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October 28, 2017 3:58 am

BC Gas Prices Dip Before Summer

Saturday, June 6, 2015 @ 3:56 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Prince George is getting a run for its money following a months-long trend of having the lowest gasoline prices in the province.

Currently the lowest price in the province for a litre of regular is $1.04.9 at a station in the South Similkameen community of Cawston, about 50 klicks south of Penticton.  The Prince George Costco is selling a litre at $1.05.4 and a handful of stations in town have their price set at $1.07.4.  The majority of the outlets in the city are selling at $1.13.9

Husky in Terrace is at $1.08.9, a penny better than Husky on the Hart along with Superstore here, and stations in Fort St. James, Kitimat, Castlegar, Nelson and Slocan Park.

They’re paying $1.34.9 in Wonowon, Delta and Surrey.  The B.C. average price is $1.23.1 per litre while the national average is $1.16.2.

The current crude oil price is $57.74 US/barrel.


This is how you spell RIPOFF

it’s 112.9 in Quesnel, there’s your ripoff!

Thanks Costco… BUT… you can do better

People seem to forget about the exchange rate of the Canadian $. The value of the C$ has gone down again recently after a short period of increase. Since the cost of oil is quoted in US$ the value of the C$ has an impact on prices at the pump.

A low C$ value improves the ability of selling Canadian made goods and services, but increases the price of gas at the pump.

Dips? Didn’t it just go up? As for the average, of course PG stations want to make sure they are at or over the average especially PetroCan and Esso.

Forgot about the barrel price, a while back when the barrel was at $110.00 and even higher, the prices climbed big time at the pump and the excuse was the price of the barrel rising. When the barrel dropped earlier this year to $40.00, the excuse for high pump prices was that the barrel price had nothing to do with the price at the pump because they were two different commodities. Figure that one out.

I like how people go after the oil companies but generally ignore the amount of taxes paid. How about the carbon tax scam for liberal friends on fuel and heating. How about the 65 billion in IPP contracts to liberal friends resulting in our rising hydro costs.

Just wait till the price of oil goes back up…then you’ll really be paying high gas prices.

It would be nice if these stories broke down each communities gas prices to show the federal, provincial, carbon and transit taxes being applied to each price. It’s not all profit going to the oil companies, it’s governments taxing our pants off.

With the prices going up so much in advance of the oil prices rising it’s time for a Royal Commisson/Public Enquiry to identify the cause of such blatant price gouging.

People like the lower prices of fuel down south. Lower taxes except for lefttard California.

Lowest prices in the province for months… below average for years… whine much PG? Don’t like the prices then don’t use so much. Don’t buy a 3/4 ton 4×4 that never hauls more than a bag of groceries and then cry every time the price moves a few cents.
If your shopping for a new car, heres a tip: Decide if you could afford it if the insurance doubled and fuel was 2.00 per litre. Im not saying that will happen but it could so don’t run your budget so tight that small fluctuations send you into panic mode.

China has allocated the funds to next year to deploy as much solar power watts as the USA has in its entire history . Daimler is entering the home/business energy storage market to compete head to head with teslas powerwall battery .the worlds moving away from fossils . If you want to see what’s coming . View Tonyseba.com View his book trailer on his site . The coal industry is already suffering the effects . They will be the first to go .

Surprise , surprise bc Greens polling 15 % .

Ataloss..at some point in the future “WE” might as a society get to that Utopian era where we no longer need to consume fossil fuels for everything from heating to transportation. Until that time, the price of gasoline is going to be more important than how the new up coming technologies will free us from the slavery of Big Oil.
In Prince George we can thank Costco for our below average prices because if they were not here, we would be paying at least $124.9 per litre to the gougers!

Has Tim Horton lowered their prices?

I guess you didn’t view Tony’s book trailer . That’s a shame . As for ” we ” that’s not going to happen here in Canada but it’s already happening in many parts of the world . Norway has just passed a divestment of coal and removed it from their government oil/gas investment arm . They are aggressively electrifying their transport before they run out of oil . China of coarse is the elephant in the room . They are more aggressively going electric than anyone else in the world . So it really doesn’t matter what canada does or doesn’t do . The sad part is that canada is being left behind in both efficiency and technology deployment through lack of leadership .

34 Billion dollars of our tax dollars go to these oil companies in the form of government subsidies, and at the same time, these companies are reaching into our purses and wallets, at the gas pumps, for even more profits.

http: //thetyee.ca/Opinion/2014/05/15/Canadas-34-Billion-Fossil-Fuel-Subsidies/

Wait it gets worse; most of the profits, these international oil corporations make in Canada, are transferred to overseas tax shelters, and thus pay little or no tax to us on their profits. As one of Charles more recent links states; “The Harper government has little appetite to go after these tax dodging international corporations.”

www. cbc.ca/news/corporate-tax-avoidance-scheme-hurting-canada-expert-says-1.2572712

There is no doubt the Oil companies are ripping us off. We are getting screwed over three times by these international oil corporations; once through government subsidies using our tax dollars; twice when these “privileged” Oil companies gouge us at their gas pumps; and third by them not paying anything back to us in the form of taxes on their Billions of dollars in profits.

Yet despite all this, this fall, a bunch of useful idiots will be voting for a Big Oil and Gas run Harper government again!!! On October 19th, we may as well all just drop our pants and bend over!

So sage tell me what you think of the 65 billion in contracts to IPP’s?.

Ataloss you off the grid yet? Tesla now there is a joke subsidies to those that can afford 100,000 dollar cars.

Solar look at the mess Germany is in of which you totally ignore the information I posted.

“The Harper government has little appetite to go after these tax dodging international corporations.”
That should read “No Government has ever gone after them”
Fiberals and Dippers wouldn’t either.

Does anyone know for sure if our “litre” has been dropped back to match the US quart for gas pricing? I know it has for a litre of oil. Same price, less oil. 946ml. now instead of 1 litre.
If this is true, when did this take place?

Seamutt give your rhetoric a rest . You don’t have a clue or your just being disingenuous . Germany is the engine of Europe . They have the strongest economy that is doing all the heavy lifting . They are off nuclear and have a laterally distributed grid going . They are decades ahead of us . Their exports tell the story . We don’t even make our own cars or trucks. We are the joke and it’s mostly because of narrow minded people like you . But by all means just keep doing the same thing over and over I’m sure in your mind you will get a different out come .

Well ataloss if you will not listen to me maybe you will read what a power grid design engineer has to say. The site belongs to Judith Curry who is a climate scientist and very well respected. See what he has to say about Germany.


What in the world are you typing ataloss? Of course we make cars in Canada. We made 2.56 million cars in Ontario in 2007, free trade with Mexico is chiseling away at that lately but they will work for 10 percent of what Canadians and Americans will work for in an auto plant. Canadian volume is still up but investment is lower than that of Mexico.


Germany is decades ahead of us in solar panel use, but is that a good thing or bad. Here are a few links you seem to have missed in your eagerness to ‘go green’ Ataloss



@Give more – gas is still sold by the litre (1,000 ml) however up north or gas is “corrected” to 15 degrees celcius

Here is the Consumer Council of Canada’s explanation:
“Gasoline, like everything else, expands as it gets warmer and contracts as it gets colder. Without temperature correction, a litre of gasoline on a warm day would contain less gasoline by weight than on a cold day. Gasoline is sold by volume but what you are actually paying for is the energy to make your car go. Temperature correction ensures that, regardless of temperature, you receive the same amount of energy for your purchase although the volume may differ. Measurement Canada, an agency of Industry Canada, regulates measurement of gasoline at the pump”

So the answer to your question is “no” you do not get 1 litre of volume when you buy a litre of gasoline. Here is the correction chart:


Speaking of robbery. I see there are no surveillance photos or video available with our most recent bank robbery at Spruceland Scotiabank. Are they waiting for prints to come back from the printers?

“With the prices going up so much in advance of the oil prices rising it’s time for a Royal Commisson/Public Enquiry to identify the cause of such blatant price gouging.”

LOL. Many call that free enterprise. Especially the shareholders.

This is a simple graph taken from a Tyee news article; it shows Albert Oil Sands Oil Company profits, verse royalties they paid to the government.

http: //thetyee.cachefly.net/Opinion/2013/06/04/Parkland-Chart600px.jpg

Is anyone surprised the Governing Alberta NDP, (feels good just typing that), will be making good on their campaign promise to review oil industry royalties?

SS can you explain how oil companies are subsidized? It’s parroted all the time but be specific. Links to the Tyee are not a solid source.

dow7501 asks the question; SS can you explain how oil companies are subsidized?

Here is the answer to your question dow, I appreciate your willingness to learn, and your desire for wanting more information, on this subject.

http: //www.pembina.org/blog/making-sense-of-fossil-fuel-subsidies

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