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October 28, 2017 4:11 am

Wind Causes Damage in Cottonwood Island Park

Sunday, May 24, 2015 @ 3:49 AM


Prince George, B.C. – A storm that materialized in the Central Interior on Friday had the potential to cause some problems in Prince George.  However we were fortunate when it barely skirted the city and then moved off.

The effects were felt briefly when power to about 560 customers east of Johnson Street, west of Quebec, north of Highway 16 and south of River Road was lost for a time.

And, as 250 News photographer Stan Kuzma found out, it also brought down one large tree which did some fairly substantial damage to one of the wooden bridges in Cottonwood Island Park.


Meantime the park is closed due to some low level flooding.


Best the cotton wood trees on that Island get checked over soon as the one in the picture is full of rot good possibly there are more with rot.

Unfortunately,if all the over mature cottonwoods suffering from rot were to be removed then they would have to rename it as a field and not a park.

Best stay away from big old cottonwoods when the wind blows!

Did it make any noise, or was there anyone there…………LMAO!
Hell, I probably carved my initials in it when I was Five.
It’s the Cache, will always be the Cache.

Why didn’t they keep calling it the island cache rather then cotton wood island, as historically it was and is the island cache? Anyone know why.

Island Cache was the name of the Metis community that was there from the 20s until the 70s. There is a book out on the entire story of the Island Cache. Probably renamed to avoid embarrassment from the amalgamation in 1970 but I haven’t read the book yet but will ask Lisa for a copy when I see her next – didn’t even know she wrote part of it… crazy

slinky I have read of some history on the net of island cache, very interesting, how does one get a copy of the book you refer to.

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