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October 28, 2017 3:57 am

Municipal Issues Rising to top of Election Issues

Monday, June 8, 2015 @ 11:07 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The Federation of Canadian Municipalities annual conference has wrapped with  delegates from across the country  hearing that municipal issues are  rising  on the list  of federal election issues.

Prince George City Councillor Garth Frizzell  says  a pollster presented  a detailed  account of a survey of Canadians  who say  municipal issues  are becoming more and more important  to  Canadian voters.  “One might expect that kind of report at a municipal convention” says Frizzell, “But this  guy is a third party  dealing with straight stats.”

Frizzell says  the  federal party  leaders who attended the weekend  conference in Edmonton  all agreed to  press for a  national debate of the party  leaders on issues of  municipal concerns.  NDP  leader Thomas Mulcair put that  promise in writing says Frizzell,  while  Green leader Elizabeth May ,and the Liberal’s Justin Trudeau  gave  verbal confirmation.  Prime Minister Harper did not attend in person( he sent a video taped message),   and his representative,  Finance Minister Joe Oliver   said his party would  look into the idea.

Delegates  passed all of the resolutions presented  including one that called for a national inquiry into murdered and missing Aboriginal women.  The delegates  also approved  resolutions which called for action on climate change  and to ease restriction on public-private partnerships.

Councillor Frizzell  was once again  elected to the FCM’s  Board of Directors,  it is  the 7th time he has  been elected to that Board.  It will be up to the  elected President ( Raymond Louie) to decide which  committees and roles  Frizzell  and  the other Directors will carry.


Maybe if we weren’t spending 50 million dollars a year on salaries we’d have the cash to address the issues.

Good point axman. I suggest that Frizzell and others stick closer to home and solve some of the local problems, not the least of which are high taxes, utility fee’s, and services.

For all their talk about the various problems facing municipalities, I have yet to see the City of Prince George actually come up with a long term plan to solve some of these problems. If ever there was a time to have a plan it is now.

When 70% of your budget goes to salaries and benefits, its not hard to see why we have very little left for the necessities and therefore take the easy road, and raise taxes,. Actually the need to raise taxes is to pay the increases to salaries and benefits,. So we are royally screwed year after year, unless this new Council takes the initiative and starts to get serious about costs.

Palopu, this new Council take the initiative and starts to get serious about cost?

We can only wish, can’t we??

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