands in the Spratlys with no opposition and declaring them annexed.

If anyone is a student of history, we are at 1939 all over again. A weak Democratic social justice domestic president. An academically trained community organizer. China = Japan circa 1939. Russia = Germany circa 1939.

The middle east is boiling because Obama telegraphs his every move. It’s a cauldron, cause by a vacuum of power he left in Iraq in 2011.

He refuses to defend the borders. He keeps promising citizenship to everyone that pours over the borders from the south. They are experiencing an invasion.

And his stewardship of the economy? He has wracked up 6 trillion in debt in his presidency. That is more that all other presidents in history combined. 1/3 of the US population is unemployed. Food stamps at a record high. Stockbrokers and the richest of the rich are getting richer while there is record unemployment. Don’t let their 5% unemployment stated statistic fool you. That is skewed. Once people are kicked off UI they are no longer in the workforce. The actual number is closer to 17%.

And everyone thought electing a half black president would be good. “Post racist America” they said.

This guy uses the race card at every turn, making comments like the “police acted stupidly” and “Trayvon could have been my son”. Race relations under Obama have reverted to the 1960’s. Riots everywhere. Record black youth unemployment. Record poverty. Democrat run cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit all festering holes going bankrupt and with record black on black murder rates and poverty.

It’s been 6 years since Bush, yet at every turn Obama blames Bush, even though the last two years of Bush’s presidency, the Democrats ran the country because they held both houses of Congress and they brought in the Freddie Mac Fanny Mae debacle that caused the 2007-2008 financial collapse – which Bush fought against.

Obama. Ya right.

Those vehicles were a blight on the “Games”. Graphics a three year old would be hard pressed to win any plaudits for. If the artist wants them removed it is because they are a constant reminder of what a PC contest does to quality.
Isn’t this just so typical: Handbook for how to hold ANY event in Canada. Slobber all over the local band. Hand over copious quantities of cash, with no strings or audits. Tap a local “artist” (non-native need not apply), for all the graphics and awards. Then prepare to get sued for a perceived grievance and hand over even more taxpayer money.
Maybe we should try and relax the whining left’s white guilt syndrome, and just focus on holding sports events that celebrate the athletes.

“First under Obama the middle east is a cluster __ck”


Actually, that mess started with Bush, the second Iraq war and the removal of Saddam Hussein. Do you honestly think ISIS would be running around the region if Saddam was still there in full on dictator mode? Not likely. He was a goon and a thug, but his presence kept things relatively stable in the region . . . at least compared to the mess that is there now.

The only long-term solution, IMHO, is to get the hell out of the region altogether and let them fight it out amongst themselves. Nothing good will come from western interests being there and that includes Canada.

Despite all you say BC Grog. Obama was re-elected, millions of people voted for him, and that’s all that matters.

Americans are not too interested in the prattle of someone buried in the hinterlands of BC.

In fact most Americans look on Canadians as being a joke.

So lets worry more about some of the poor excuses we have for leaders hiding in the wings like Trudeau, or Mulcair rather than slag the Americans, or their Presidents.

Have people forgotten the Savings and Loan fiasco when old George Bush was in power, or other major failures by young George Bush.

A recent poll shows the young Bush as being the worst US President ever.

“The second dumbest comment on 250 is that Harper somehow dropped the ball through the economic crises. Canada clearly was the best performer in the G8 through the crises”


The only reason we did well is because we had a highly regulated banking sector that wasn’t impacted in the same manner as other countries when the crisis hit. Even though the reformers like to take the credit, those regulations were actually brought to you by the Federal Liberals.

IIRC, the reformers were actually the ones who advocated for less regulation, 40 year mortgages, etc. Funny how they don’t mention that now, LOL.

“Abbys logo should be a pile of dung surrounded by black flies”

You forgot the white cross stuck in the middle of the pile in rememberance of all the Habitsford murder victims Palopu. Couple more in the last fews weeks and if current pace continues will be around 33 this year as they try to regain top spot in the country.

BC Grog – “It’s been 6 years since Bush, yet at every turn Obama blames Bush..”

Ha ha, it’s been 15 years since the NDP, and the BC Liberals are still blaming them for our current economic situation. That’s how politics works.

I sure hope the Chinese missile tunnels don’t get connected to the Jade Helm tunnels connecting all the Wal Mart stores across North America or there might be a big brouhaha in the American Deep Underground Military Bases scattered across the country. DUMB’s for short or is that the people that believe everything they read on the internet…I forget:)

“How does one get free advertising if their name, contact, contribution, and charitable donation of in-kind work are not published?”

Ummmm…..Frivolous lawsuits.

Palopu I was merely responding to Ataloss’s glowing statement about Obama’s “incredible stewardship of the US economy.”

Yes Obama got elected a second time. Partly because of blatant lies like “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.Period. If you like your plan you can keep your plan.”

And, “I got Bin Laden, Al Qada is finished and on the run”. That statement is so wrong on so many levels. Seal Team 6 got Bin Laden, using intel gathered under Bush by using the oh so horrible technique of tipping a savage upside down and pouring water on a towel over his mouth. Impossible to drown, no lasting ill effects. They did that three times, twice to one guy who planned the 9/11 attack that murdered 3000 people.

But they got the courier’s name from him that lead to the hideout.

The other problem with his boast is that he and Hillary lied about Benghazi, which was an Al Qada attack on an embassy, killing the first US ambassador in decades. They blamed it on a Youtube video for weeks afterwards because having Al Qada attack just before the November election went against his narrative that he defeated them.

Also things like weaponizing the IRS to strangle thousands of conservative PACs and other devious crap. Plus how many morons ( low information voters) that knew the life history of the latest American Idol contestants over what the idiot in chief was bloviating about.

But I digress.

The younger Bush was panned in that poll. Yes. Again, read my comment above. Low information voters responded to it and misguided uninformed people think he caused the great recession. It was Democrats controlling the House for two years prior to the end of his final term that wrecked the economy. He was president a mere 7 months when 9/11 happened. Everyone was behind him at first when he did what he had to do. He was a wartime president. But there were no more attacks on US soil while he was president.

I do agree with you re: the current crop of so called leaders we get to pick from in the next election.

But then again, just like the handsome Obama, idiots will vote for Trudeau because he’s young and looks good in a suit.

I say this because i’ve heard this numerous times now. People vote with their crotches, not for civic knowledge.

I think everyone should have to test civics tests before they are given the right to vote.

Bang on BC Grog.

NMG, there was much more to Canada’s performance than the banking sector although it certainly helped.

Palpou, what are you, a moderator? We can comment on whatever. If Canada is a fart in the wind then US policy deserves scrutiny. Maybe you should focus more on it. Using the S&L crises of decades ago to prove some point is weak. What some pompous poster in the hinterlands posts has no bearing on anyone. Will that make you stop posting?

Does anyone else find it appalling that the girl who designed one side of the winter games medal is trying to get money from the host society and car dealerships that have vehicles with logo still stencilled on them along with the rest of the games marketing?

What is written in the Written Contract ?
Is there a Written Contract ?
All I have heard so far is “She said-They said”.
No Written Contract-they can do what they want.
Get it on Paper.

BCgrog nailed it on Obama.

Retired, perfume in the poop, really

I applaud Aboriginal Artist; Jennifer Pighin in her attempt to enforce the Copyright Act, when it comes to protecting her own art. She created the design, and her attempt to assert her own Moral Right to protect the integrity of her work is admirable. Jennifer has the “right” to assert that she be credited with the creations of her own work. Jennifer has the right to protect her own work from association with other unapproved causes, including for-profit businesses. Jennifer has class, why would she want to have her reputation, and her work, associated with something other?

Type www in front of this: .pgfreepress.com/auto-dealer-charged-with-deceptive-practices

then copy and paste on to your address bar and press enter.

Wow, this site sucks when it comes to posting links. It kind of dummy downs this site to encourage comments based on nothing but opinions, which cannot be backed up or substantiated with links to evidence, proof, or facts. Welcome to Harper Land.

Freebreeze by the barrel?

Starting Monday in Toronto, and then slowly across Canada in June, Air Canada will start policing carry-on baggage, for proper size and weight. Be prepared to open your wallets if your bag doesn’t fit.

Even though it’s another money-grab, I’m all for this. I’m sick & tired of glacial speed flight boarding/unloading because morons have to bring their entire closet with them, and try to shove it in the overhead.

Had an interesting near miss on Victoria St just now. Was crossing at 8th and Victoria, 3 vehicles stopped to let me cross while a fourth, a self absorbed woman driving a jeep CJ or YJ rolled right on through without a care in the world….when I yelled HEY…she replied “your not in a crosswalk!”
Now notwithstanding the fact that the city is so wowfully behind in getting lines and crosswalks painted, I would have to agree that there is no painted crosswalk at that intersection, however if people actually bother to read their rules of the road, it is pretty clear that marked or not every intersection is considered a crosswalk, and Pedestrians have the right of way when crossing. 3 out 4 drivers recognized that fact and stopped, the one obviously doesn’t know the rules and didn’t. Fortuneatley I never ever rely on other people following the rules when it comes to my personal safety, so I was never really at risk, however over the years I have seen many close calls where the pedestrian wasn’t quite so aware!
Keep your eyes open people, and by all means yield to that pedestrian even if they are in the wrong!

@Sophic Sage

You are treading on thin ice by suggesting that a car dealership is involved in deceptive practices selling the CWG vehicles without one shread of evidence or proof to back your claims. Could be grounds for them to file a little legal action of their own for defamation.

There is nothing that links the two and if I am not mistaken the individuals involved in the previous matter are no longer with the company.

@Sophic Sage,
You actualy have the 2 groups of dealerships confused with each other!
The group that provided all of those vehicles for the games was the Wood Wheaton group ie, The Chevrolet/GMC Dealer the Ford Dealer, and the Honda Dealer.
The group that was involved in the deceptive practices issue was the Northland Group, ie, Dodge, Hyundai, Nissan.
Perhaps it would be a good idea to get your facts straight before you deceminate inflamatory, and probably libelous false information on this or any other site!

Posted on Friday, May 22, 2015 @ 12:57 PM by Sophic Sage

Wow, this site sucks when it comes to posting links. It kind of dummy downs this site to encourage comments based on nothing but opinions, which cannot be backed up or substantiated with links to evidence, proof, or facts. Welcome to Harper Land.


Now there’s a head scratcher. As part of it’s anti-spam policy this site reviews all hyperlinks before publishing and somehow that’s Harper’s doing?

Ok then; Jennifer has class, why would she want to have her reputation, and her work, associated with something other?


“The worst on the list were auto dealers.”

There I referenced the whole auto dealer industry as being worst on the list for deceptive practices. Happy now?

Go Jen, Go!

No axman; My refernce to Harper Land is about his government making decisions based mainly on opinion (ideology), with little consideration to; evidence, proof, or facts.

Here is a link that points this out; *warning* it is a Journal of Higher Learning site.


@ SS

You are still implying that there is some form of deception in the disposal of CWG vehicles and that the dealership has some ill gotten gains while offering no proof. Smearing the whole industry does not lessen the potential harm your statements do to the local dealership and still leave you and this site exposed to potential legal action.

When you find youself in a hole the first thing to do is quit digging.

Do the newbies always get this much attention on this site? Sparrow; as Harper would say; “Let me be clear about this” Jen Pighin is suing the Canada Winter Games organizers and three car dealers. I support her in her endevor. She signed a contract that allowed one of her designs to be used to promote the Games, but not for commercial purposes. That design was later found on cars for sale at three local car dealerships, one of which cars were sold.

Now what part of “NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES” do you not understand? I believe Jeniffer has a very strong case, it is the Canada Winter Games organizers and the three car dealers that are ” on thin ice”, in my considered opinion.

Did you want me to keep on digging?

So sage you are okay with taxpayer paid scientists having uncontrolled funding for biased based research such as the out of controlled spending on so called “climate change”. Harper I believe sees the scam.


Newbie? Peeps? Could it be.Hart Guy will be happy.

Yeah keep digging. Even if you have a gavel in your hand or an llb behind your, you can still find yourself in front of a judge for making unproven accusations. Opinions considered or not mean zilch without proof,cause opinions are like something everyone has.

behind your name

“Newbie? Peeps?”….. LOL…that’s exactly what I thought.

NyteHawwk: Being able to Read is an Option!

I have Hemochromatosis and RH O negative blood type, I have to get rid of blood twice a year to stay healthy . I would go the Blood clinic and I was in and out and I knew my blood would be going to help others. Our blood clinic will be closing soon , the thought of having to go to our Hospital and my blood being put down the drain makes me sad. I guess I will have to make the drive to Kamloops or Kelowna , Why not Prince George?

That’s right . In little hyperbolic zerohedge talking points president blackula bad . Every where a mistake . BS boys and girls. The markets don’t lie . You have all been given the gift of a lifetime . That is IF you took advantage . When my hero Obama came to office the whole world was teetering on the abiss. World wide depression loomed . Then Obama took control and the bottom was in , in March of 2009 . We will never see a run up from then til now again in your life time .

Re the winter medal thing. Maybe they should of picked someone up and coming that would have been proud to display their work instead of some so called professional artist looking for coin.g

The world is still teetering stockaloss. Does Obama run the fed? What exactly did he do to save the world. This experiment with zero rates and QE has never happened before. It has created another bubble that will not end well. When rates back up, which is already well underway in the bond market, this party will be exposed for the scam it is. I just hope you are a levered up long when it blows.

Oh, and markets do lie. You are obviously new to the game.

With regard to Jennifer Pighin’s lawsuit over her art work, there are several errors in the comments above. One is the statement that “No Written Contract-they can do what they want.” Wrong, it is exactly the opposite. The artist owns the copyright from the moment the work is created. No one else can use it except under the “fair dealing” doctrine, which isn’t relevant here, without receiving either a license from the artist or assignment of the copyright itself. Assignments and licenses MUST be in writing to be valid. In the absence of written license or assignment, CWG and the auto dealers have no right to use Pighin’s artwork. As far as we know, she has issued one license only, granting CWG the right to use her artwork for non-commercial purposes only during the games. Outside that period, using the artwork infringes her copyright.

Second, it is claimed that Jennifer Pighin has three jobs and so doesn’t need the income. In point of fact, her only regular job is as an art teacher at PGSS. She is no longer a band councilor. Her “job” as a visual artist, is not a salaried job but consists of the income she receives from selling and licensing artwork such as what she did for the Canada Winter Games.

Third, it is suggested that her work was chosen because she is a Lheidli T’enneh member and that she is not a real artist. “Tap a local “artist” (non-native need not apply), for all the graphics and awards.”
There’s no disputing taste, but she is an Emily Carr graduate, has taught art at PGSS, and has received other design contracts and sold works of art, so it is hardly accurate to claim that she is not a real artist. As for the CWG work, I believe that the artists were chosen in open competitions.

Thank you for your intelligent and well reasoned comment billposer. Speaking of intelligent and well reasoned comments Palopu made such a brilliant comment the other day that I simply must repost it:

“The problem is the opposition parties of most Governments know that what they say, and how they say it, it’s merely an act (of) buffoonery that they are required to go through because it is their job. Once out of opposition and into Government they change their tune.”

So true Palopu, and I found a perfect example:

www .youtube.com/watch?v=COwvznzJkV8

Eliminate the space between www and the dot after you copy and paste it to your address bar.

sparrow and NyteHawwk, Well said!
Any comments that slander, are libelous or defame may very well lead to civil action against the commenter and, as it is in print on this or any other site, doubtful a defendant could say the suit is frivolous or vexatious. was taught many years ago as well, that media gets it right sometimes, but not all the time. In other words, don’t believe everything you read or see in media.

Billposer, well said!

The Jennifer Pighin story is going national on CBC. Here is the link to it that goes into more detail than the Prince George Citizen.

www .cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/canada-winter-games-organizers-car-dealers-sued-by-b-c-artist-jennifer-pighin-1.3084192

Again after you copy and paste the link, remove the space between the www and the dot.

Interesting how all top ten most popular comments on that CBC news story are as supportive of Jennifer as I am. Also interesting that some of those comments are much more vexatious and libelous than mine. LOL… Go Jen Go!!!


Now you are freely admitting to making libelous statements directed at local car dealerships. Will be a cakewalk for their lawyers with your admission of guilt in black and white.

Keep digging Peeps.

New to the markets ? Rates normalizing starting in the fall . Take that to the bank . Am I ready ? What a laugh kid . Did I not tell you I like financials . Nothing ends well kid . Old age ain’t for sissies . Remember those words . If you don’t contract bse , whoops I mean altimerz syndrome and forget about it .

Thanks to the drama I’ve spent a little time researching Jennifer A. Pighin . You’re a treasure and a copyright is a copyright . Intellectual property is the most valuable property you will ever own . Your family/ desendents will own it forever . They will never have to pay property tax on it . They can pass it on to their desendents . You go girl .

Actually it was Grizzly2 that described my comments as vexatious and libelous, and we both know Grizzly2 is not a lawyer nor a judge. We also both know that it is not within your realm of expertise to determine what is libelous comment and what is not either Sparrow. Give it a break, stop obsessing, and move on.

By the way, the comments on the CBC Jen Pighin story are much more intelligent and reality based than yours, and most of the other comments, on that same story here. You should get out more Sparrow, it might help you pick up your game… one can only hope.

I also hope this auto dealership distraction doesn’t slow or impede your creativity . Had another look . You do some good work Jennifer .

Can’t wait for this to playout stockaloss. Arrogant spanky’s like you are rare in these parts. Watch and learn.

Rates normalizing….is BNN your source of knowledge?

By the way, I asked you what Obama did to save the world. Please respond, I can’t stop the banter till I know your opinion.

Oh, one more…what is your definition of normalized rates….. and no google.


I do know how to read. Direct quote from your earlier post:

“Also interesting that some of those comments are much more vexatious and libelous than mine.”

Clearly an admission in B&W that your posts meet the criteria of libel even if others have gone further. Guilty. Next.

Guess you are just being human, eh peeps.

I’m done.

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