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October 28, 2017 4:05 am

Former City Councillor Among Three NDP Candidates in Cariboo-Prince George

Saturday, May 30, 2015 @ 12:32 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Three candidates have put their names forward for the Cariboo-Prince George NDP nomination.

Debora Munoz

Debora Munoz

One of those three is former two-term Prince George city councillor Debora Munoz who decided to step forward about a month ago.

“I was recruited by the federal party and then submitted my candidate application and just last Thursday received the clearance to join the nomination race.”

She says it’s the perfect time to make a run for it.

Trent Derrick

Trent Derrick

“I am very dedicated to delivering public service. I was a city councillor for six years, a regional district director for another six, and most people that I speak with are wanting transformative change. They do not want another Harper government elected.”

Along with Munoz, Prince George businessman Trent Derrick, who fell short in a run for municipal politics last fall (as did Munoz), has also thrown his hat into the ring.

“I think everything that has gone on the last four years, the NDP gives us the best option for real change in the country,” he says. “I thinker Harper has ignored the concerns of our region when it comes to Northern Gateway and Bill C-51 (anti-terror bill). Also as a small businessman, I see the NDP as the best option.”

Williams Lake resident and volunteer Laura Zimmerman has also stepped forward and notes Bill C-51 is her greatest concern.

Laura Zimmerman

Laura Zimmerman

“In 2003, the Americans put out a similar bill (The Patriot Act) but ours far exceeds that. It’s so vast he (Prime Minister Stephen Harper) can adjust it, design it to target anything and everything from the environment, to minorities, religion, unions, opposition parties and journalists.”

Though no dates have been scheduled, all-candidate forums are expected to take place in June with a candidate expected to be chosen by the end of the month.

The only nominated candidate in the riding so far is Todd Doherty of the Conservatives.


No offense, but the inability to get elected even municipally is not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Good to see three candidates stepping forward. They bring a definite alternative for me when casting my vote. Time for Stephen Harper and his yes sir Stevie how high should I jump Stevie MPs to go.

I would want to see credentials . Nice to see more women not only voting but running and winning . Notley not only destroyed prentice . You know jimmy the harperette . She also won her majority with almost half of her MLAs being women . I think that is a first for all of canada .

No offense Sine Nomine, but how do you equate a loss in a Prince George “municipal” election with a projected election result in a federal “regional” riding? The Cariboo – Prince George federal electoral riding consists of only half of Prince George and also includes voters in Vanderhoof, Quesnel, Williams Lake, and a rural population covering a vast area of the Cariboo just short of Bella Coola. With the exception of only half of Prince George, this is a completely different voter base.

Every town and municipality west of Prince George, for example consistently votes NDP (Nathan Cullen). Ever hear of Bob Simpson? He is a former NDP MLA for Cariboo North, who sat as an independent during his last term, and is now the Mayor of Quesnel. The political world does not revolve around a Conservative minded Prince George, there are a lot of voters who reside outside its boundary who vote NDP.

Sine Nomine, your comment is indicative of a self-centred Prince George mindset, mirrored by many others who comment on this 250 news blog site. 250news is a regional news site that covers an area west to Prince Rupert, north to Fort St. John, east to Valemount, and south to Williams Lake? Correct me if I am wrong on the coverage area Elaine. Interesting that this site’s readership includes people from those areas, who rarely make comments on this site. So anyone who reads the Prince George centred comments on this site would naturally assume it is a Prince George news blog, however it is not.

So get out and vote all you people who live in this federal riding, who live in the southern half of Prince George, and all those other municipalities and rural areas in the Cariboo and through to Vanderhoof, and may I suggest you vote NDP?…. wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Keep reading my comments, and I will show you many reasons why it’s time to vote for a change in our federal government.

Ataloss, so gender makeup supersedes policy. Can’t wait for the coming gong show in Alberta. This will be classic test of leftard ideology. Had a chat with a U of C student, a finance major who voted NDP. He has no idea of their policies but wanted the PC’s out. I suspect many of their votes came this way. For once
I’m glad on this side of the Rockies.

“A new survey from Insights West found that 35 per cent of decided voters in this province (BC) would cast their vote for the New Democrats, compared to 29 per cent for the Conservatives and 25 per cent for the Liberals.” ~ Vancouversun.com, May 13, 2015.

Hmmm… does this mean you are going to be moving to another province after October 19th dow?

‘“I thinker Harper has ignored the concerns of our region when it comes to Northern Gateway and Bill C-51 (anti-terror bill). Also as a small businessman, I see the NDP as the best option.”’ – Really Munoz? What planet are you from, where the NDP is the best solution for business? Are you kidding me? Did you see the economic impact Alberta had when the NDP won? Just mind blowing to believe anyone who is in business would vote for the NDP.

Trent Derrick is pretty smug and cocky…I figured him to be more of a Liberal.

PG101; a cornerstone of NDP Party philosophy is their support for small buisness.

“The federal New Democrats have fired the latest round in the battle for middle-class voters with promises of breaks for corporations and small businesses that they say will create jobs and diversify the economy.”

www. theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/ndp-rolls-out-three-point-economic-plan-to-bolster-business/article22650298/

I hope it is ok to quote the Globe and Mail as a worthy and acceptable source of news for the righties on this site, or are we going to expand the list of not so credible news sources that puts the Globe and Mail into the CBC, Tyee, Huffington Post, Toronto Star, et al category?

Well put Sophic . I’d add vice.com , the straight . BCGP weekly round up .

Let me see if I understand Debora correctly. She is a dyed in the wool NDP’er and has been for many years.

She states that most people she talks to want transformative change, they do not want another Harper Government. Hmmmmm. Is it possible that the most people she talks to are also NDPer’s.???

Perhaps she should talk to more people.

Results of the 2011 Federal Election for the Prince George Cariboo Riding,.

Conservative 24,443
NDP 13,135
GRN 2,702
LIB 2,190.

So you can see the challenge.

So? You do realize the results of the last election have no bearing on the results of this years election don’t you? Here let me provide you with and example:

Results of the 2012 Alberta Election:

Conservatives 62 seats
Wildrose 17 seats
NDP 4 seats
Liberals 4 seats

Challenge accepted :-)

Sophic sage. 21 Ridings in Alberta were won because the Wild Rose Party and the Conservatives split the vote. If they had not split then the Conservatives or WRP would have had a majority .

We don’t have a situation in BC or Canada where there will be any vote splitting of the Conservative vote, and therefore it will be an interesting election.

There is no reason to believe that voters in the PG Cariboo, or PG Peace River ridings will change their votes, so I would expect the same results that we have had for the past 20 years. Ie; Conservative win.

The NDP winning seats in Quebec was an anomaly and probably wont happen is this election. So unless the NDP and Liberals band together a form a new party I see at the very least a Conservative minority Government and quite likely a majority.

We could call the new party the Old Liberal, New Democratic, Coalition, Party. Or OLNDCP.

Or Canadian Representative Alternative Party. CRAP.

Sophic for someone promoting themselves as super wise you don’t even know there is a world of difference between federal and provincial politics? Does not matter what BC does – has there ever been a case where the feds needed BC to get elected? We may once in a while factor into whether they have a majority or minority.

At a loss, why was Deborah Drever kicked from the NDP before she even got sworn in to office? Do they even screen candidates?

I do believe Munoz was on the regional district board during her time as Councillor. Do they not have various boards that members of council sit on? Losing on the last two ballot attempts for council maybe is an omen, and to join the race after becoming a card holder only a month ago does show how much of a NDP’er we are talking about. Brings back memories of the Conservative race for nominees…

Umm… you do realize that the Harper Government’s base “was” Alberta, a base that just rejected the Conservatives and voted for the NDP. The Harper Government has absolutely no chance of forming another government, not even a minority government. I think the electorate in Prince George, and surrounding region, have the good sense not to vote for a Party that will be spending the next 4 years sitting as opposition to the Government of Canada.

Even the elected Conservative Party faithful are showing us they have the good sense to bow out of politics, and not run in the next election, they see the writing on the wall, the question is when will you Palopu?

Palopu , math is hard . Jimmie prentice is the biggest loser in Alberta history . He brought the PC party from a 43 year dynasty to third party status . Then , he became the biggest sore loser and shirked his fiduciary duty to the very people that believed and voted him in as their reprentitive til next election . What a guy . Proud PC ? I wouldn’t hire him to cut my lawn .

Palopu , I don’t know if you are being disingenuous or just as bad at math as is prentice .
NDP won 54 seats .
WRP 21 seats .
PC 09 seats .
So how do you get a majority with 30 seats ?

People#1- Sophic Sage

You are obviously the same person stroking yourself.

I’m not Prince George-centric in my thinking in anyway shape or form. It just happens to be a reality, that the pro-conservative crowd in Prince George dominates the vote in this riding historically. I wouldn’t count on that changing anytime soon. The conservative vote in 2011 was almost twice that of the NDP.

I think the fact that these guys did not do well in a municipal election, in their own hometowns does not bode well for them at all in towns in which they don’t live. If they can’t get enough support in their own communities to even get them into municipal office, I feel pretty confident in saying they probably won’t do well in the fall. You’ll need a very strong personality to take off the conservatives in Cariboo Prince George.

It’s fine to have bias, but one should not let that override simple logic. You can hope, but I don’t see any chance of Cariboo changing anytime soon.

DI ,don’t insult your moderator .

Didn’t Peter MacKay take the Conservative name with him when he quit? Isn’t it back to the Reform party?

I’m waiting for Stephen Harper to announce that he will not seek re-election in the upcoming Federal Election so that he can spend more time with his family…
Never say never…

Hey 250 has readers in Abbotsford so its a very serious website. I see Pal is still sticking his neck out on perditions. Remember he told us that, “Prentice was the man for Alberta”.

Jim Prentice should be made to pay for the by-election he necessitated by resigning his seat the evening of the election.

Hartly2 , lil Pete was given his seat ( nepotism at its worst ) as a progressive conservative and made a deal with Harper to create the frankenparty . Other wise named without thought , the conservative reform alliance party or the CRAP . Which of coarse they changed when the whole country fell down laughing . The only thing he can take with him is his pension . Which if he waited til after the election he would have to have waited til he would be sixty five . That’s why thirty more harperettes are not running for re-election .

Most dialog on this site is wasted.


Because most conservatives don’t think. They don’t question, they don’t doubt. And they sure don’t listen.

And they sure like hanging out here with each other.

Conservatism had always been rooted in a preference for the traditional and established ways of doing things and Harper has harnessed that well. I’ve had debates with people who carry conservative membership cards, and proven them wrong in debate, yet had them conclude “I can’t prove it but you’re wrong”.

But in spite of this blind filial loyalty Conservativism is dying.

Why? Because they violated their core values and because their core demographic is just plain dying off due to old age.

Just like in the states, the reform conservatives have been bought by lobbyists that fed us the false hope of trickle-down economics. We were promised that if we paid more in taxes, and corporations less the economy would grow and we’d all benefit.

Even here in the great conservative (read poorly educated and very religious) bastion of Central British Columbia- we must notice that the Canadian middle class is struggling. Conservatism had always been rooted in a preference for the traditional and established ways of doing things, which in Canada has included a strong middle class. See http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/income-growth-for-canadian-middle-class-families-lags-behind-other-groups-report for a summary if you’ve been out of the loop on this.

Yet in spite of the lowest corporate tax rates in Canadian history (and matching increases in middle class user fees and shrinking federal transfer payments to the provinces and cities and the inevitable falling apart of our infrastructure) we see record growth in Canadian funds in offshore accounts. See http://www.pressprogress.ca/en/post/corporate-canadas-cash-tax-havens-explodes-199-billion-under-stephen-harper for an interesting read. Heck, we just laid off 3000 revenue Canada auditors. Excellent move, but for who?

Harper has been very clever. He has masked a pro 1% agenda by garnering Christian support for his government while acting in a very un-Christian fashion. (See http://www.patheos.com/blogs/unreasonablefaith/2011/08/the-wall-o-socialist-bible-quotes for proof that Jesus was a communist. Not many pastors preach that but then again poor people don’t tithe well.) Most of the western world is abandoning Christianity in astonishing fashion (see http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2012/12/10/generation-y-religion-canada-millennials-faith_n_2244548.html for a Canadian take on it)

Conclusion – Harper is losing his base of religious fundamentalists and even his core that aren’t blind ideologues are realizing the emperor looks pretty silly naked.

The conservatives may yet hold on for another election with a minority. The old folks still come out in droves to vote. But thankfully they’re dying. And the generations below them – below the boomers, well, we’re better educated, more cynical and therefore aren’t as easy to fool. And we can always hope for a coalition.

@ Ataloss….couldn’t help but notice most of the deliberate spelling mistakes stop when you start getting wound up. Rock on Peeps.

Ataloss. My point was that in 21 Ridings more people voted for the Wild Rose Party and the Conservatives than for the NDP.

Once you factor in the fact that the WRP and the Conservatives are for all intents and purpose the same, then you can take the next logical step and determine that had they not split the vote the results would have been different.

In other words had they all ran as Conservatives the results would have been reversed.

Conservatives 51, NDP 33.

What happened is that the Alberta voters were sleeping at the switch and thought that they could play game in this election and vote however they wished, because no matter what happened the NDP could never win in Alberta. They got a rude awakening, and they will never make the same mistake again.

In the meantime, Prentice who told them what needed to be done, and explained to them, that they were as much at fault as anyone else for the problems in Alberta. Quit the Leadership and the Party in disgust.

I don’t blame him for a New York minute. If people want to play games with their votes, then they can live with the results. Those who thought differently have no obligation to sit around and pay the consequences of someone elses actions.

Have a nice day.

apoliticalgeek’ great piece. And don’t you get tired of your lame prediction Pal.

@apolitcalgeek bravo , bravissimo . Your post is the best post I’ve read here for a long , too long a time . Right on the money . Right on the right . And right on the religion . Thank you . Atheism is the fastest growing slice of the religion pie . I just got though dick Harris wiki page . It would seem the Conservative party is run very much like a church or temple or what have you , in that one must leave ones brain at the door before entering .

Your too sharp for me DI . Trying to bait the schpelink natzies isn’t working . So I’ve changed tack to windward by adding redundant words . But alas that’s not working also , either . I’m sure it’s still driving them nuts every time they see a typu .

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