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October 28, 2017 3:56 am

Shaw Service Disruption

Tuesday, June 9, 2015 @ 8:32 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Shaw customers are dealing with an internet service disruption this morning.

Shaw says it appears to have been caused by a highway crew who accidentally ripped up some fibre cable.

It’s not currently known many people have been affected but Shaw notes it’s disrupted service from Kelowna all the way north to Prince George.

No word yet on when service may resume.



Telus reported yesterday that they will be offering free use of wifi hotspots in BC and Alta for any wireless users, not just their customers.

Shaw back up now! At my place in PG at least!

mine is up now too…wonder if they will compensate us for loss of service..or would that be expecting too much?

Bcracer if shaw was the cause of the disruption then yes compensation is in order however this was outside their realm and was caused by an outside source so your SoL.

On a side note I wonder how many people were completely dysfunctional without Internet available this morning and had complete meltdowns

In all of my dealings, I have never seen Shaw give a credit note. So keep dreaming boys.

my comment was make tongue in cheek…
but the outage was most of BC …
and they have outages a lot……

I was on the phone with someone in the West Kootenays at 9am who did not receive my emails because his service was down. His service was back up by shortly after 10am.

Needless to say, I do not use Shaw, so my email worked and it does 99.9% of the time.

As for getting compensation, that would be difficult. However, if someone were to offer that, they would have to pay for it even if it is not their fault. They would then have to get compensation from the agency whose fault it was.

Shaw internet is unreliable at best, used to have them.. then something happened and all of a sudden my net connection sucked big time.. speed tests all over the board but never to the speed I was paying for. Had shaw techs come over numerous times.. changed this that and the kitchen sink and never saw any improvement. Gave up and went to Telus.. so far so excellent.. been with them for almost a year now and I am getting what I pay for.

I have had issues with both Telus and Shaw Internet been with shaw for years now as it’s convenient for me and haven’t had issues in a few years what happened today could of happened to any provider as the saying goes S**t happens.

Deal with it and move on.

yep, nothing in life is a sure thing. But it is amazing on how much we rely on the internet service

He spoke.. you have the right… its like losing an arm to some.. I was camping this weekend with no internet.. it was such a nice change.. I do admit I did miss it a bit..but not enough to worry about. May have been more missed if I liked either team in the Stanley Cup finals..but as I dont.. lol

Had to laugh..just got a phone call from shaw offering great discounts for new TV customers, I have been with shaw for 3 yrs with TV..lol. They don’t know who their customers are.

Still waiting for Steve to keep his solemn promise to change things so customers can choose, order and only pay for channels they actually watch!

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