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October 28, 2017 3:57 am

Gambling On BC Ferries? – All Bets are Off

Monday, June 8, 2015 @ 12:08 PM

Victoria, B.C. – It was an idea aimed at increasing revenue for BC Ferries, but , the Government has decided  there won’t be any gambling on  the  ships.The BC Lottery Corporation has reviewed the plan and advised  the costs of staff and technology  would sink the project  nearly  a quarter of million dollars in  the hole.

There were other problems outlined in the BCLC  business case review including:

  •  security,  it could be required to  deal with disputes over issues such as game outcomes, thefts, delayed jackpots due to irregularities, children being left unattended if guardians enter the gaming facility during the sailing,  in addition,  there would be no access to  police until the Ferry  has docked, so situations that require police will require BC Ferry staff to manage the situation, including securing problem individuals, until the vessel is docked.
  • Cross border sailings ,   the proposed pilot route currently travels through US waters for 20 to 25 minute of the sailing time. As BC Ferries vessels are not considered cruise ships, there is the potential  a portion of all sales aboard the vessels, including gaming revenue, may need to be shared with Washington State

So instead of  Gaming,  BC Ferries will expand the gift shop and relocate the coffee shop on board the Spirit  Class vessels.


The goof that thought this thing up in the first place should have to pay the cost of the study . The conversion to burning Natgas is also absolutely insane .

how about better facilities on shore for people that have to wait for two sailings.

Ataloss, what would you prefer over Natural Gas??

Seeing how ataloss is a dyed in the wool greenie it has to be something renewable and local to meet the 100 mile challenge. Leaves only one thing….. whale oil.

Ataloss, there was no “study” it was a review by the BCLC. They do it all the time on proposals, it is their job.

As for the new ferries to burn dual fuel, marine diesel and natural gas – I am appalled that someone who is so gung-ho for the green party they completely forget that:
“The use of LNG by BC Ferries will result in the reduction of an estimated 9,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year, the same as taking 1,900 passenger vehicles off the road annually, because natural gas is cleaner burning than traditional marine diesel fuel.
With the current LNG price at Tilbury and Mt. Hayes the equivalent of $0.37 per diesel litre equivalent, FortisBC LNG for transportation customers are expected to significantly reduce their fuel costs.
The additional volumes of natural gas for transportation moving through FortisBC’s pipeline system benefit all natural gas customers. Better year-round utilization of FortisBC’s infrastructure, especially during the summer months when heating requirements are reduced, helps to keep natural gas delivery rates stable.
FortisBC also provided BC Ferries with $6 million in incentive funding for the new vessels to help offset incremental capital costs associated with the use of liquefied natural gas”

Is this not what the green party is trying to push? Using a “greener fuel”? You would think that they (the green party) would be pushing to convert all the older vessels as well.

I’m guessing that Ataloss is considering oars!

There are a lot of people on each ferry. Give ’em a paddle and tell them to put their shoulder into it!

You fossilfools are funny . You have to be at least as bright as Norwegians . Like that’s ever going to happen . You should have a look at what is possible in say 2015 . Like perhaps a fully electric ferry that holds 360 passengers and 120 cars that plies the waters of Norway . Little bit colder there . And don’t give me the range angst argument . It’s a ship with a very large hull . Geez guys you’re on a computer . Use it .

Oh yes , the bclc and ferry cooperation sat around on their own time working the gambling gambit ? Give your heads a shake . They’ve likely spent more on food and drink on this bs than you make in a year .

Or they could build a bridge to reduce the ferry fleet.

For the cost of a couple or few of fast-cats or just about any currently scaled ferries, they could build an underwater tunnel from Vancouver to nanaimo.

That way, they would not need ferry fuel.

my vision would be that the ferry plies routes up the coast and to haida Gwia, leaving the busy routes to the bridge or tunnel.

There are somewhere in the order about 20 of these underwater tunnels around the world ranging from a few kilometers to over 100 km.

It has been done elsewhere and it is still functioning way better than any ferry system.

A ferry is intended as a temporary solution until a more permanent solution is found. When are “we” going to stop being so short-sighted and cheapa$$ and just build a right sized solution?

Rapid rail , Chunnels ,tunnels and bridges are first world tools . This is canada Loki . I suspect you are Norse .so you know it ain’t going to happen here . It’s hard to believe we use ferries instead of bridges . There’s no way to be polite about it . This country is stupid . We have the engineering capacity of a third world country and it shows .

Ataloss. How do you explain the Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island,. 8 miles long. Built in 1997.

My vote goes to putting strippers on ferries.

Great to see you get the point Palopu .1996 was a very long time ago .

The architect that designed the PEI confederation bridge was Jean M. Muller a design engineer from Paris France . France is a first world country and it shows .

adieu and bon voyage.

You will fit right in with those cheese eating surrender monkeys.

Ataloss, you are a piece of work.

1. These Norwegian ferries are powered by a 10 metric tonne battery. They can only handle 120 Vehicles, and 360 passengers, and are only good for short distances. Seems you need a battery charging as each ferry terminal, because although these batteries can be charged in 10 minutes, the drag on the power is too great in the little communities they serve.

2. The top speed of this ferry is 10 knots, or 11.5 miles per hour. So in addition to being small, they are also slow as hell.

3. The batteries were made in Richmond BC/. Not sure why the Norwegians couldn’t make their own, and had to have the batteries made by stupid Canadians.

4. There is no way in hell that you could run the BC Ferry Service on this type of equipment unless you want to spend billions of dollars, and basically end up with a slow boat.

So once again the *Greens* are playing with tinker toys, while the rest of the world deals in real problems, and logistical matters, that just confuse the **greenies**

Palopu , they are designed for their route , no more ,no less . If you want a fast e-cat that can happen today . I find it hard to believe that Siemens , that built the Norwegian ferry contracted canada to build the batteries but on the other hand assembling accumulatators (batteries) is not exactly rocket surgery .

You might find it hard to believe Ataloss, however no one else does. The facts are the facts,.

So stupid Canadians build batteries for smart Norwegians, Hmmmmm. Is it possible Canadians are not quite as dumb as you would like to believe.?

Ataloss. The name of the Richmond BC firm that supplied the batteries to Siemens for the Ampere’s propulsion system, is Corvus Energy.

Look up their website you might be surprised at what you find.

Ataloss, this is the part where you quietly slink away with your tail between your legs!

Come on Hart, the born again greenies don’t ever admit their world view isn’t the “truth”. Thats what makes them special and the unconverted stupid. Hey altaloss, whats your currant analysis on ballard power?

Palopu, their estimate of 120 cars is a bit of a stretch. Our Powell River class ferries have a capacity of 68 vehicles and they are 85 meters by 18.7 meters and the Norwegian ferry boasts 120 vehicles and it is 80 meters by 20 meters which means they plan on stuffing 50 vehicles into an extra 1.3 meters of deck – methinks they are counting Lada’s and Mini’s as their vehicle of choice. Even their concept has only just over 50 vehicles on it with only 3 being larger semis. We in the western world must count vehicles a little differently. The Norwegian vessel would work for the Quadra Island run which is about the same as the one in Norway, but would still need to charge at either end.

Our diesel powered ferries have a shelf life of 50 years and the Powell River class built in 1965 are at the end of their life here in Canada (although they will run another 50 years somewhere else stuffed to the rafters no doubt), not sure what the lifespan is for the electric/aluminum and the cost difference. Contrary to what Ataloss says BC Ferries is (and has been for a long time) looking at the electric model for its smaller ferries on shorter routes as they are the same size – but does not want to go the aluminum route without further testing seeing as we already had 3 aluminum catamarans that had to be rewelded after a few rough crossings. So far the electric vessel has gone a few weeks and from the website has had a some hiccups with holding a charge and such, did 3 crossings before being parked with a dead battery on day 1. Do hope they get this all figured out and then they have to build more hydroelectric plants to power them. But no way they could do it for longer runs as of yet.

Really hartguy . Who made the nuts and bolts ? The point is that you don’t need diesel or Natgas to run ferries or did you miss the point . Canada has intellectual prowess but no leadership . We make high speed rail equipment for the world but we don’t have an inch of high speed rail . We have snail rail . We make batteries that fuel ferries in Norway but want to convert to Natgas . great nations do great things . what have we got ? The CN tower ? How old is that ? The confederation bridge ? An ice road to the Arctic ? Winter only . It’s too funny . What the heck do graduating engineering students do in canada?

Slinky , aluminum has changed a great deal since then . Check Alcoa website . Third gen alloy .

@Ataloss ‘France is a first world country and it shows .’ – You mean the same France that has let the Muslim’s overrun Paris, and warned the french people not to travel into muslim neighborhoods? You mean the same France that has let the tens of thousands of African refugees in, for nothing but voting strength at the polls? That same France that is now in turmoil because the immigrants are beating, raping and laughing at the french and recording it all?

Yeah , that’s the country I want to mimic…

Mulclair will make us a great nation right ataloss. Canada will look like the Jetson’s world. Can’t wait. Zero emmision flying cars. Once the friggin thieving oil companies are crushed of course. Although robots might hurt employment, guaranteed income will keep the world turning. We were so stupid not listining to the leftards all these years. We can have our cake and eat it to. Who knew?

Check your facts Ataloss – Siemens did not build the ferry, they delivered the ferry’s drive system. They delivered the concept and the motor but are not involved in the construction or operation of the vessel, or production of the batteries.

Not quite sure why I would need to check Alcoa’s website, can’t make the decision to build an aluminum catamaran myself, that is up to the big boys at BC Ferries.

Oh my, did they just order 5 new ferries for Norwegian waters powered by GE diesel engines and Rolls Royce pods? Say it isn’t so… don’t they know great nations do great things?

With all this back and forth, studying this and that on the internet, I am amazed no one has done the obvious and looked for the studies which have already been done by those stupid Canuck engineers on a fixed link option to join the lower mainland to Vancouver Island.

Go to


and get up to date.

dow7501:-” Although robots might hurt employment, guaranteed income will keep the world turning. We were so stupid not listining to the leftards all these years. We can have our cake and eat it to. Who knew?”
On this particular issue the ‘rightards’ are almost as deaf and dumb as the ‘leftards’. And that, unfortunately, does not bode well for keeping the ‘leftards’ from succeeding them in power and universalising poverty in the midst of plenty.

Those ‘leftards’ will be likely of two persuasions. One will indeed believe in having a “guaranteed income”, but completely incapable of understanding that ‘incomes’ and ‘prices’ are the positive and negative sides of the same thing, and that it must be CONSUMERS, not governments, that control both if ‘production’ is to be carried on for its proper purpose of serving ‘consumption’ and not just ‘making work’.

The other will eschew all modern progress and want to return to an era where everything must be made as labor intensive as possible. They would indeed put oars in the water to power a ferry if it made more work for people.

The ‘rightards’ currerntly want to bury their heads in the sand and pretend all will be well. That we can always create more jobs to replace those lost to technology and robotisation, and if only those ‘leftards’ would realise they HAVE TO ‘work’ their way into poverty doing them, they’d be too busy to moan about it.

Sadly, the screwball Greens and their lush of leader worry themselves with inanities they’re never going to be able to reconcile. They’ll eventually promote “phasing out the human race” as the only solution to all things societal and environomental, but, unfortunately, will never be willing to practice what they preach and offer themselves up as the first to be “phased out”.

So I guess finding out that canadas iconic confederation bridge had to be designed by a French national hurts your pride a bit . That’s a good thing . I feel your pain too drama queens . Poor Canada . You’re just a three dressed up as a nine.

Socredible ,you obviously know very little about the green party , either here in Canada or abroad . Did you know that Foxconn is replacing over a million workers in China with robots ?

We have a bunch of spin doctors on board. That’s why they vote for harper its to keep the flame alive. They have probably never seen a ferry.

Fasinating reading all these comments; without reading the news story, one would never have guessed it was about gambling on BC’s ferries. The direction a comment thread takes on this site is anologic to watching tykes play hockey, or soccer, one group all following the puck, or soccer ball, no matter where it goes.

I am sorry, I blog at many other news sites, this one is amusing to watch and read at times. Come on lets admit that socredibles comment is no where close to water, let alone BC ferries, or gambling. While I present that comment as an example, there are many others on here that aspire to the Friday Free-For-All approach to commenting. Funny to watch and read, good entertainment value.

CN Rail operated the Turbo Train between Montreal and Toronto from 1968 to 1982. Operating speed was 174 miles per hour. Turbos were also operated in the US.

Seems the Railway and people lost interest in high speed trains.

Not bad Palopu. However, on July 15th, next month; New Horizons will have finally reached Pluto, and its moon Charon, and will be transmiting more detailed images and data back to Earth.

There, I just took this discussion thread off this planet, and into deep space. Kind of neat huh?

I wonder what a story about the CWG mascot moving to the Y has to do with Harper-taxes-bird watchers-etc?


A story about schools has to do with dipper brain fart idea of $15/hr for burger flippers.

Gawd grab the eye bleach…@ss exposed once again for being a hypocrite

Sparrow you have no sense of humour at all . Most of you don’t as well . I’m having a screaming hot day in the markets . That’s the best part about being in the green while being a green . I hit the bid a few times , so , I think I’ll hit the donation button again . Hope that’s not too down to earth for ya Sophic .

In my PGYMCA comment I compared the YMCA with another non-profit registered organization. The story was about the YMCA and I used the YMCA in my comment.

In my comment about increasing the size of families so there are more kids to fill our schools, at $15 per hour pay, no one can afford to raise larger families to increase kids at our schools.The news article was related to schools.

Most all of my comments are logically and lineraly linked to the the news topic at hand. Lets see you link your previous comment on this discussion thread to BC ferries or gambling, socredible.

As for me booting this discusion thread into outerspace? IMO that is where this rambling discussion thread belongs; floating aimlessly out there among the stars, perhaps one day to be discovered by aliens as a not so great example of intelligent human life. I include my comments on this discussion thread in my opinion as well.

Yes, at 12:08 pm, approximately 50 minutes from now, this discussion, supposedly about gambling on BC ferries, shall come to a merciful end.

Palopu’s post had the word “the” in it and so did the original story so they must be related!

Just because the original story and your post had ymca in it does not mean they are connected in any way. Mascots have nothing to do with non profit organizations, taxes,birds or photo ops. You are doing the exact thing that you accuse other people of doing. Accept it and move on

Just another one of your lame attempts to try for a cheap shot at Harper, Clark or Bond.

Sophic Sage, Do you think that they understood your post. There are some that just have to prove to us that they are out of this world.

Cross border sailings , the proposed pilot route currently travels through US waters for 20 to 25 minute of the sailing time. As BC Ferries vessels are not considered cruise ships, there is the potential a portion of all sales aboard the vessels, including gaming revenue, may need to be shared with Washington State. This infers that we are already paying them a portion of our 20 to 25 mins. In their waters .

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