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October 28, 2017 3:56 am

Delays Coming to University Way

Tuesday, June 9, 2015 @ 11:05 AM

Prince George, B.C. – You can expect minor delays along University Way starting June 15th.

UNBC says it’s to allow for log hauling associated with a project conducted by the Aleza Lake Research Forest last winter.

Last November the school says trees “were felled to facilitate the safe knockdown of trees killed by the mountain pine beetle.”

UNBC says the work “will remove the logs from the site and reduce fire fuel hazards.”

No word yet as to how long the delays will last.


Wish they’d pave the rest of that road, it’s gonna be real bad next spring.

Wonder if there are any plans for this newly cleared land?

If so Vikingnuck, I hope it is not more housing. The Uni needs a small grocer like IGA or Marketplace up there.

Should never have put that University up on that stupid hill in the first place.

verballabel:That whole hillside was surveyed and marked out years ago for lots so I’m pretty sure that the whole hill and top will be houses soon. Its too bad.

Huge houses with no yard if the cycle continues. Beetle kill is a great reason to need to log the area..cuts down on the cost of building.

Good grief! The armchair critics from the Horton coffee tables are at it again. They sure do know a lot about Forestry, about Land Development, about Soil Management — and everything else associated with resource management!

Most likely will be planted, it is a research forest after all.

I do have my provincial scalers license and have work under a few RPFs in my time as well as being a skidder/bucker/chokerman prior to being a 25 year veteran of the planting game just in case you need to know my qualifications to make such a statement.

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